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Rosengarten’s Lexicon of Tarot 1-2

CUPS (Water, Heart, Feeling & Healing)

Ace of Cups :

Phrase: "Emotional fulfillment on every level, happiness, abundance; (reversed) emotionally cutoff, or spiritual devotion.”

Image: A hand from the heavens, holding a golden chalice which is also a fountain. From the fountain five streams of water and 'Yods' fall into a lotus pool. On the cup is inscribed the letter 'M' reversed. A white dove flies downward into the cup bearing a white circle with a cross in its beak.

Traditional: Transcendental love, joy, happiness, abundance.

Spectrum: (Emotion) receptivity/fluidity, despair/numbness, desire/ecstasy.

2 of Cups:

Phrase: "Emotional reciprocity--coming together on heart level; falling in love; union, the loving relationship; (reversed) relational friction, urge to merge, or soror mystica (spiritual union).”

Image: Two lovers holding cups. Above them hovers the winged head of a lion with caduceus.

Traditional: Coming together, marriage, and healing.

Spectrum: (Relation) union/intercourse, fusion/abandonment, attraction/appreciation.

3 of Cups:

Phrase: "Experience of joy; process of (feminine) relatedness; sharing, natural flow of spontaneous emotion; (reversed) bitterness, over-celebration, or shared ecstasy.”

Image: Three women in an abundant field holding aloft cups.

Traditional: Pleasure, abundance, fertility.

Spectrum: (Expression) celebration/joy, protest/bitterness, affection/sharing.

4 of Cups:

Phrase: "Trying to grasp or actualize the 'missing piece' (in relationships); discontentment owing to lack of structure, definition, or relational form; (reversed) unformed boundaries, or emotional intelligence.”

Image: A dreamer sitting before a tree. On the ground near him are three cups. From heaven a hand offers a fourth cup.

Traditional: Discontent with present conditions, weariness and disgust, blended pleasures, new acquaintance.

Spectrum: (Expectation) comfort/discomfort, apathy/lethargy, promise/probability.

5 of Cups:

Phrase: "Mourning the loss of some important emotional process; crying over spilled milk; a new love experience awaits completion of necessary grieving; (reversed) denial, shock, complicated bereavement, or separation-individuation .”

Image: A man in black standing disconsolate beside a river. On the ground are three cups before him, overturned, and two behind him upright.

Traditional: Disappointment, separation, lack of harmony, loss of friendship or pleasure.

Spectrum: (Separation) loss/grief, devastation/shock, clinging/letting go.

6 of Cups:

Phrase: "Reawakening the sweet scents of bygone dreams; nostalgia tied to childhood or adolescence; remembering; the tenderness of youth; (reversed) maudlin or fixated in past; deep yearning."

Image: Six cups with white, five-pointed flowers. A small boy offers a girl one of them. Six cups filled with assorted flowers.

Traditional: Working through the past, the faded past, memories, nostalgia.

Spectrum: (Memory) sentiment/nostalgia, regret/fixation, tenderness/yearning.

7 of Cups:

Phrase: "Overspeculation leads to indecision (Hamlet); many roads; overwhelmed by too many choices, best to pick one (or risk the pitfall of paralysis); (reversed) lack of options, failure of imagination, or active awareness of sub-personalities.

Image: Seven cups seen in the heavens by a silhouetted figure. From one cup arises the head of an angel. From another arises a serpent. From another, a castle. In a fourth, jewels. In the fifth, a monster. In the sixth is a shrouded figure with a halo. And in the seventh is a wreath. The seventh cup is doubly interesting in that the skull design on its side comments upon the contents. It is the only one of the cups to do so.

Traditional: Illusory success, imagination and vision, debauchery, external splendor/internal corruption.

Spectrum: (Multiplicity) fantasy/possibility, fragment/projection, choice/profusion.

8 of Cups:

Phrase: "Inner journey, dark night of the soul, instinctive pulls inward; outer world on automatic; follow your feelings; inner directed; (reversed) loss of control, loss of soul, loss of self.

Image: A desolate night scene. A man turns his back on eight cups and walks away under a waning crescent moon.

Traditional: Abandoned success, impractical in money matters, going inward.

Spectrum: (Retreat) journey/withdrawal, decompensate/stagnate, descend/divest.

9 of Cups:

Phrase: "Pleasure and happiness; satiety and abundance, emotional satisfaction; (reversed) overindulgence, consumption, and addiction, or self-satisfaction.”

Image: A portly merchant sitting in satisfaction before a row of cups.

Traditional: Material success, happiness, truth, loyalty, liberty.

Spectrums of Possibility: (Fulfillment) pleasure/enjoyment, indulgence/addiction, sustenance/satisfaction.

10 of Cups:

Phrase: "Falling in love; intoxication, bliss, larger than life (inflation); 'rainbows in the sky' (impermanence); (reversed) emotionally empty, overflow, or the numinosum.”

Image: A man and woman beholding a rainbow of cups in the heavens. Near them two children are dancing (W/R). A pair of lovers. She wears a rose in her hair. Above are nine small cups and a tenth larger one into which a rainbow is pouring.

Traditional: Perpetual success, happiness to come, contentment, friendship.

Spectrum: (Inspiration) affirmation/gratitude, inflation/deflation, excitement/infatuation.


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