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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 5


The number Thirteen is another number of transformation, this time having rule over matters to do with both life and death and the transition from the earthly to the astral sphere of activity. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle where there is more freedom and where the thralldom of the material and financial cares of earthly life are absent. From another angle it is the number of bravery and of the pioneer, for it responds to the influence of the Zodiacal sign Aries. It draws out a natural degree of the kind of courage needed to handle the varying fluctuations in ordinary life and to face up to danger and even to death when they occur.

The Kabalistic Letter: M
The Divine Principle: Hope
The Intellectual Attribute: Inspiration
The Emotional Attribute: Devotion
The Material Factor: Reconstruction
The Zodiacal Association: Aries (Diamond)(Mar 21-Apr 20)
The Appropriate Stones: Amethyst, Diamond
The Vibratory Colour: Red and White
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XIII The Reaper - denotes Death or Transformation

Tarot Arcanum XIII The Reaping Skeleton:
Change, reaction, disappointment, denial, catalepsy, collapse, ruin and death.
The Reaping Skeleton, or Death (the Reaper) - represented by the figure of a skeleton riding upon a horse, to whom even the great ones of earth do homage. It represents the Divine Law of reversion, the going back of things to their source; inbreathing.

In the Spiritual world - it denotes manifestation of the Divine activity and life. Creation and transformation.
In the Intellectual world - the law of action and reaction; introspection; inductive reasoning; ecstasy.
In the Psychic world - disappointment; denial of affections; reclusiveness; deprivation of psychic force; catalepsy.
In the Physical world - death; ruin; paralysis; collapse; nullity.

The Number 13 is the number of Resurrection. Whilst associated to some extent with the condition of death it really shows the trend and development of affairs after death rather than of death itself which is ruled by the number 8.


The number Thirteen (Zodiacal influence, the sign Aries) causes you to be independent, self-willed, active and desirous of being in command of affairs. You are courageous by nature and not likely to be afraid of facing danger when it arises, but you should not create conditions that bring it, or that would lead to disturbing and unpleasant consequences. The combining of intellectual with physical activity will enable you to effect progress and to bring altered conditions in accord with your own desires. You can set an example to others that they will be pleased to follow when you combine tact with enthusiasm. If, however, you let aggressive inclinations, undue independence, or impulse, decide your line of action you can create unfriendliness, can lose support and hence interfere with your normal progress. You will always want to fight against conditions of an unfair and restrictive nature.


The number Fourteen is a more material and physical number. It has to do with Nature itself and with what may be termed the Forces of Nature. It is a conserving number and yet has extremely great potentiality of power when it is unleashed. To some extent it is associated with the factor of growth - the growth of living organisms - and with beauty, art, music and singing, whilst from a more material standpoint it will have influence over money and over precious stones in their entirety. The Zodiacal sign of Taurus exercises its sway over this number, giving firmness, inertia or obstinacy and yet dynamic force that will not be frustrated.

The Kabalistic Letter: N
The Divine Principle: Toleration
The Intellectual Attribute: Moderation
The Emotional Attribute: Temperance
The Material Factor: Vacillation
The Zodiacal Association: Taurus (Emerald)(Apr 21-May 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Moss Agate, Emerald
The Vibratory Colour: Greenish Yellow or Russet
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XIV The Alchemist - denotes Regeneration or Temperence

Tarot Arcanum XIV The Two Urns:
The vital forces, friendship, social obligations, reciprocal affection, chemistry.
The Two Urns, or Temperance - An Angelic figure pours water from one vessel to another. On his forehead is the symbol of life, and on his breast the ineffable name, Adonai, and the triangle within the square. It represents the Divine life in activity.

In the Spiritual world - the eternal movement of life.
In the Intellectual world - the combination of ideas; friendship; sociology.
In the Psychic world - the interplay of the emotions; reciprocal affection; intercourse; social life.
In the Physical world - the relations of the sexes; chemical combination; amalgamation; public intercourse.

The Number 14 is the number of the Union of Forces and Ideas and as it is composed of two sevens it helps in the understanding of natural science and of alchemy. The Elixir of Life is often associated with this number.


The number Fourteen (Zodiacal influence, the sign Taurus) causes you to be practical, industrious, and in many ways capable of exercising considerable patience where the more important interests of life are concerned. You have ability to plan out affairs ahead and to allow proper time for the maturing of your plans. You can also bring about a perfecting of the details relating to material and financial matters. Quite a number of your desires and wishes will be associated with money. You possess the courage of your own convictions and opposition from others will only tend to fix them more firmly in your mind. At the same time it would be wrong to term your disposition an unreasonable one, as you are prepared to consider the suggestions of others on their own merits, and if they appeal to you, adopt them. You will do so however, as and when you see fit.


The number Fifteen is the number of Fate and of Destiny. It gives Power and yet can take it away. In some respects it is a number of mystery and of matters to do with the Underworld, of Purgatory or Hell, where the soul of the individual may languish as a result of evil things done whilst on earth. It warns that the exercise of authority should never be abused, for it is also a number associated with the principle of Justice. As one sows so must one reap. It is dominated by the planet Saturn. It shows that, if power is used wrongly, a fall from position must occur and a Karma is created for future earthly incarnation (re-experience after the Resurrection, at the Judgement Seat of God); but if power is used justly and wisely, then the principle of Predestination becomes operative.

The Kabalistic Letter: X
The Divine Principle: Predestination
The Intellectual Attribute: Eloquence
The Emotional Attribute: Sadness
The Material Factor: Fatality
The Planetary Association: Saturn
The Appropriate Metal: Lead
The Vibratory Colour: Black
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XV The Black Magician - denotes Fatality or Black Magic

Tarot Arcanum XV Typhon:
Evil, willfulness, mystery, controversy, fatality, passion, malice, riot and lawlessness.
Typhon, or The Devil - The Evil One seated upon a throne in the inferno, his footstool an iron cube to which male and female devils are chained. It represents the spirit of Discord.

In the Spiritual world - the principle of evil, the refractory will opposed to the predestined order of things.
In the Intellectual world - magic, mystery; the unknown; controversy; freethought; fatalism.
In the Psychic world - anger, passion, hatred, malice and fear.
In the Physical world - antipathy; discord; strife; repulsion; riot and lawlessness.

The Number 15 is the number of fatality and is connected with all forms of mystery, of the unknown and unforeseen, and of Black Magic. It is a number of great power and very seldom fully understood.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6 -- Magic Box Sum = [15] (horizontal, vertical, diagonally)


The number Fifteen (planetary influence, Saturn) in its influence over your character shows that you are serious, reflective, somewhat introspective and yet have the inner capacity to hold positions of responsibility and authority and to carry out duties efficiently. Life will not always be easy for you. You will have to fight against restrictions, limitations and delays, but by the exercising of patience you will find yourself overcoming the varying difficulties that confront you, and as a result of persistence will bring about progress. Saturn rules the latter part of life and distinctly shows that this part of life will bring the rewards or disappointments of the efforts, or lack of effort, during the first half of life. It is a planet that attracts towards political and kindred affairs and gives very great organising ability. It invariably denotes that a very advanced age will be reached and that time will be on your side in the making of plans and in the putting forth of effort, therefore you can afford to be painstaking and will always be able to take the long rather than the short view of affairs.


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