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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 4


The number Ten in itself shows a transition from the units to the double numbers and therefore denotes a change and a manifesting of vibrations and conditions upon another and a different plane, of spirituality, of mentality or thought, and of physical action or material expression. Whereas the number One came under the influence of Mercury, the ruler of the brain and the mind, the number Ten comes under the influence of the planet Uranus which is the octave expression of Mercury and governs the twin factors of Inspiration and Genius. Mercury rules the literary processes of thought, Uranus rules the scientific and, in its influence over the life and destiny of the individual, will bring sudden and unexpected changes of thought and action and of Fortune, sometimes for good and sometimes for ill, sometimes as a result of the volitional thought and action of the individual, at other times as a direct result of Fate, or circumstance.

The Kabalistic Letters: I, J, Y
The Divine Principle: Faith
The Intellectual Attribute: Learning
The Emotional Attribute: Self-confidence
The Material Factor: Self-preservation
The Planetary Association: Uranus
The Appropriate Metal: Uranium
The Vibratory Colour: Black or Brown and White Check
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum X The Wheel - denotes Changes of Fortune

Tarot Arcanum X the Sphinx:
Cause and effect, the moral law, periodicity, revolution, circulation.
The Sphinx, or Wheel of Fortune - The Rota or Wheel on which is seated the Sphinx upholding the sword. Around the wheel are the letters of the law as defined in the Tarot, and the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, the Man, Lion, Bull and Eagle. It represents the law of correlated succession.

In the Spiritual world - the Law of Karma; spiritual cause and effect; spiritual selection.
In the intellectual world - the rational faculty; induction and deduction; connectedness; perception of relativity and time intervals, progression.
In the Psychic world - the regulation of the emotions and passions and the application of the psychic forces by the moral law. Regime, training, orderliness.
In the Physical world - the law of action and reaction; good and bad fortune; the cyclic law of events; periodicity; rise and fall; revolution; circulation.
NOTE: This symbol is that of the aspirant to Occult Initiation. The symbols of the Man, Bull, Lion and Eagle or Serpent denotes the four maxims: Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent, which are imposed on all neophytes. These are the keys to the attainment of power.

The Number 10 is the number of Destiny. It shows changes which can be either good or bad; a sudden raising to a high position or equally as suddenly a loss of position and a personal downfall, dependent in many ways upon the previous action of the person concerned.


The number Ten (planetary influence, Uranus) shows that somewhat erratic tendencies are denoted. Whilst there will be an undoubted brilliance of thought and inspiration, a capacity for making quick and constructive decisions in an emergency, and for carrying these decisions into action without loss of time, under ordinary circumstances when nothing of very great importance is manifesting, there will be a difficulty in exercising adaptability to such conditions and hence there will be a making of impulsive and unwise decisions regarding changes and in connection with prevailing associations. As a result sudden upsets and disputes will occur, there will be a disturbing of working or business interests and a danger of the loss of job or position, whilst personal ties and associations can be strained, sometimes to actual breaking point. In many respects you will be a "law unto yourself" and will go your own way irrespective of the desires or commands of others; in fact any attempt on the part of people to force you to follow their way will only make you go in the opposite direction.


The number Eleven operates through the higher emotional side of nature, showing the expression of universal compassion and love as distinct from the personal and selfish form of love which is often based upon passion. It is a feminine and a magnetic number and has a great deal to do with psychic force as well as spiritual power and fortitude. It comes under the domination of the planet Neptune and gives the capacity to use the power of suggestion so as to influence other people and help them in the overcoming of physical, moral and spiritual weakness.

The Kabalistic Letters: C, K
The Divine Principle: Fortitude
The Intellectual Attribute: Continuity
The Emotional Attribute: Sympathy
The Material Factor: Persistence
The Planetary Association: Neptune
The Appropriate Metal: Helium
The Vibratory Colour: Mauve
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XI The Enchantress - denotes Spiritual Power or Fortitude

Tarot Arcanum XI the Muzzled Lion:
Denotes power, force, determination, conquest, direction of force, determination, mastery, vitality.
The Muzzled Lion, or Strength - represented by a woman closing the mouth of a lion by a strength which demands no effort.

In the Spiritual world - the Omnipotent.
In the Intellectual world - Moral and intellectual force; the determination of energy to the accomplishment of things by knowledge of the law.
In the Psychic world - the use of psychic forces in the process of development; the conquest of the animal nature.
In the Physical world - the conservation of energy; control and direction of force; mastery of the elements; vitality; rejuvenation.

The Number 11 is the number of transformation which can again be from bad to good or from good to bad according to the personal inclinations and actions.


The number Eleven (planetary influence, Neptune) will intensify your insight into affairs and enable you to gauge the outcome of a given line of action in an almost uncanny manner. It shows that you will be able, sometimes without hardly being aware of it, to influence other people by your mental and oral suggestions and in so doing will get them to react and do things that are in accord with your own desires. Discretion will, however, be required in the using of this power of suggestion, for otherwise, should you be tempted to influence other people to do things to suit a selfish end you could bring a tantalising and unpleasant future reaction. You will have much latent psychic ability, which you can express as a result of proper development, for the planet gives a capacity for clairvoyance, sometimes for trance mediumship, and also for psychometry.


The number Twelve is also an emotional number giving a superb understanding of the depths of human emotion and suffering. As a result of this understanding it gives the capacity to make sacrifices for others and to "turn the other cheek" when abused or ill-treated. Despite all the vicissitudes of life there will be a warmness of expression towards other people and a maintaining of a sense of humour. Responding to the vibration of the Zodiacal sign of Pisces it arouses the desire to heal the sick. It is the number of Nursing and Administration.

The Kabalistic Letter: L
The Divine Principle: Compassion
The Intellectual Attribute: Investigation
The Emotional Attribute: Patience
The Material Factor: Indifference to the Vicissitudes of Fate
The Zodiacal Association: Pisces (Bloodstone)(Feb 20-Mar 20)
The Appropriate Stones: White Chrysolite, Moonstone
The Vibratory Colour: Dazzling White
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XII The Martyr - denotes Sacrifice or Expiation

Tarot Arcanum XII The Sacrifice:
Spiritual debasement, reversal, overthrow, inversion, madness, depolarisation, loss, undoing.
The Sacrifice, or The Hanged Man - A man with a golden halo is suspended by one foot from a tree; the free limb being placed so as to form an inverted figure 4. It represents the Divine Giving-forth, the revealed law.

In the Spiritual world - the sacrifice of the spirit to matter for the ends of evolution.
In the Intellectual world - the law of repression; antagonism; inversion and self-sacrifice.
In the Psychic world - madness, offensiveness, misanthropy.
In the Physical world - depolarisation, reversal; penalty; reaction; loss and undoing.

The Number 12 is the number of the Philosopher's Stone, the number of Transmutation. It is associated with the process of turning baser metals into gold or transmuting selfish principles of character into those of an unselfish nature.


The number Twelve (Zodiacal influence, the sign Pisces) shows that you are idealistic and peaceably inclined. You can, however, be rather sensitive and there will be extremes of temperament and ability. Sometimes you will be extremely cheerful and optimistic and when you express this side of your nature, together with a degree of sympathy and understanding for others who are in trouble or difficulty, you will create considerable popularity and will make a great deal of progress. On the other hand you can give way to extreme sensitiveness and allow yourself to feel hurt at the careless or thoughtless speech or actions of others and will try to cover this up by expressing an apparent air of indifference which will be rather puzzling to those around you, who will not be aware of having done anything to warrant being ignored. When you permit anything of this nature you will lose some of your popularity and certain of your friends, and misunderstandings will occur in a way you do not at all desire.


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