Monday, January 25, 2010

Numeric Ontology 2

Tarot, Astrology, Kabala and Numerology [TAKN] are sister disciplines. Under no conditions are they meant to be considered, studied, taught, or practiced separately as they, unfortunately, are today. ... Those who would practice esoterically must combine, and use, all four Arts together. ... the zodiac is not an external phenomenon but is, rather, an inner psychic apparatus. It is an inherent attribute of the individual and collective psyche, an encodation in our very genetic structure, an eidetic image within our Memory, an archetype indelibly embedded within the core of human minds. ... Of the four great Divination Arts, the Tarot is the most important and dynamic. It alone makes use of a rich palate of archetypal images, which resonate strongly with the deeper layers and dimensions of consciousness, and which, like mandalas or sacred yantras, serve as iconic guides on the road to self-realization and personal empowerment. ... The Gnostics knew and taught that we are each our own priests and priestesses. “When the 2 and 2 equal 1,” said the Pythagorean's, it is then that the true "Christ" will be born within you. Now, interestingly, the first card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot - the Magician, happens to depict a Hermetic Magi (Initiator) who is in the very process of uniting fourness into oneness. The four are represented by a Wand, a Cup, a Sword and a Disk, which sit upon his strange three-legged table. These objects represent the four elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth), the four suits of the Tarot, and the four modalities of consciousness (Intellect, Emotion, Sensation and Intuition) - yes - but they also represent the four sister Divination disciplines which also require unification. In fact, one may argue that if the tools are not unified, how can the developing consciousness, which depends upon them for its "individuation", have a chance of actualizing that rare state? ... The Tarot can be considered to be one chapter, so to speak, of the greater book of symbolism. Its 78 pages of composite images, together with their geometrical, numerological, sabean and Astro-Theological motifs, open direct access to the inner Wisdom Body, to the “Living Oracle” within the Mind. ... the esoteric secrets of each (of the sister arts) remain concealed until they are used together [they are COMPREHENSION and DIAGNOSTIC (Gnosis) TOOLS (esoteric-holistic vs. exoteric application)]. The four great Arts of Divination, when correctly applied, provide the pertinent information we need to predict [acknowledge as indicants] and comprehend the variables, intensity and impact of what we will inevitably experience. Our own responses and reactions can be foretold, and as a result of the insight [in-sight, the sight within] afforded us, we can minimize the chance for wrong decisions and choices. [sourced from: The Inner Zodiac, with [inserts]]

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