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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 7


The number Nineteen is one of the fortunate numbers. It brings conditions of happiness and joy, and is especially helpful and favourable for all interests to do with children and young people. It is one of the creative numbers, physically, mentally and emotionally, and is a significator of such love as springs unselfishly into manifestation as a result of natural harmony and of joy of life. It will bring much progress, advancement and attainment, and as it is under the vibration of the Zodiacal sigh of Leo with the pictorial symbol of the Sun, it is a number promising success, honour and esteem.

The Kabalistic Letter: Q
The Divine Principle: Universal Religion
The Intellectual Attribute: Reason
The Emotional Attribute: Vanity
The Material Factor: Progress through Effort
The Zodiacal Association: Leo (Sardonyx)(Jul 23-Aug 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Ruby, Diamond
The Vibratory Colour: Fiery Red or Vermillion
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XIX The Sun - denotes Happiness or Joy

Tarot Arcanum XIX The Resplendent Light:
Vital energy, magnetism, joy, happiness, strength, success, honours, elevation, attainment.
The Great Light, or The Sun - represented by a child with the banner of Life seated upon a white horse. The Child's head is adorned by a chaplet of flowers, while above him shines a brilliant sun. it represents the Divine Effulgence.

In the Spiritual world - it is the supreme Heaven, the Presence of the Divine Being; the Kingdom of Heaven; the Angelic Life.
In the Intellectual world - the first principle; the origin and source of things; the laws of being.
In the Psychic world - vital energy; magnetic power; radiated joy; happiness; benevolence.
In the Physical world - life energy, force; success, honours; elevation, attainment.

The Number 19 is a number associated with personal happiness. It has much to do with the affections and with friendships and associations and shows that correct companionship will aid the general progress in life.


The number Nineteen (Zodiacal influence, the sign Leo) gives you a great deal of natural ambition causing you to be desirous of making good headway and progress in life. There will always be a more or less automatic gravitation towards the occupying of a central position according to your sphere of life, whilst you will always do the best that you can, no matter what circumstances of life arise, and will invariably try to appear at your best when you are with others. You have a natural degree of pride and dignity and can express the principle of loyalty towards others and towards any cause you may espouse. There will, however, be times when you will need to control hasty and passionate impulses and inclinations, for should these be given way to, setbacks and downfalls can occur. Nevertheless once you realise you have made a mistake or error of judgment you can take quick steps to bring about a retrieving of the situation. Your power of organisation is good and will help you in the handling of business and private affairs.


The number Twenty is again a mainly favourable number, although its fortune depends to a great extent upon the Faith, and Effort, of the individual. It symbolises Awakening or Resurrection, and from a spiritual standpoint shows that there must be a firm faith that there is an afterlife and a continuation of activity after the death of the physical body, if spiritual progress is to be made and inner understanding and illumination obtained. Similarly there must be faith in the individual ability to do things as well as a putting forth of personal effort in order to demonstrate that ability and thus bring about progress along that particular sphere of life which is of greatest interest. The Moon is the planetary ruler of this number and it governs the principle of gestation.

The Kabalistic Letter: R
The Divine Principle: Eternal Life
The Intellectual Attribute: Study of Philosophy
The Emotional Attribute: Impulse
The Material Factor: Responsibility
The Planetary Association: The Moon
The Appropriate Metal: Silver
The Vibratory Colour: Sea Green
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XX The Sarcophagus - denotes Awakening or Resurrection

Tarot Arcanum XX The Resurrection:
Spiritual awakening, genius, aspiration, activity, new regime, utility, work, occupation.
The Resurrection, or The Judgment - represented by the Angel of Life sounding the Trumpet, while the dead rise from their tombs. It represents the Great Vocation.

In the Spiritual world - spiritual awakening; the call to the Divine Life and Presence; the Divine Consciousness.
In the Intellectual world - revelation of genius; aspiration.
In the Psychic world - responsiveness; activity; conversion; moral regeneration; new regime.
In the Physical world - response to stimulus; reflex action; elective affinity; elevation; mission; office; utility; work.

The Number 20 is connected with the home and the domestic and family side of life. It indicates that a conscientious carrying out of duties and responsibilities in these directions will do much towards creating security during the latter part of life.


The number Twenty (planetary influence, the Moon) in its rule over your character shows that there will be alternate periods of activity, enthusiasm and expression with others when you will feel you want to do nothing, when you will lack incentive and when there will seen to be no inspiration. This ebb and flow of feeling and action is quite in sympathy with the phases of the Moon, which show an upsurge of power and strength as it goes from the New to the Full and then a decrease of energy until apparent stagnation occurs as the Moon goes through the waning period from Full to New. Home, family and domestic interests will take a great deal of your thought and attention, whilst this lunar influence is favourable for matters to do with the land, agriculture, dairy farming, etc. You will have a natural sympathy for others, and also for animals, especially when they are suffering, for what may be called the "mothering spirit" will always be strong.


The number Twenty-One is a number of advancement and of elevation. It shows the crowning factor of achievement as a result of effort - the obtaining of power, of authority, or recognition. It will bring victory after a long fight. It symbolises the one who is at the head of affairs irrespective of whether they are spiritual or material. It is the number of the Adept, the King, the President, the Head of the Clan, Cause or Home. It comes under the vibration of the Sun as the planetary ruler and shows a working out of Destiny in a positive manner.

The Kabalistic Letters: S, Sh
The Divine Principle: Continuity of Life
The Intellectual Attribute: Dramatic Expression
The Emotional Attribute: Sensation
The Material Factor: Being in Command
The Planetary Association: The Sun
The Appropriate Metal: Gold
The Vibratory Colour: Orange
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XXI The Adept - denotes Success or Attainment

Tarot Arcanum XXI The Crown of the Magi:
Long life, power, adeptship, steadfastness, endurance, position, honours, distinction, wealth, inheritance.
The Crown of the Magi, or The World - In the center of a circle is seen the figure of a woman, representing Nature. The circle is variously a serpent with its tail in its mouth, representing eternity, and a wreath of laurels denoting conquest or attainment. At the four corners are seen the four fixed signs, denoting stability and endurance, the four quarters of the world and the four "elements". It denotes Immortality.

In the Spiritual world - divine continuity. Immortality.
In the Intellectual world - the Mystery of the Ages. Adeptship. The law of continuity. Supreme knowledge.
In the Psychic world - patience; endurance; steadfastness; fidelity; morality; integrity; perfect satisfaction; the virtuous enjoyment of all delights.
In the Physical world - position; power; honour; distinction; wealth; long life; happiness; inheritance.

The Number 21 is another very powerful number as it comprises three sevens. It helps to bring success and attainment providing the requisite effort is put forth and there is a retaining of a proper sense of proportion and perspective.


The number Twenty-One (planetary influence, the Sun) in its influence over the character draws out the sense of power and hence you will always have the desire to exercise authority and a degree of domination over others, and during the course of your life's development you will do so. Nevertheless, when you are in a position of authority you will need to see that you use this in a constructive and proper manner, resisting any inclination to be autocratic or domineering. If the latter is given way to, not only will you make enemies, but you will interfere with the finer rewards which life can give you. You will be attracted to and have an interest in children and in education, art, theatrical and associated interests and be able to do quite a deal of good if you live up to the higher dictates of your nature. The principle of leadership will be marked and if used constructively will bring recognition and possibly fame.


The number Twenty-Two is an unfortunate number. It is the number that inspires doubt and unbelief and shows an individual who is in danger of letting his own conceit and vanity blind him to the spiritual, emotional and physical dangers that beset his path. It is a number warning against illusion and delusion, a number of false judgment and degeneration unless the individual awakens to the realisation of its weakness. If so, then the liability to failure, folly or mistake can be overcome. It is under the rulership of the Earth and as such does intensify the dogma of materialism, sometimes of atheism and of the negation of spiritual virtues; but it shows that the lessons of life can bring about a breaking of the bonds which limit and restrict the consciousness and, once this occurs, the materialist vibration is overcome.

The Kabalistic Letter: T
The Divine Principle: Infinity
The Intellectual Attribute: Doubt
The Emotional Attribute: Uncertainty
The Material Factor: Lack of Progress
The Planetary Association: The Earth
The Appropriate Metal: None (the earth contains all Metals)
The Vibratory Colour: Green
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XXII The Materialist - denotes Failure, Folly, Mistake

Tarot Arcanum XXII the Blind Fool:
Necessity, privation, egotism, credulity, error, vanity, blindness, ruin, insanity.
The Blind Fool, or Folly - A vain and bedizened youth, carrying a staff and bundle upon his shoulder, holds in his hand the flower of dalliance. With haughty mien he walks blindly to the verge of a precipice. It is the symbol of Divine Inscrutability.

In the Spiritual world - the law of Divine Necessity.
In the Intellectual world - fatalism; egotism; blind credulity; ignorance; error.
In the Psychic world - unrestrained passions; selfishness; vanity; speculation.
In the Physical world - inconsequence; blindness; danger; ruin; detachment; isolation; conspicuous folly.

The Number 22 is one of the worst numbers. It shows a danger of failure usually through a blindness to face up to the facts of any given situation and a taking of things too much for granted.


The number Twenty-Two (planetary influence, the Earth) shows that the season of the year when you were born will have a determining influence over your character. If born in the Spring you will have initiative, and the spirit of enterprise will be marked throughout the course of your life, but you will find yourself having to learn many lessons in your handling of affairs and in your association with other people before you acquire perception and discrimination. If born in the Summer you will have organising ability and the capacity to hold positions of authority. You will have a degree of pride and dignity and it will be relatively easy to obtain recognition of your abilities and the years from 40 to 60 will bring you to the zenith of your power. If born in the Autumn you will have quite a deal of natural knowledge and understanding, the factors of comparison, discrimination and arbitration will be the key-notes of your life, but you will need to set determinative aims if you are to make real progress and you will want a degree of companionship. If born in the Winter you will have the wisdom of the ages. Many times you will be lonely because others will not reach up to your standard of thought and comprehension. The first half of life will be hard, but the second half can bring a realising of earlier ambitions and desires.


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