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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 1

Sepharial: (The Numbers Book, The Science of Numerology, 1957 UK; The Book of Charms and Talismans, UK) (KABALISTIC SYSTEM) (Walter Richard Old (Gornold apr.1895), b 20 Mar 1864 - Theosophy (Theosophical Society) influence - resigned, expose printed vs. leadership claims (the WQ Judge affair) 1894 - 1888-1896 Astrologer Sepharial established - 1896 Astrological Society - by 1905 contributing author to British Journal of Astrology - associate of AE Waite 1913 Alchemy Society (short lived) - British Astrological Society 1921-22 Sepharial President - much effort spent on speculation theories - wrote extensively on the Kabbala and its connection with Astrology - d 23 Dec 1929)

The Tarot Trump descriptions were published in the books, A Manual of Occultism, 1911 and The Kabala of Numbers, Part 1, 1914 - note that while Sepharial uses AE Waite's imagery (see cards 6, 13 and 19) he does not follow the Golden Dawn order of cards (Justice = 11, Fool = 0). His order is that of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (Justice = 8, Fool = 22), examplars of which are the Tarots of Saint-Germain, C.C. Zain and Jesus Iglesias Janeiro (the Major Arcana having 22 cards).


Zero stands for Eternity, immensity, the infinite, infinitude, the universe in concept, Divine conception, ideation universality, circumambulation, navigation, circulation. Also, for circumference, limitation, privation, restriction and imperfection. Thus it is the universal paradox, the infinitely great and the infinitely small, Boundless Being and the Atom. Its symbol is the planet Pluto.

The cipher "0" is associated with the repetitive principle for, when it is added to 1, it becomes ten and when doubly added becomes 100, and so on. Thus it shows transformation and the long term plan of action. It can also signify negation. It has rule over atomic power or force and, from the standpoint of human character or destiny, it will rule the unknown or unseen factor which is often refered to as the "X" factor. In the 20th century the planetary scale was stepped up to 10 by the discovery of the planet Pluto. It is interesting to note that both the planetary scale and the century involved have the cipher "0" amplified. This planet has definite rule over the Atom and the "H" bomb, which have both been developed since the discovery of Pluto, and whose function of annihilation is one of the attributes of this planet.


One is the symbol of the manifest Deity, who came forth from the Abyss of Nothingness, or Infinitude. It is the symbol of the Sun, the light that shone in the darkness of the world's great night and became the source of all revelation, of heat and light, of wisdom and love, the vortex center of the universe of worlds, the archetype. Hense it is symbolised as a circle with a point in the center.

It is the beginning; that by which all the rest of the nine numbers are created. The basis of all numbers is ONE; the basis of all life is ONE. This number represents all that is creative, individual and positive. It stands for, boldness and activity, as well as for powers of organizing and executive ability.

The Kabalistic Letter: A
The Divine Principle: Over-all Dominion
The Intellectual Attribute: Austerity
The Emotional Attribute: Selfishness
The Material Factor: Bureaucracy
The Planetary Association: Mercury
The Appropriate Metal: Quicksilver
The Vibratory Colour: Grey
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum I The Magician - denotes Will, Dexterity

Tarot Arcanum I The Magician:
Symbol of the Creator, who produces the universe apparently by the magical power of thought. The Adept.
Symbol of the creative will, volition, desire, mastery of physical forces.
The Magician - represented by the figure of a man holding a baton or wand over the three symbolical forms: the Cup, the Sword and the Denier. Around him are springing up roses and lilies. Over his head is a double nimbus in the form of the figure 8. This is the Magician, he who is master of the four worlds, the four elements and the four principles, who is capable of exercising the creative will - an Adept.

In the Spiritual world he stands for the Creative Will.
In the Intellectual world - the pure volition. Transformation; resolution; the ability to propound and to resolve a problem; to control the mind.
In the Psychic world - desire, which is the lower expression of the will; the ability to generate and to destroy; the control of the psychic forces and the mastery of the passions.
In the Physical world - the control of the elements; the mastery of physical forces; the power to acquire and to dispose of the material benefits of life. A great inventor.

The Number 1 is the number of Unity. It represents the source of all creation, is indicative of the Divine Being and is the symbol of Supreme Will in action.


The number One (planetary influence, Mercury) rules the brain and the mind and hence will give good intellectual capacity. It will attract to pursuits and work of a mental rather than of a physical character and is associated with learning, education and the teaching or training of others, and gives capacity for the holding of executive and administrative positions. There is a combination of independence and yet of adaptability, a capacity to aquire a myriad of facts and yet be able to coagulate these into one fixed line of action should the latter be desired. Knowledge will be gained through observation and travel and considerable travel is denoted although much of this will be of a short or medium long distance nature rather than of a long distance or overseas character. There will be a capacity for writing and certain forms of literary work, for journalism and contact with newspapers and associated publications.


Two is the symbol of relativity, antithesis, witness and confirmation. It denotes the binomal and "pairs of opposites", as positive and negative, active and passive, male and female, light and dark, etc., in relation to Unity, which stands for the first named of these, two standing for the second of them. It represents the dualism of manifested life, as God and Nature, Spirit and Matter, Osiris and Isis, and their interrelations. It denotes the Law of Alteration in natural operations. It embodies the idea of procreation, fruition, combination, relationship of opposites, the two conditions: manifest and unmanifest; the explicit and implicit; buying and selling. It is symbolised by the Moon.

The Moon is related to two numbers, of which the number "2" gives the negative vibration. This can be understood as being the position when the Moon is in conjuction with the Sun, ie., New Moon, and the Moon throwing no refected light upon the Earth. This number denotes relativity, vacillation and change. The Moon also stands for form and the growth of form and is the female counterpart of Number One, the two together creating the third number.

The Kabalistic Letter: B
The Divine Principle: Manifestations in Material Form of Spiritual Conceptions
The Intellectual Attribute: The Analysing of Thought Processes
The Emotional Attribute: Calmness
The Material Factor: Ambition
The Zodiacal Association: Virgo (Sapphire)(Aug 23-Sep 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Pink Jasper, Hyacinth
The Vibratory Colour: Dark Blue striped with White
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum II Veiled Isis - denotes Science

Tarot Arcanum II The High Priestess:
Symbol of the Divine Sophia, creative imagination (allied to the creative will), Isis or Maya.
Symbolises the Gnosis, the creative power, attraction and repulsion, the law of the sexes, chemical affinity, imagination.
The High Priestess - represented by the figure of a woman seated, her head surmounted by a solar disc between horns. On her breast is a cross, and on her lap the Tora or Book of the Law, while at her feet is the lunar crescent. She is seated between the pillars of the Temple called Jachin and Boaz - Security and Strength. It represents Isis, Maya and the Virgin Mother of the world. This Arcanum is also called "The Door of the Hidden Sanctuary".

In the Spiritual world it denotes the Divine Sophia, the creative imagination, the universal matrix, in and through which the supreme will is manifested.
In the Intellectual world - the Binary or reflection of Unity, the law of alternation, the pairs of opposites, positive and negative, etc.; the reason, which weighs and balances, discerning by comparison of known things.
In the Psychic world - attraction and repulsion, the relations of the sexes; love and hatred.
In the Physical world - chemical affinity (as acids and alkalis); trade, commerce, interchange, barter. The woman related to the man for the futherance of the ends of destiny.

The Number 2 is the number of Duality. It represents the blending of the masculine and feminine priciples and is associated with the dual functions of Spirit and Matter, of the visible and invisible worlds.


The number Two (Zodiacal influence, the sign Virgo) give you a natural power of discrimination and perception which will express itself in a natural manner through business and associated channels. You will be able to carry out the details of affairs without losing sight if the ultimate goal towards which you are working. You can carry out any routine set you by others and, when necessary, can evolve a routine of your own proving satisfactory to all concerned. It does not take you long to weigh up the pros and cons of affairs and your power of perception enables you to see beneath the surface to the truth that others may try to hide. You are appreciative of neatness and tidiness and prefer proper discipline to lackadaisical methods. The sign will cause you to be critical and you will need to use discretion in the expressing of criticism, for anything of a hurtful nature, even though it may be true, could be taken exception to by the ones concerned, and misunderstandings could arise.


Three is the trilogy of Life, Substance and Intelligence, applicable to the Divine Being; of Force, Matter, and Consciousness, applicable to natural EXISTENCE. Creation, Preservation and Resolution. Father, Mother and Child - Osiris, Isis and Horus - God, Nature and Man. The three dimensions of space. The three postulates - thought, the thinker and the thing. The three parts of Time - past, present, and future. Thus it denotes in itself the idea of extension in both time and space, and stands for penetration, procedure and pervasion. It is symbolised by the planet Jupiter, a planet which plays a most important role both in astrology and in all systems of numerology. It is the beginning of what may be termed one of the main lines of force that runs right through all the numbers from one to nine. It has a special relation to every third number in the series such as three, six, nine. These numbers added together in any direction produce a nine as their final digit.

The number also stands for inclusion, comprehension, understanding, judgment; for increase, fecundity and propagation; thus and for self-expansion, the harvesting of the fruits of action, reward, equity, justice. Reproduction in the material world. Fatherhood, familism. By extension of self it becomes a symbol of sympathy, benevolence, charity, philanthropy, etc., and, by reflection, of joy, good fortune, and plenty. It is denoted by the planet Jupiter.

The Kabalistic Letter: G
The Divine Principle: Forgiveness
The Intellectual Attribute: Understanding
The Emotional Attribute: Tenderness
The Material Factor: Enjoyment or Luxury
The Zodiacal Association: Libra (Opal)(Sep 23-Oct 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Diamond, Opal
The Vibratory Colour: Dark Blue or Ultramarine
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum III Isis Unveiled - denotes Marriage or Action

Tarot Arcanum III The Empress:
The first product of the Divine Will and Imagination, Urania.
Symbolises ideation, production, growth, riches, plenty.
The Empress, otherwise Isis-Urania - represented by a female figure reclining. She holds the symbol of Power in her hand, and at her feet is the Ankh or symbol of life - Venus. At her feet the corn springs full-eared and plentiful. She is surrounded by the beauties of nature. She represents Nature in association with the superior world, or Super-nature. She is the first product of the Supreme Will and Imagination, the progeny of Divine Wisdom and Love, and unites in herself intelligence and power in their highest manifestation.

In the Spiritual world - this Arcanum denotes the Knowledge of two worlds, the manifest and unmanifest, the past and future united in the eternal Now.
In the Intellectual world - ideation, the productive power of the mind, discrimination.
In the Psychic world - the art of generation, fecundity, parentage.
In the Physical world - the power of expansion, of multiplication; growth, development, wealth, plenty.

The Number 3 is the number of the Trinity. It represents Spirit, Soul and Body. It is a very powerful number, associated at times with marriage and sex, and with the offspring. Wisdom, Love and Truth are three of its tenets.


The number Three (Zodiacal influence, the sign Libra) gives you a strong desire for peace and harmony and causes you to be sensitive to anything of a deliberately discordant nature. You are naturally courteous and desirous of being on good terms with other people, but you will always need to maintain a proper spirit of independence so as to prevent certain people from imposing upon you who are aware of your natural disinclination to enter into arguements or disputes. A tendency towards giving way to the line of least resistance will need to be faced up to and overcome. You will be attracted towards the social and public sides of life and should do all you can to further these interests. Do not let domestic matters or the attempted domination of those in your surroundings have a restrictive influence over you. You can be very adaptable but you can also be very easily upset by adverse criticism or temporary rebuffs, and inclined to take things more to heart than you should do.


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