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Rosengarten’s Lexicon of Tarot 1-3

WANDS/RODS (Fire, Spirit, Energy)

Ace of Wands:

Phrase: "New beginnings, birth of creative spirit, creative essence, empowerment; (reversed) primal chaos, or spiritual enlightenment.”

Image: A hand holding forth a wand in leaf from the clouds. Other leaves, in the shape of 'Yods" are also seen.

Traditional: Creation, invention, enterprise, energy, strength, powers of fire, birth, activity, initiative, male libido.

Spectrum: (Aspiration) initiation/creation, darkness/frenzy, individuation/adventure.

2 of Wands:

Phrase: "World/spirit split; new creative possibilities; imagination; power over others; creative partnership; (reversed) lack of imagination; or telepathy."

Image: A man standing on a battlement looking out over the sea. In his right hand he holds a globe, in his left, a wand. To his right, resting against the wall, is another wand. To his left, and upon the wall is a St. Andrew Cross, one transverse arm of which is white lilies, the other being formed from red roses.

Traditional: Dominion; influence over another; occult knowledge; love of battle and challenge; worldly riches.

Spectrum: (Choice) synthesis/convergence, confusion/anxiety, possibility/resonance.

3 of Wands:

Phrase: "Potential expansion; choice between 'path of the one' or 'path of the two’ (self or other), seeking direction; (reversed) loss of direction, loss of intention; or envisioning."

Image: A man looking out over what could be the sea or a desert. The background color in this card is sometimes yellow, yielding a yellow sea.) His right hand holds one wand, to his left stands another. Slightly behind him to his right stands a third.

Traditional: Established strength, effort, discovery.

Spectrum: (Intention) effort/action, ambivalence/impotence, visualization/direction.

4 of Wands:

Phrase: "Creative single lifestyle, structuring energy; (reversed) writer’s block, scattered resources, or inner discipline.”

Image: Wands in leaf garlanded with flowers. Behind are people apparently celebrating.

Traditional: Domestic tranquility, prosperity, peace.

Spectrum: (Creation) freedom/passage, status-quo/inactivity, appreciation/integration.

5 of Wands:

Phrase: "Conflict or strife; competition; upsetting words without meaning; surface arguments without touching real feelings; (reversed) inner battle, inner critics, or inner judo.

Image: Five youths playing with wands as staves.

Traditional: Quarreling, fighting, opposition, competition, lawsuits, strife.

Spectrum: (Conflict) competition/struggle, passive-aggression/combat, division/multiplicity.

6 of Wands:

Phrase: "Marching into battle anticipating supreme success; mobilizing one's resources and supports; martialing confidence and optimism in the face of difficulty; (reversed) loss of confidence, fear of failure, or activating sub-personalities.”

Image: Young person on horseback, riding in triumph. His wand has a victor's wreath. He is accompanied by other men on foot who bear wands.

Traditional: Victory after strife; attempt, hope, desire, expectation.

Spectrum: (Optimism) achievement/victory, arrogance/defeatism, confidence/anticipation.

7 of Wands:

Phrase: "Valor in the face of difficulty; digging in and taking a stand; (reversed) entrenched, stalemate, persistence.”

Image: An embattled man using his wand as a staff to fight off six attacking staves.

Traditional: Valor, negotiations, competition, caution, challenge.

Spectrum: (Persistence) tests/obstructions, stubbornness/inflexibility, loyalty/positionality.

8 of Wands:

Phrase: "Highly potent channeled energy; intentionality, assertiveness, goal-directed; intense psychic connections; potent love affair; (reversed) one-sidedness, jealousy, failure to focus, or clairvoyance.

Image: Eight wands flying through the air parallel to each other. Their flight is apparently terminating.

Traditional: Activity, swiftness, high energy, arrows of jealousy.

Spectrum: (Goal) assertion/movement, aimless/dispersed, focus/direction. .

9 of Wands:

Phrase: "Power and victory; strength in opposition; creative power; psychic alignment; (reversed) misuse of power, black magic, or channeling.

Image: A man leaning upon a staff. His head is bandaged. Behind him stand eight other stave.

Traditional: Preparedness, strength, power, health energy, realization of success.

Spectrum: (Force) power/dominion, domination/bullying, potency/alertness.

10 of Wands:

Phrase: "Overburdened; heavy load; burnout and exhaustion; too much on your pallet; (reversed) work-aholism, overwhelmed, over-stimulation or recharging, refueling.

Image: A man carrying a bundle of ten heavy wands.

Traditional: Oppression, cruelty, karma, exhaustion.

Spectrum: (Oppression) burden/overextention, entrapment/abuse, depletion/exhaustion.


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