Monday, October 5, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-12

Walking the world amongst minds devoid of God; some of these minds are in control of us; we as Family *must* separate !! - who and/or what occupies your mind ?? - the challenge of God is to claim your liberty -- in contemplation of life without corporate money [the false idol; Mammon] the need for God becomes apparent [enslaved by our thoughts, fears, prejudices, traditions]; God gives us freedom and the *strength* to exercise it vs. the manufactured and imposed *consensus reality* [the world, society], the illusion - *separation* leads to disillusion in/for many, yet, it is a refocus of reality, a recognition of ability; a shifting, an extension of perception, consciousness, with the hand of God [Christ] holding ours; an extension of God Himself [the Holy Spirit; *in relationship*]; the creating Spirit Being entering the created !! - the Creator touches, *enters into* His creation and the creation becomes one with the Creator, and the Creator becomes one with the creation, now made into His Family - such unselfishness, such love is beyond human understanding; the *mystery* of God -- the world's systemic is adversarial, hierarchical, while God's systemic is *relational*, communitarian !! - unholy adversarial means cannot be employed to produce *the* holy relationship [there is only *one* holy relationship, and all of us are partakers, and constituent parts, of it] - we must remain loyal to God and His/our Family [loyalty untested is loyalty unproven], the COG must disinvest itself from its "business" and return to God's Way; we must *provide* for ourselves; the public-nation must be re-realized !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 05 (individual chapter)


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