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Archetypes: Houses, Planets, Signs

Houses: The Places Where The Planets And The Signs Reside:

1st - (House of: Personality - Aries (Ascendant - Rising Sign)) Establishment of personal identity
2nd - (House of: Money - Taurus) Self image, self worth, and material security
3rd - (House of: Communication - Gemini) Communicating and receiving from the environment
4th - (House of: Home - Cancer (The Nadir: Midnight)) Imagination, fantasies, inner feelings, and domestic life
5th - (House of: Children - Leo) Finding joy, pleasure, and creative expression
6th - (House of: Servants - Virgo) Work and feeling talented and useful
7th - (House of: Marriage - Libra (Descendant - Setting Sign)) Personal relationships and intimacy
8th - (House of: Death - Scorpio) Dealing with sex, death, taxes, the occult, and other hard to grasp topics
9th - (House of: Long Journeys Over Water - Sagittarius) Changes, exploration, and the breaking of routine
10th - (House of: Career - Capricorn (MidHeaven: Noon)) Career, social stature, and destiny
11th - (House of: Friends - Aquarius) The future, life goals, association with friends and groups
12th - (House of: Troubles - Pisces) Things that disrupt or cause disassociation with the personality
1st House: Who we are, free will, personality.
2nd House: Resources, self-worth and security, what we value.
3rd House: The mindset and perceptual environment.
4th House: The home, roots, inner life.
5th House: Creativity, self-expression, children, social connecting.
6th House: Self-improvement, service, health, work, mentoring/apprenticeship.
7th House: Marriage, partnerships, the other, relationships.
8th House: How we value others, legacies, sexuality, death and the "shadow."
9th House: Travel, expansion, higher learning, religion.
10th House: Career, the public face, social structures.
11th House: Groups, friends, hopes, dreams, receiving love.
12th House: Spiritual experience, collective consciousness, the "attic" of consciousness, endings.

Planets: Represent The Different Energies Of The Mind and The Self:

0 Sun - (Personal Identity) Your Sun sign; Your true spirit/ego; Who you really are; The sense of being alive; Your sole existence
1 Moon - (Emotion) Emotional, maternal in nature; Moods, feelings, caring tendencies; Empathy; Mother figures
2 Mercury - (Intellect) Thought; Communication; Processing of information; The Winged Messenger; Achilles' Heal
3 Venus - (Partners) The Feminine side of personality; Creativity; Balancing all sides of all issues; Passive affection; Calmness; Relationship needs; Ability to see beauty in all
4 Mars - (Desires) The Masculine side of personality; Will: What you want & endeavor to get; Energy; Activity; Aggression; Assertive tendencies
5 Jupiter - (Expansion) Enthusiasm; Adventure; Joviality; Ability to be Spontaneous; Expanding reality; Growing, learning, developing; Transcending the current situation, & taking it to another goal, another philosophy
6 Saturn - (Limitation) Discipline; Structure; Respect; Ability to be Solitary; Father figure
7 Uranus - (Evolution) Individuality; Eccentricity; Desire for change; Ability to break down social norms
8 Neptune - (Mysticism) Intuition; Spirituality; Compassion; Psychic nature; Ability to find Spirit
9 Pluto - (Instinct) Transformation; Ability to see the difference between the inner self and the outer world
0 Sun: Central organizer of identity, awareness and life force of an individual.
1 Moon: Unconscious motivations & needs, feminine and receptive.
2 Mercury: The intellect, rational thought & communication.
3 Venus: Relational and aesthetic sensibilities, pleasure, connection to others.
4 Mars: Action, desires, physical activity, libido, self-assertion.
5 Jupiter: Growth, expansion, philosophy, joy.
6 Saturn: Maturity, responsibility, limits, reality, discipline.
7 Uranus: Individuality, change, reform, transpersonal intuition, group consciousness.
8 Neptune: Imagination, illusion, transpersonal or spiritual experience, mysticism.
9 Pluto: Transformation, psychic depth including wounding, death & regeneration.

Signs: Signs of the zodiac represent psychological characteristics:

4 Aries - Forceful; Energetic; Direct; Courageous; Seeks Challenge
- The Ram; Cardinal Fire; Warrior, Pioneer, Daredevil, Survivor
3 Taurus - Practical; Skeptical; Stubborn; Love of serenity and inner peace
- The Bull; Fixed Earth; Earth Spirit; Musician; Silent One
2 Gemini - Inquisitive; Witty; Perceptive; Adaptable; Seeking of inner information
- The Twins; Mutable Air; Internal Witness; Teacher; Storyteller; Journalist
1 Cancer - Introspective; Emotional; Protective of inner and outer security
- The Crab; Cardinal Water; Mother; Emotional Healer; Invisible to all but their keep
0 Leo - Very proud; Gregarious; Dramatic; Dignified; Desire for self expression
- The Lion; Fixed Fire; King; Performer; Child; Clown
2 Virgo - Analytical; Critical; Modest; Helpful; Working toward perfection
- The Virgin; Mutable Earth; Servant; Martyr; Perfectionist; Analyst
3 Libra - Affectionate; Tolerant; Indecisive; Appreciation of beauty; Seeking balance in relationships; The need for calmness, and equilibrium
- The Scales; Cardinal Air; Lover; Artist; Peacemaker
9 Scorpio - Penetrating; Suspicious; Introspective; Desire to transform and remove outer masks
- The Scorpion; Fixed Water; Detective; Sorcerer; Hypnotist; Extremist
5 Sagittarius - Jovial; Open mind; Love of freedom; Seeking meaning and new experiences
- The Archer; Mutable Fire; Gypsy; Student; Philosopher
6 Capricorn - Industrious; Practical; Disciplined; Working towards solitude and personal integrity
- The SeaGoat; Cardinal Earth; Hermit; Father; Supervisor; Builder; Realist; Administer of construction
7 Aquarius - Progressive; Erratic; Revolutionary; Idealistic; Inventive; Desire for individuality
- The Water Bearer; Fixed Air; Genius; Truth Sayer; Scientist; Exile; Quixotic; Eccentric
8 Pisces - Imaginative; Other worldly; Impressionable; Seeking transcendence of self
- The Fishes; Mutable Water; Mystic; Poet; Unfathomable; Dreamer, lost within many dreams
4 Aries: Establishment of identity, assertion, courage, fiery enthusiasm.
3 Taurus: Resources, self-worth, sensuality, earthy belongings and pleasure.
2 Gemini: Curiosity, variety, adaptability, intellectual endeavors, dualistic.
1 Cancer: Nurturing, empathic, sensitive, loyal, emotional, family centered.
0 Leo: Creative, self-expression, dramatic, strong, extravagant.
2 Virgo: Practical, methodical, industrious, modest, conscientious.
3 Libra: Diplomatic, social, charming, refined, balanced.
9 Scorpio: Passionate, intense, persistent, complex, purposeful.
5 Sagittarius: Exploring, optimistic, energetic, broad thinking, search for meaning.
6 Capricorn: Leadership, steadiness, wisdom, patient, disciplined.
7 Aquarius: Independent, progressive, freedom loving, inventive, original.
8 Pisces: Intuitive, changeable, mystical, impressionable, compassionate.


Ascendant - (Mask) What you portray of yourself; What other people, first, see of you; The initial mask that you project to the world; First impressions; What you look like, on first appearance
North Node - (Karma) Karmic goals; Your direction for evolutionary growth; The path of your soul/spirit
South Node - (Dharma) Past life energy; The accumulation of the energy of all past lives
Midheaven - (10th House) Outward projection of Career; What most people think is your probable Career
Vertex - (Karmic Fate) A karmic point, which relates to Transits in your chart, or Aspects in relationship charts

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