Sunday, January 24, 2010

Archetypal Astrological Analysis 2

Mercury represents the principle of mind, thinking, and the movement or exchange of ideas through speaking, writing, and other forms of communication. It governs the capacity to conceptualize and communicate, to articulate, to use words and language, to analyze and comprehend, to learn, to perceive, to mediate, transport, and connect. The Mercury archetype is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Hermes, the Roman Mercury, the messenger of the gods. A major aspect between Mercury and another planet tends to correlate with how one’s mental and neural processes tend to work, how one gives and receives information, and the nature of one’s education and intellectual vision.

Venus represents the principle of love and beauty. Venus is Eros, as Mercury is Logos. Venus rules the desire to be involved in romantic and social relations, to attract and be attracted to others, to engage in artistic activities, to seek harmony and aesthetic or sensuous pleasure. The Venus archetype is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Aphrodite, the Roman Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Major aspects involving Venus tend to correlate with how one gives and receives love and affection, the nature of one’s social and romantic relationships, and the character of one’s artistic impulse and aesthetic sensibility.

Mars represents the principle of energetic force. It symbolizes that part of the psyche which impels us to act, to assert ourselves, to struggle, to press forward and against, to be courageous and vigorous, to be competitive or combative. Mars is the archetypal warrior: it governs the capacity for aggressiveness, anger, and physical energy, as well as tendencies toward injury, violence, and impulsiveness. It is connected with athletic activity, and also, as the polar complement to Venus, governs the yang aspect of sexuality. The Mars archetype is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Ares, the Roman Mars, the god of war. Major aspects involving Mars are indicative of how one tends to act and assert oneself in life and how one experiences conflict and aggression.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion and success. It governs the tendency to expand and grow, to elevate and uplift, to seek that which is better or higher, to improve and magnify, to incorporate that which is external, to make larger wholes. It also governs the tendency to experience success, honor, abundance, happiness, and good fortune, and is connected with the capacity for magnanimity, liberality, pride, and optimism. In addition Jupiter corresponds to a concern with moral and philosophical ideals and principles, with long-range or broad perspectives, with the urge for intellectual and cultural breadth, and more generally with the striving for breadth of experience (e.g., through travel, wide reading, inner exploration, etc.). On the negative side, Jupiter is connected with the tendency toward excess, inflation, extravagance, over concern with wealth and status, self-indulgence, complacency, overconfidence, and sense of personal superiority.

The Jupiter archetype is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, the Roman Jupiter; called the Great Benefic, it is related also to Fortuna and Providence. Major aspects involving Jupiter tend to indicate the nature of one’s experience of personal expansion, growth, and success in all realms of life, as well as how impulses in these directions might be excessive.


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