Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Progenitor Bloodline 2

The Progenitor Bloodline (physical begettal, close-near): the high-bred vs. the hybrid

Vampyre - the Aristocratic-Desposyni (source fire within); Predatory (Life-Blood Systemic); Immortal (the Continual); SAGE (Mammon); the Sun/Son "a comsuming fire" - daylight (Christ the day-star); the self-Illuminated (dark-)nightwalkers; [Mid-17th century via Latin pyra | Greek pura | pur "fire"]; dead to Christ yet claiming the resurrection (King-lineage).

(Vere-)Werewolf - Truth-Benjamin Totem; COG Inc., the Anti-Anointed; Full Moon Holy Days (Passover/political freedom, FOT/economic freedom); [Old English werewulf | were- "man" + wulf "wolf" | Indo-European, "man"] [Early 17th century directly or via French | medieval Latin veracitas | Latin verax "truthful" | verus "true"]; ravenous pack/beasts (wolf in sheeps clothing; Lycan); Secular-Judeo-Christianity (Desposynic lineage/authority physically/spiritually); [Early 17th century via modern Latin | Greek lukanthropos | lukos "wolf" + anthropos "human being"]; Zion-Davidic Priests (Mt. Zion: Tribe Benjamin territory).

Hybrid - Progenitor Bloodline "Descendant Responsibility" - Body of Christ: Messianic servant-Priests, servant-Kings; [14th century | Latin , "begetter" | progenit-, past participle of progignere | gignere "beget"]; spiritual begettal, the Begotten-Desposyni; apotropaic, preventing evil [late 19th century; | Greek apotropaios | apotrepein "turn away" | trepein "to turn"]; non-SAGE "eye of the needle" - custodians (protector-preserver; upholder) vs. the dynastic claim and the withholding (the keepers of the dogma).


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