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Sepharial: The Science of Numerology 6


The number Sixteen is another very powerful number, both for good and for ill. It governs the physical forces and passions, blind anger, rash impulse, temper, and yet, from the constructive standpoint, shows the capacity to be aggressive when there is the necessity to put up a fight against wrong-doing and the evil actions and brutality of others. It can bring a spirit of rivalry and, when this is permitted unduly, it can cause destruction; but when used to promote healthy competition for constructive ends, it will give tremendous force and energy. it is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of war and pestilence but also the planet of exploration and discovery.

The Kabalistic Letter: O
The Divine Principle: Godly Fear
The Intellectual Attribute: Study
The Emotional Attribute: Belief
The Material Factor: Hard Work
The Planetary Association: Mars
The Appropriate Metal: Iron
The Vibratory Colour: Red
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XVI The Lightning Flash - denotes Accident or Catastrophe

Tarot Arcanum XVI The Stricken Tower:
Sudden calamity, pride of intellect, ostentation, cataclysms, earthquakes, storms, overthrow, accidents.
The Blasted Tower, or The Lightning Flash - represented by a Tower struck by lightning. A crown is seen falling from the pinnacle, and also two men. it denotes the Divine visitation.

In the Spiritual world - the overthrow of spiritual pride; the descent of Typhon; the fall of the Angels.
In the Intellectual world - the pride of intellect and its consequence; the law of retribution; insanity.
In the psychic world - psychic repercussion; ostentation; the humbling of the autocrat.
In the Physical world - cataclysms; earthquakes, storms; overthrow; reversal; ruin; fatality; sudden death; catastrophe; accidents.

The Number 16 is the number of accident or catastrophe, in many instances brought on by personal recklessness or a refusal to look facts in the face. Yet it can bestow courage and enable progress to be made once there is a proper controlling of inner rebellion and resentment.


The number Sixteen (planetary influence, Mars) mainly signifies so far as your character is concerned, that you have courage. This will be of both a physical and a mental nature and no matter what the odds may be you will always face them and do your best to overcome your adversary, whether it be circumstances or a person. Nevertheless, it will not be easy to restrain impulse or to tone down quickness of temper and as a result of giving way to these you will experience many upsets and changes, and your emotional and home life will not always be happy. You are suited for adventure, for exploration, for taking part in anything that is active and that keeps you on the move. When circumstances temporarily thrust you into a kind of quiet backwater you will rebel, sometimes violently and, figuratively speaking, will either do the disappearing trick yourself or be thrown out by others who resent their peace and quietness being disturbed.


The number Seventeen is another spiritual number and expresses the principle of Immortality, and continuity of life in its various forms and phases, the continuity of ideas and of principles themselves. Some of these principles can be summarised as Truth, Hope, Faith, Charity, principles that persist through all ages and are to be found in all races and in all parts of the world. It is a number of illumination and aids in the understanding of life, of science and of destiny. It is influenced by the Zodiacal sign of Gemini, representative of intellectual force, of intuition and of reason.

The Kabalistic Letters: F, P
The Divine Principle: Immortality
The Intellectual Attribute: Expression of Ideas
The Emotional Attribute: Expression of Beauty in Form
The Material Factor: Artistic Creation
The Zodiacal Association: Gemini (Agate)(May 23-Jun 21)
The Appropriate Stones: Beryl, Aquamarine
The Vibratory Colour: Pink
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XVII The Star - denotes Truth, Hope, Faith

Tarot Arcanum XVII The Star of the Magi:
Faith, assurance, hope, illumination, intuition, birth, success, expectations.
The Star of the Magi, or The Star - represented by a female figure pouring water from one vessel into a lake and from another upon the dry ground. Above her are the seven stars, among which there shines the great Pole Star of the Magi. It represents the Divine Expectancy.

In the Spiritual world - faith, the realization of Hope. The manifestation of the unrevealed. The beatific Vision.
In the Intellectual world - absolute knowledge; the evidence of experience; illumination; astrology.
In the Psychic world - expectancy; geniality; sympathy; charity; optimism; confidence.
In the Physical world - birth; success; relief; sustenance.

The Number 17 is a fortunate number. It gives inner illumination and is often associated with divination and prophecy. It brings a blending of reason with intuition and strenghtens the principles of Truth, Hope and Faith.


The number Seventeen (Zodiacal influence, the sign Gemini) indicates that you are active both physically and mentally. You will have a strong desire for variety and change but it will be unwise to allow this desire to get out of hand. An effort should always be made to maintain continuity of thought and action, and you should not alter objectives unless there is some very real and weighty reason for so doing. Otherwise you will find that you can interfere with the progress of affairs, can put forth a lot of effort and get very little in return. You should regulate the number of subjects you take up, for if you have too many things on had at one time certain of them must perforce be neglected, particularly when circumstances compel attention upon those of greater importance. Hence valuable time, thought and effort will be sacrificed which has been devoted to those interests being given up.


The number Eighteen is what may be termed a "difficult" number. It shows an attack by the materialistic side of nature on the spiritual attributes. There is a danger of giving way to intrigue and deception on the one hand and of encountering false friends and secret foes on the other hand. It gives a warning of both treachery and danger, causes bitter quarrels which can involve friends and family and implies periods of danger through water, fires and even explosions. Astrologically it is influenced by the sign Cancer which, although giving a tenacity of purpose, can also bring a fear of the unknown.

The Kabalistic Letter: Ts (or) Tz
The Divine Principle: Universal Understanding
The Intellectual Attribute: Mental Reflection
The Emotional Attribute: Reaction
The Material Factor: A Danger of Wrong Action
The Zodiacal Association: Cancer (Ruby)(Jun 22-Jul 22)
The Appropriate Stones: Emerald, Black Onyx
The Vibratory Colour: Bright Green
The Divinatory or Tarot Signification: Arcanum XVIII The Moon - denotes Deception, False Friends, Secret Foes

Tarot Arcanum XVIII The Twilight:
Darkness, doubt, hesitation, negation, imbecility, lunacy, an adverse change.
The Twilight, or The Moon - represented by a night scene, the luminary distilling dew upon the earth, while a dog and a wolf are baying the moon and a crab is crawling from the water. it denotes the Great Infinitude.

In the Spiritual world - the abysm of the Infinite; the womb of Time; the Divine amplitude; infinity; spiritual darkness.
In the Intellectual world - the darkness of negation; imbecility; lunacy; vacuity; time and space as distinguished from duration and distance.
In the Psychic world - doubt; despair; hesitancy; vacillation and inconstancy.
In the Physical world - darkness; emptiness; denial; enemies; snares and ambushes.

The Number 18 is the number of deception and sometimes of diabolical inspiration. It will bring personal temptations which will be very hard to resist and shows unhappiness through the unfaithfulness of others.


The number Eighteen (Zodiacal influence, the sign Cancer) signifies that there is a strong degree of emotion in your nature. You have a very vivid imagination and will be able to recall clearly and easily many of the events and conditions which have occurred in the past but should not allow yourself to dwell too much upon the past. You should utilize the knowledge gained from past experiences, to deal with and to regulate present affairs, and to plan out future activities. Matters to do with the home and family side of life will always be of great importance and will influence many of your decisions and actions, whilst there will be a great appreciation of domestic comfort and harmony. You can also do many things yourself towards creating domestic comfort and making others feel at home when they are in your surroundings. The sign gives you a very good memory, much tenacity of thought and purpose and enables you to use your imagination so as to create publicity either for yourself or for others.


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