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Principles of Multiple Intelligence Theory

Principles of Multiple Intelligence Theory
(BEING, MIND (SONA (the fine tuning of creation, of life)):

1. Intelligence is not singular: intelligences are multiple.
2. Every person is a unique blend of dynamic intelligences.
3. Intelligences vary in development, both within and among individuals.
4. All intelligences are dynamic.
5. Multiple intelligences can be identified and described. [ ENNEAD MENTATION (underpinned by emotion) ]
(1) Intra-personal - Sona, knowledge of self, EQ emotional intelligence (within), psychological balance, sexuality-sensuality, agape love (giving self);
(2) Language - polyglot, distinct and accurate speech, enunciation, applicable meaning-expression, emotional application, discernment;
(3) Musical - performance ability, conductor, appreciation, composition, application, tonal comprehension - language of the emotions/living expression;
(4) Body-kinetic - dance, sports, athletics, gymnastic, dexterity, finesse, fine-touch, physical expression/practise, physical motion/fluidity, mimicry, theatre/actor;
(5) Inter-personal - Persona, EQ emotional intelligence (without), community, sociable, teamwork, expression: empathy, compassionate;
(6) Mathematical-logical - standard IQ test, scientific process, mathematics - conceptual, analytical, logical - perception, understanding, imprintation (memory emotion-etched) - intellectual balance;
(7) Spatial - architecture, artist, photographer, visionary, deep appreciation and recognition, planner, design/designer, storyteller, movie maker, anarcho-politico utopian comprehension, spiritual-emotion, thought beyond (imposed or boundary) limits;
(8) Spiritual - spirituality, religious impulse, belief, trust and faith (hope) in God, historian, humanist, communitarian, Mind-ing, God-ing -- Mammon (usurper);
(9) Naturalist - environmentalist, natural empathy and recognition, sense of oneness, GAIA understanding, life as intelligence, God as life, caretaker, wonder; sense of the sacred, Chthonic understanding/Chthonian Advowson.
6. Each and every person deserves opportunities to recognize and develop the multiplicity of intelligences.
7. The use of one of the intelligences can be used to enhance another intelligence.
8. Personal background density and dispersion are critical to knowledge, beliefs, and skills in all intelligences.
9. All intelligences provide alternate resources and potential capacities to become more human, regardless of age or circumstance.
10. A pure intelligence is rarely seen.
11. Developmental theory applies to the theory of multiple intelligences.
12. Any list of intelligences is subject to change as we learn more about multiple intelligences.

Outline based on: Applications of the Multiple Intelligences Theory in EFL/ESL Reading article link
Note: Multiple-Intelligence Theory was developed by Professor Howard Gardner: wikipedia link


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