Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Progenitor Bloodline 1

Scripture as "National narrative" - the "sacred origins/people" - hierarchic control mechanism / weapon ("warrant of Scripture") -- the "stamping of interpretation", the narrative-image (image-narrative) impressed -- "Holy" Scriptures - "writing signature(s)" of the authors and of God ("signature" deeper meaning than style - individual comprehension (of God(-ing)) apparent, ie., the Historical narratives (compiled/edited by Ezra; the "divine sanction")); "Knowledge of the Holy" is to depart from evil - the "Holy Writings" are writings instructive in the actual departure -- "Ezraen understanding" - Ezra gave "divine sanction" to the National narratives of Israel/Judah, to their unholy (ab)use of evil; EZRAEN MAMMONISM is the resultant/continual so prevalent today -- Christ re-defined and exemplified the "Christ-ian understanding" of peace, agape love, and the society of the gift (God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow), based upon the "LAW" and the "PROPHETS" representing the CHARACTER and CONSCIENCE of God(-ing): the COMPREHENSION (lacking in the Ezraen-defined understanding and in most of the religio-secular world today).

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