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Ennead Mentation: The Nine Visitations of God 3

The ten sephirot were arranged in a rigid hierarchy, and each lower sephirah grew out of the one immediately above; that is, the second ranking sephirah grew out of the first, the third out of the second, etc. Thus the first sephirah had all the powers of the sephirot under him; the second had its own power plus all the powers of the succeeding eight, and so on. They were:

- Thought, Intellect (spiritual sphere/essence gender married/matched with physical shell/energy gender = one flesh union)

0Sun-m/1. Kether (Crown), also called the Simple Point [Singularity Point; Event Horizon; Edge; Interface], because this initial and paramount sephirah was unknown and all-embracing. Kether was known as the Old One, the Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:9), the White head, or the Long Face [I AM THAT I AM (I Am What I Will Become)] [SUM + ennead emanation/gifts-mentation].

1Moon-f/2. Hochmah (Wisdom) was also known as Aba (Father) and was the masculine outgrowth of the Ancient One.

2Mercury-fm/3. Binah (Understanding or Intelligence), the highest feminine emanation in the order of sephirot, also known as Ima (Mother).

- Emotions, Morals

3Venus-fm/4. Hesed (Kindness, Love, Mercy) is also called Gedulah (Greatness) and is masculine. [1st Heaven Araboth]

4Mars-m/5. Geburah (Power, Strength, Discipline) is also called Din (Justice) and is feminine. [2nd Heaven Makhon]*Rahab Da'ath (Knowledge; not a sephira, a hole (abyss))

5Jupiter-fm/6. Tipheret (Glory or Beauty, Adornment, Compassion) is both masculine and feminine because it is a combination of Hesed and Geburah. [3rd Heaven Ma'on]

- Nature

6Saturn-f/7. Netzah (Firmness, Might, Victory) is masculine. [4th Heaven Zebhul]

7Uranus-m/8. Hod (Splendor, Majesty) is feminine. [5th Heaven Shekhakim]

8Neptune-fm/9. Yesod (Foundation) combines Netzah and Hod. [6th Heaven Rakiya]
- Spirit

9Pluto-f/10. Malkut (Kingdom, Presence, KOG/COG Bride) has no special attributes but is a kind of funnel through which the qualities of the upper nine sephirot are transmitted to the physical world. It is therefore also called Shechinah, the Spirit of God." [7th Heaven Vilon]

The first nine sephirot were grouped in threes, each triad including a masculine element, a feminine element, and a combining element. The first three sephirot represented the world of thought; the second, the world of emotions and morals; the third, the world of nature. The tenth sephirah, Malkut, existed alone as the harmony of the other nine.

This triune was paralleled by the Kaballists' version of the three-part soul - an idea expressed earlier by Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, and the Talmud. The soul called Neshamah represented the intellect and corresponded to the first three sephirot. The soul called Ruah represented the emotion and corresponded to the Hesed-Geburah-Tipheret triad. The soul called Nefesh represented man's animal nature and corresponded to the lowest triad of sephirot.


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