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Rosengarten’s Lexicon of Tarot 1-4

PENTACLES/Disks (Earth, Wealth, Solidity)

Ace of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Bringing to fruition; solidification; seeding, planting, grounding; wealth and material comfort; (reversed) density, inertia, matter or anchoring and establishing roots.”

Image: A hand from the heavens holding a yellow coin which is inscribed on a pentagram. Below it is a garden, hedged with red roses, filled with white lilies.

Traditional: Favorable conditions, material wealth, abundance and prosperity, profit.

Spectrum: (Manifestation) conception/seed, inertia/chaos, ground/core.

2 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "The juggler; staying in balance; harmonious change; juggling two distinct parts; balancing opposites; (reversed) clumsiness, splitting, or tai chi, inner balance, attunement.

Image: A young man dancing near the sea. In his hands he is juggling two pentacles which are surrounded by the lemniscate.

Traditional: Harmony in the midst of change, change in all forms, the juggler, obstacles and difficulty.

Spectrum: (Polarity) balance/change, splitting/onesidedness, grace/health.

3 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Building your own temple; constructing your world from the ground up; craft and self-creation; individuation process (reversed) sloppiness, indolence, dependence, or taking responsibility.”

Image: A monk and a hooded man observing a stonemason at his work.

Traditional: Construction, material gain, business, skilled labor, trade, craftsmanship.

Spectrum: (Construction) working/crafting, impeding/defiling, concretizing/building.

4 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "In need of solidity and earthly power; structuring your material and practical concerns, financial planning; (reversed) greed, hoarding, attachment to form, or ritualizing connection to earth, the four directions, grounding.”

Image: A king sits brooding. On his crown rests one pentacle. He hugs another in his lap. The third and fourth are beneath his feet.

Traditional: Skill in physical forces, material benefits, acquisitiveness, security.

Spectrum: (Form) power/gain, attachment/avarice, structure/shape.

5 of Pentacles:

Phrase: " Reversal of fortune; survival; on the outside looking in; paying your dues, feeling humility or humiliation, homelessness; begging; (reversed) depravity, shame, servility, or renunciation, non-attachment, initiation.”

Image: Two beggars pass a brightly lighted church window. They hurry through the snow. The pentacles are incorporated into the stained glass windows.

Traditional: Material trouble, loss or reversal of fortune, disorder, chaos, ruin.

Spectrums: (Loss) want/need, covet/envy, humility/adjustment.

6 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Giving out and taking in; counting and accounting; measuring what you get in return; (reversed) score-keeping, over-scrutiny, compulsivity, miserliness, or equilibrium, accountability; Tonglen.”

Image: A wealthy merchant giving alms to beggars. He holds a golden scales in his left hand.

Traditional: Prosperity, gifts, gratification, measurement.

Spectrum: (Compromise) give/take, obsess/compulse, measure/compare.

7 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Delay before harvest; patience while waiting; time for consideration, assessment, appraisal, non-action; (reversed) impatience, failure, or incubation, action-in-inaction .”

Image: A farmworker contemplates gloomily six pentacles on a vine, apparently nearly ripe, and a seventh at his feet.

Traditional: Success unfulfilled, delay but with growth, failure, blight.

Spectrum: (Patience) delay/ripen, failure/frustration, incubate/vegetate.

8 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Apprenticeship, ‘turns things out like hotcakes'; disciplined spontaneity, developing mastery; (reversed) rebelliousness, lethargy, mechanically or inner study, spiritual practice, meditation.”

Image: A woodworker chiseling out a pentagram within a circle. Five of them hang beside him, a seventh rests against his bench and the eighth on the ground beside him.

Traditional: Skill, artfulness, prudence, craftsmanship, ambition, preparation.

Spectrum: (Discipline) study/practice, expediate/rebel, differentiate/repeat.

9 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Refinement and cultivation; happy leisurely accomplishment; fine things; quality and natural aesthetics, the beautiful garden; (reversed) instinctual gratification, perfectionism, imitation, or aesthetic appreciation, psychological differentiation.”

Image: A woman seen in her vineyard of ripe grapes. On her upraised left hand she holds a bird. Her gown is patterned with flowers in the form of the planetary sign for Venus.

Traditional: Discretion, prudence, accomplishment, worldly achievement.

Spectrum: (Cultivation) abundance/simplicity, nature/instinct, nurture/refine.

10 of Pentacles:

Phrase: "Marriage and Family; security in the community/stability in the home; accumulated wealth, investment in the future; (reversed) family crisis, divorce, fear of commitment, or inner stability, self-esteem, self-nurturance.”

Image: A patriarch seated before his gate. Near him are his dogs, his children and his grandchild. Ripe grapes and crescent moons also figure in this card.

Traditional: Family matters, riches, stable home, prosperity, satisfaction, success.

Spectrum: (Embodiment) prosperity/security, conformity/dissipation, commitment/investment.


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