Friday, October 23, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-19

Mammon today is the Mammon of yesterday, but the "economies of scale" of today's "giants", the covering over mankind, the height, reach and depth, is enormous, so enormous that God is equated with/as Mammon [no difference seen between Holy and profane (not sacred; outside of the Temple; irreverent disrespect, contempt of God); the success/excess of the profane seen as sanction of God (gain as Godliness)] !! - Mammon has claimed the "provision of God" and has assumed the role of "provider" of need [commodification of life] and of desired want [mostly irresponsible lust manufactured by Mammon], this is its "power" over/upon us, it has claimed "life" in-place-of God, and holds it by force ["Mammon's life" preeminent in *all* considerations; life, even God, in service of Mammon] !! - Christ-ian-ity is the reclamation [re-claim; restoration] of God as provider, *as* LIFE GIVER [without money (commodification), without price (claim): buying and selling God (life), the "mark" of the Beast systemic] !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 01 (individual chapter)


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