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Eliphas Levi: The Seven Magical Planets

The Seven Magical Planets
Tanscendental Magic (Eliphas Levi, pp 236-237, 1896):

The seven magical planets correspond to the seven colours of the prism and the seven notes of the musical octave; they represent also the seven virtues, and, by opposition, the seven vices of Christian ethics. The seven sacraments correspond equally to this great universal septenary.

Baptism, which consecrates the elements of water, corresponds to the moon;
ascetic penance is under the auspices of Samael, the angel of Mars;
confirmation, which imparts the spirit of understanding and communicates to the true believer the gift of tongues, is under the auspices of Raphael, the angel of Mercury;
the Eucharist substitutes the sacramental realisation of God made man for the empire of Jupiter;
marriage is consecrated by the angel Anael, the purifying genius of Venus;
extreme unction is the safeguard of the sick about to fall under the scythe of Saturn, and
orders, consecrating the priesthood of light, is marked, more especially by the characteristics of the sun.

Magical works are also seven in number:

1. works of light and riches, under the auspices of the sun;
2. works of divination and mystery, under the invocation of the moon;
3. works of skill, science, and eloquence, under the protection of Mercury;
4. works of wrath and chastisement consecrated to Mars;
5. works of love, favoured by Venus;
6. works of ambition and intrigue, under the auspices of Jupiter;
7. works of malediction and death, under the patronage of Saturn.

In Theological symbolism:

the sun represents the word of truth;
the moon, religion, itself;
Mercury, the interpretation and science of mysteries;
Mars, justice;
Venus, mercy and love;
Jupiter, the risen and glorious Saviour;
Saturn, God the Father, or the Jehovah of Moses.

In the Human Body:

the sun is analogous to the heart;
the moon to the brain;
Jupiter, to the right hand,
Saturn to the left;
Mars to the left foot,
Venus to the right;
Mercury to the generative organs, whence an androgyne figure is sometimes attributed to this planet.

In the Human Face:

the sun governs the forehead;
Jupiter, the right eye,
Saturn, the left;
the moon rules between both at the root of the nose,
the two phalanges of which are governed by mars and Venus;
finally,, the influence of Mercury is exercised on mouth and chin.
Among the ancients these notions constituted the occult science of physiognomy.

Jerome Cardan: (Girolamo Cardano b 24 Sep 1501 d 21 Sep 1578)

To ascertain the fortune of a given year, sum up the events of those which have preceded it by 4, 8, 12, 19, and 30 years:
* the number 4 is that of realization (the order of life and progress);
* 8 is the number of Venus or natural things (the natural felicity or misfortune);
* 12 belongs to the cycle of Jupiter and corresponds to successes (the successes or failures);
* 19 has reference to the cycles of the Moon and of Mars (the vicissitudes and miseries or disease);
* the number 30 is that of Saturn or Fatality (the tragic or fatal experiences).

-Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, pp. 141, 1896


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