Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ennead Mentation: The Nine Visitations of God 2

EMERGENCE/Complex Emergent Intelligence as ONE Order (bottom-up/anarchic) - Mentation Envelope (enveloped within);
Emergent Complexity arising out of Rules (Interaction Dynamics); operation in concert (symphony of Mind);
Learning (complexity of connection(s) determinant)); sequence of emergent steps -- the Emergent, the Minders.

Mind = Sentient Being, Sentience (the faculty of God-level perception; ea. Human Being an extension of God's very Being);
Mind = the Universe within, the Empyrean (spiritual universe extending into/creating space-time (physical embodiment));
Mind = a Singularity Point ((SP) fig. a White Hole) into the Empyreal Consciousness of God, God's very Mind (10C the very Character of God, the Lord's Prayer the actuation / actuality(reality) of that character): Empyrean, EMPYRE'AN, a. Empyreal. EMPYRE'AN, n. The highest heaven, where the pure element of fire has been supposed to subsist [the spiritual core-sphere of the physical curved universe; dendriformic extension; trees of righteousness]; Empyreal, EMPYR'EAL, a. [L. empyroeus; from Gr. fire.] Formed of pure fire or light; pertaining to the highest and purest region of heaven [the "crystal ball" spiritual universe; surface singularity extension into the physical].

According to the Sefer Yezira, the spiritual world consisted of ten spheres, the sefirot. (Sefirot is a term related to the Hebrew word Sappir, loosely translated as 'sapphire' [the Ten "Blue Stones" (apples/grapes) etched by the Hand of God; the Star Gates; the Blue Pearl (the Divine Light of Consciousness within us all)] and interpreted as the radiance of God [the conveyance, the spiritual Logos]). Each of the sefirot represented a different force or aspect of God, such as love, power, and understanding. These aspects were said to have emanated, or unfolded from God, and as the sefirot embodied all aspects of creation, generation, and decay, they represented the universe itself unfolding. [Blue Stones; imparted, enveloped within the Terrene-sphere blue-sky envelope, the visible archetype, the eleventh covering, Rahab/Da'ath, "the Prince of the Power of the Air" - the evil veil]

[Singularity Point Spiritual Aspect-Spheres emanated/paired with the 0-9 Mentation Shells = Sentience; spiritual spheres in correspondence with the physical sun/planetary sphere archetypes] [... the unconscious' absolute knowledge, where the potential unity of the universe lies ... the awareness of such permits a dialogue with the contradictions arising from the non-integrated aspects of our personalities-potentialities leading to an awareness of the essential wholeness of our psyche ... numeric-ontology provides the conceptual knowledge - the spiritual-astrologic "blue"-print - the archetypal structure of our very Being; the print-activation "first breath" stamp, the cosmic rhythm and pattern]

The ten circles are known as sephiroth, the plural of sephira, meaning a number. They are interconnected in various ways. Each connection is identified with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and with one of the twenty-two trumps major of the Tarot. It is believed that the sephiroth exercise a mystical influence on one another via these connections.


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