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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 3


Seven governs the cyclic law of time. The breaking back of the natural to the spiritual; liberation; revolution; reaction, separation. It is emblematic of the seven ages of man, the seven days of the week, the seven seals, the seven notes of the musical scale, and the seven prismatic colours - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. It is symbolised by the Moon, of which it is the positive number. In this positive expression it is associated with the Full Moon when the Moon is in exact opposition to the Sun and thus reflecting the full light of the Sun onto the Earth.

Seven is the mystical number, the number which governs all rites and ceremonies of a magical nature which can only be performed correctly at the time of the Full Moon. The invoking of elemental forces and spirits, the performing of exorcism for banishment of evil spirits, the overcoming of obsessions and the forcing of a discontinuance of poltergeist phenomena are all the more easily performed by using the number seven in the ritualistic preparation, particularly at the time of the Full Moon.
This number is greatly associated with the domestic and family conditions of life and has much to do with the function of childbirth, which is the actual delivery of the infant and the commencement of a separate existence.

The Kabalistic Letter: Z
The Divine Principle: The Triumph of Good over Evil
The Intellectual Attribute: Applied Knowledge
The Emotional Attribute: Righteous Anger
The Material Factor: Conquest
The Zodiacal Association: Sagittarius (Turquoise)(Nov 22-Dec 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Jasper, Malachite
The Vibratory Colour: Crimson or Blood Red
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum VII The Conqueror - denotes Victory

Tarot Arcanum VII The Chariot of Osiris:
The knowledge of the seven principles, magnetic power, intellection, sensation, fulfillment of ambitions.
The Chariot of Osiris - The figure of the Sun-Gog stands in a car drawn by two sphinxes, the one black and the other white. It represents the illumination of the lower nature by the Higher Self, of the earth by the solar orb, of the soul by the Spirit.

In the Spiritual world - the sacred Septenary; the ascendency of Spirit over Matter; the penetration of the mysteries by the light of Divine Intelligence.
In the Intellectual world - the dispersal of doubt and error by the light of the intellect. Mental acumen.
In the Psychic world - the dissemination of vital energy by magnetic vigour; geniality and warmth of nature; vitality.
In the Physical world - the gamut of the seven senses. Radiation, energy, force. The fulfillment of ambitions.

The Number 7 is often termed the "Mystic Number" and is greatly used in certain magical ceremonies and ritual. It shows the domination of both the seen and the unseen by the power of the will and in the magical world the controlling of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water by the soul or astral counterpart of man.


The number Seven (Zodiacal influence, the sign Sagittarius) causes you to be frank and outspoken with a strong desire for liberty and freedom of thought and action, as well as for the maintaining of personal independence. Under normal circumstances you will usually adhere to the ordinary customs and conventions of life, but should affairs become too monotonous, or should there be any degree of what appears to you an unfair restriction or limitation, a spirit of rebellion will occur and you will then say and do things and bring about changes without letting the immediate results affect you too strongly. You are naturally active, energetic and optimistic but you will need to control impulsive and hasty inclinations whilst you should not give way unduly to restlessness. You are naturally self-reliant and you can inspire others by the example you set. An interest in sport is denoted.


Eight is the number of completion. Time and space, duration and distance, old age, decadence and death. There are many curious things in history as regards this number. The Greeks called it the number of Justice on account of its equal divisions of equally even numbers. The Jews practised circumcision on the eighth day after birth. At their Feast of Dedication they kept eight candles burning and their Feast lasted eight days. Eight prophets were descended from Rehab. There were eight sects of Pharisees. Noah was the eighth in direct descent from Adam. The strange number of three eights (888) is considered by certain students of occultism to be the number of Jesus Christ in His aspect as the Redeemer of the World. This number 888 given to Christ is in direct opposition to 666 which the Book of Revelation states is "the number of the Beast" or "the number of Man". It is symbolised by the planet Saturn.

From the earliest ages it has been associated with the symbol of an irrevocable Fate both in the lives of individuals and with Nations. It may be pointed out that the planet Saturn is the ruling planet of the Jewish race, a race which has felt the hand of Fate through the centuries. On the other hand, the number eight and the planet Saturn are both associated with destiny which is, in essence, the higher attribute of Fate, as it gives the individual the freedom of action which can be creative of either Destiny or Fate.

The Kabalistic Letter: H
The Divine Principle: Justice
The Intellectual Attribute: Calculation
The Emotional Attribute: Equilibrium
The Material Factor: The Balance between Greed and Improvidence
The Zodiacal Association: Capricorn (Garnet)(Dec 23-Jan 20)
The Appropriate Stones: White Onyx, Moon Stone
The Vibratory Colour: Dark Brown streaked with White
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum VIII The Balance - denotes Justice and Equilibrium

Tarot Arcanum VIII Justice:
The sword and balance. Denotes retribution, judgment, reason, moderation, temperance, impartiality.
Justice, or the Sword and Balance - Justice is seated and vested in the robes of the Judge. In the left hand she holds the scales evenly balanced, and in her right the sword uplifted. She represents the impartiality of Heaven, and proclaims that God is no respecter of persons, that Heaven has no favourites, but always rewards virtue and punishes vice.

In the Spiritual world - Divine Justice.
In the Intellectual world - Pure reason, correct judgement, compassion, equity.
In the Psychic world - the attainment of peace and happiness by moderation, temperance and impartiality.
In the Physical world - the balance of forces. The law of equilibrium. Attraction and repulsion. Compensation. Sense of value. Rewards and punishments.

The Number 8 is the number of Justice or Equilibrium. It is associated with both the destruction and reconstruction of natural things. It shows life in its fullness and is connected with the moment of death.


The number Eight (Zodiacal influence, the sign Capricorn) causes you to be ambitious, practical and in some ways acquisitive. There will be more or less natural gravitation towards the holding of positions of authority and trust, but you should not permit others to shift unfair burdens of responsibility onto your shoulders and then take the credit and benefits for themselves. It is a sign showing that you can work hard and long and will invariably set an example to others that they will find it exceptionally difficult to emulate. For this reason you will also experience difficulties when you want others to carry out work for you, as they will never do things in quite the same way as yourself or take quite the same pains you do, nor will they exhibit a like degree of thoroughness. Sometimes you will know what it is to feel depressed and unhappy, and will temporarily lose heart and wonder if there is anything in life worth working for. During these periods do not shun the company of others but take part in social affairs.


Nine is the number of activity, energy, the fighter, the battle, the element of strife, and the expressing of courage. It shows a danger of foolhardiness, of impulsiveness of word and action, of quarrels and strife, and of accidents [INCIDENTS], particularly from fire [WORD] and explosion [EMOTION]. Resourcefulness and capacity for organization whether it be applied to the exigencies of the battlefield or the vocational interests of life, are common assets of this number. It is symbolised by the planet Mars.

The number nine has some curious properties. In mathematics it is the only number that multiplied by any other number, always reproduces itself. For example, 9 times seven is 63, and 6 plus 3 once again becomes 9. This is the case with every number it is multiplied with. It is also of interest to note that in ancient burials the dead were always buried on the ninth day. The saviour died at the ninth hour. Both the first and second Temples of the Jews were destroyed on the ninth day of the Jewish month called Ab. In comparatively recent times the planetary scale was advanced from seven to nine by the discovery of the planets Uranus and Neptune, the former being discovered in the 18th century and the latter in the next century, ie., 1845.

There is again a mysterious association of the number 9 with the number 666 for, if these three sixes are added together, 18 is obtained and 1 plus 8 gives the figure 9. This is really the spiritual number of 666.

The Kabalistic Letter: Th
The Divine Principle: Prudence
The Intellectual Attribute: Analysis
The Emotional Attribute: Fear
The Material Factor: Caution
The Zodiacal Association: Aquarius (Amethyst)(Jan 21-Feb 19)
The Appropriate Stone: Sapphire
The Vibratory Colour: Blue with White
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum IX The Sage - denotes Wisdom or Prudence

Tarot Arcanum IX The Hermit:
Denotes incarnation, prudence, circumspection, classification, selection, science, discovery, carefulness.
The Hermit, or The Veiled Lamp - represented by the figure of a Sage or Philosopher carrying a lamp in one hand and a staff in the other. He represents the pilgrim soul, the seeker after truth.

In the Spiritual world - it denotes the realisation of the Divine selfhood by manifestation or embodiment.
In the Intellectual world - Prudence and circumspection, discrimination of true and false, of right and wrong; classification.
In the Psychic world - Selection, choice, likes and dislikes; morality.
In the Physical world - Molecular construction; science; discovery; distinction of caste; order and arrangement; carefulness, caution.

The Number 9 is the number of experience. It portrays knowledge of the past, present and future and is often called the number of "The Hidden Light". It symbolises both science and the magical art in combination.


The number Nine (Zodiacal influence, the sign Aquarius) shows that you are thoughtful, reflective and studious. Many of your thoughts and ideas will be in advance of those of your companions and yet will not interfere with your friendships and associations, in fact you will find that those with whom you associate will often look to you for advice regarding their problems and you may need to use a degree of firmness to prevent imposition. Discretion will be required regarding the taking on of obligations and liabilities, especially of a financial character, where friends and relatives are concerned. From a general standpoint the sign causes you to be cheerful, sincere and optimistic, but in a quiet, rather than an ostentatious manner. You will have some very strong likes and dislikes, and will be very firm where your principles, convictions and lines of action are concerned, and will put up a deal of resistance when others try to force you to do things or to agree to conditions that are against your own inclinations.


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