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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 2


Four is the number of reality and concretion. Solids, the cube or square, the cross. Physical laws, logic, reason. Appearance, physiognomy, science, cognition. Segmentation, partition, order, classification. The Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel of Ixion, the Wheel of the Law, sequence, enumeration. The intellect which discerns between the noumenal and phenomenal, thought and perception. Discernment, discretion, relativity. It is symbolised by the Sun, of which it is the negative number. Being a negative number it is, therefore, formative instead of creative as with the number One. It shows a sequence of organic changes. It is a number which is associated with alchemical processes involving sublimation and transmutation and all mutation of atomic structure, ancient or modern. This is also the number of opposition, rebellion and explosion and, in the latter, may be likened to the principle of chain re-action, and thus links with the modern scientific trend of nuclear fission.

The Kabalistic Letter: D
The Divine Principle: Wisdom
The Intellectual Attribute: Absorption of Knowledge
The Emotional Attribute: Pride
The Material Factor: Continuity of Effort
The Zodiacal Association: Scorpio (Topaz)(Oct 23-Nov 21)
The Appropriate Stones: Carbuncle, Turquoise
The Vibratory Colour: Yellow tinged with Red
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum IV The Sovereign - denotes Realisation

Tarot Arcanum IV The Stone Cube:
Realisation of the virtues, affirmation and negation, discussion and solution. Happiness by attainment. Material effects. The concrete. Establishment, foundation.
The Stone Cube, or the Emperor - represented by a man of mature age seated upon the Chair of Initiation, the Masonic Cube. In his right hand is the sceptre of deific power, the ansated cross; and in his left the globe, the symbol of possession.

In the Spiritual world - this figure represents the realisation, successively and continuously, of the Divine Virtues in oneself.
In the Intellectual world - the realization of the idea of related and dependent existence; affirmation; negation; discussion and solution.
In the Psychic world - attainment of happiness by the satisfaction of desires; the realisation of the dual nature in male and female successions.
In the Physical world - the realization of material effects. The reward of effort and correct judgment. The concrete. Foundation, establishment.

The Number 4 denotes solidity and solidarity and is often associated with the Cross, with the four seasons of the year, with the four suits in cards. Intellectually it denotes the realising of desires and wishes as a result of affirmation, plus emotional intensity and ardour.


The number Four (Zodiacal influence, the sign Scorpio) gives you a degree of reserve and in certain respects will cause you to be secretive, although this will not necessarily interfere with your everyday associations. It shows that you will display considerable resourcefulness in the handling of people and affairs and as a result will work through difficulties somewhat more easily than may be anticipated, either by yourself or others. You will express more resistance and fighting capacity than those around you may recognise, and should anyone attempt to take an unfair advantage of you they will be extremely surprised at the resistance you will put forth in the protecting of your interests. You will have the courage of your own convictions to say and do the things you consider to be correct, will always try to push ahead with affairs in your own way and will not let others impose upon you or force you to do things against your will.


Five is the number of variety, adaptability and mental change. It has rule over the outer consciousness which deals with the material factors of life and the process of discrimination, analysis, sometimes the tearing of things to pieces as in criticism. All forms of literary expression and the exercise of local government come under its vibration. It is symbolised by the planet Mercury.

In its constructive aspect it gives a wonderful elasticity of thought and inspiration which can be expressed in speech and writing thus making oratory and the written word key-notes of the numbers influence. From the less favourable angle the vibration brings a danger of active plagiarism. Vacillation and indecision are concomitant factors and if given way to, will weaken the character and cause ultimate loss of prestige and reputation. The number is associated with quicksilver, the volatile qualities of which are well known, as it can split into a myriad particles in a moment of time and yet coalesce again just as quickly. The number often expresses itself in a dual capacity, drawing out the potential for both good and evil, ranging from the highest intellectual attainment to the lowest degree of mental debasement.

The Kabalistic Letter: E
The Divine Principle: Reflection
The Intellectual Attribute: Reverie
The Emotional Attribute: Repose
The Material Factor: Idleness
The Planetary Association: Jupiter
The Appropriate Metal: Tin, (quicksilver)
The Vibratory Colour: Purple
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum V The Hierophant - denotes Religion or Law

Tarot Arcanum V The Hierophant:
Denotes the universal law, religion, discipline, precept and teaching. Liberty, regulation.
The Hierophant, or Master (of the Secrets) - on his head is the Mitre, in his left hand the triple Cross. His right hand is uplifted with the sign of the Benediction. At his feet are the keys of the Kingdom, which unlock the Gates of Life and Death, of Heaven and Hell. He is the symbol of the Grand Master.

In the Spiritual world - it denotes the Universal Law, by which the infinite manifestations of the Divine Being are regulated.
In the Intellectual world - Religion, the connection between the Infinite and the Finite, the One and the many.
In the Psychic world - the regulation of the passions; self-control; discipline.
In the Physical world - Liberty within the limits of the law; direction and control of natural forces.

The Number 5 is the number of Man. It is connected with the Pentagram or five-pointed star which in itself is the symbol of man with his arms outstretched and his feet firmly placed upon the earth, with his head and eyes looking upward to heaven.


The number Five (planetary influence, Jupiter) will give you a broad and tolerant view upon life and will strengthen your spirit of comradeship. You will always be willing to help others in trouble but will need to maintain commonsense as there will be times when certain persons will seek to take an unfair advantage of your goodness of spirit. Religious and philosophical matters will appeal to you, there will be a strong desire for travel and it is possible for the missionary spirit to be strong. The spirit of optimism will invariably be marked but on occasions can cause you to experience loss when you permit yourself to take certain possibilities too much for granted or rely too much upon the element of luck or chance. The main essential to bear in mind is that whilst keeping optimistic you should also be practical.


Six is the number of co-operation, of marriage, interlacing, link or connection. it represents the two triads in their interaction, the Seal of Solomon or interlaced triangles. The interplay of spirit and matter, the human soul; psychology, divination, communion, phychism, telepathy, spychometry, and alchemy. The Great Work. Co-ordination, concord, harmony, peace, satisfaction, happiness and material well-being. Intercourse and reciprocity. Connubiality, the relations of the sexes. It is indicated by the planet Venus.
In certain instances the number Six is considered a rather weak number, and its weakness is intensified in terms of human character and destiny if more than one Six appears in the computation of the name-number or the number horoscope. Readers will recall references which have been made in biblical and other writings to the beastiality of the number 666 which is really three sixes and is termed "the number of the Beast". When two or more sixes occur the principle of temptation becomes emphasised and exercises a malign influence over life and destiny.

The Kabalistic Letters: U, V, W
The Divine Principle: Intuition
The Intellectual Attribute: Aspiration
The Emotional Attribute: Self-indulgence
The Material Factor: Independence
The Planetary Association: Venus
The Appropriate Metal: Copper
The Vibratory Colour: Blue
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum VI The Two Paths - denotes Temptation

Tarot Arcanum VI The Two Ways:
Denotes discrimination, knowledge of good and evil, conscience; Privilege and duty, instinct, sex relations.
The Two Ways, or The Lovers - Beneath the outspread hands of a flaming Cherub stand a man and woman, with the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge upon either hand. Around the Tree of Knowledge the Serpent is coiled.

In the Spiritual world - this Arcanum symbolises the knowledge of good and evil; the conscience.
In the Intellectual world - the laws of Necessity and Liberty, of Duty and Privilege.
In the Psychic world - the choice between denial or consent to the promptings of the lower nature. The determination of conduct. The experience of indulgence and abstention. Instinct.
In the Physical world - the antagonism of natural forces; dissociation; disintegration; fractures, divorce, parting.

The Number 6 is the number that shows the dividing path of Virtue and Vice. It signifies the strife between conscience and passion, the choice between the two paths of good and evil. It denotes the antagonism of natural forces.


The number Six (planetary influence, Venus) being ruled by the planet of affection, of love and of beauty, will cause your desire for companionship to be exceedingly strong and, therefore, all matters to do with affections, with marriage and with friendships will prove to be very important and a great deal of your happiness or unhappiness in life will depend upon the nature of the ties and associations which your form. If these are of a constructive and helpful nature they will bring happiness and enable you to make considerable progress in life, but should they be of an impulsive and unwise character, then they will bring unhappiness, depression and an interference with your progress. There will be an appreciation of the artistic side of affairs even if circumstances prevent you from developing any form of art yourself. Sometimes the artistic faculty will find scope in painting, decoration, etc., even in the preparing of foods in a manner both appetising and appealing to the sight as well as to the taste.


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