Monday, January 25, 2010

Numeric Ontology 1

Personal Names - Component Expression: (we are composed of family and friends) (aptitudes and character tendencies, motivations and talents (insight into the human psyche); Mystic Virtues and Philosophy (Mystical Meanings; the Mysticism of Numbers - Destiny and Numerical Design and Harmonics (Harmony) - NUMERICAL MYSTICISM), the numerical symbolism of metaphysical values: the defined meaning within all numbers (the living, universal, qualitative, (not quantitative; figures display quantity ie., quantity "party of five"; quality "she's a ten")) and causal reality of numbers, encoded within; the unreal reality) (Mystic Combinatorial-Summation Number Theory, Numbers symbolize our existence) - In-depth Numeric Analysis: AEON, Applied Esoteric Ontologic Numerics (being applied from within), above (our over-mind consciousness) and below (our under-mind consciousness) as-well-as the surface (our mind consciousness) interpretation (all parts of the Numeric Blueprint harmonize together to create one's full identity and path (non-(pre)determined fate); we can work with the numbers, once identified and understood - they are destiny indicants not prophecy or fate); NUMERIC ONTOLOGY

AEON, the term Aeon comes from the Gnostic notion of AEons as emanations of the God, who come in male/female pairs (syzygies) ie., the AEon Wisdom: Sophia or Achamoth. - Aeon L. forever - Temporal aeon, an eternal frame of time, eternity - Platonic aeons, used to denote the eternal world of ideas, which he conceived was behind the perceived world.

Esoteric a. [Gr. interior, from within.] Private; an epithet applied to the private instructions and doctrines of Pythagoras; opposed to exoteric, or public. - Esotery n. Mystery; secrecy. [Little used.]

Ontology n. [Gr. from and discourse.] That part of the science of metaphysics which investigates and explains the nature and essence of all beings, their qualities and attributes - Ontologic a. [See Ontology.] Pertaining to the science of being in general and its affections - Ontologist n. One who treats of or considers the nature and qualities of being in general.
-- Philosophy: Ontology is a systematic account of existence; in AI and Information systems, ontology has a somewhat different interpretation: an ontology is not a theory of what exists, but what a community of practise believes to exist; this is close to the opinion that an ontology specifies things that we must assume to exist in order for our theories to be true - what people believe to exist is called a conceptualization; it represents an abstract, simplified view of the world. An ontology is a formal specification of a shared conceptualization.


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