Thursday, October 22, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-14

Supreme authority [as final, proud, arrogant, ultimate, highest in rank and power, the presumption of the merchant-State, and the corporate church] denies rights, but God is *servant authority*, an authority of service, example and design, a right way of life with its attendant benefits and blessings [supreme in regards to highest in quality, achievement, performance, etc., most excellent] - Human Rights are not privileges granted by God, but are *inherent rights* [not a thing given, established, or conferred], they are *ordained* of God, self-existent; these are God's *own* rights, the rights of His very Family !! - God is NOT privilege, nor does He confer the same -- those of claimed "Divine Right",those who back the governing powers, the "Self-Appointed Guardian Elite" [the SAGE, the very descendants of Charlemagne], those who rule this their world [they built it, they own it (kosmos); the "Crown-Corporate", "US-Corporate", "EU-Corporate", the "divine sanction" given/assumed; "private State" imposed over "public Nation" (the corporate Nation-State)], have taken the Rights of God and have made them privileges to be granted by themselves - these are privileges at the caprice of SAGE authority -- supremacy has *all* the rights; therefore their crimes against humanity are not wrongs in their view, for if you have no rights, you cannot be wronged; when rights are recognized, privilege is destroyed !! -- this is the secret, the solution, the recognition that leads to our withdrawal [our only weapon is our refusal] and our return to God; the power of the State becomes non-existent.

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 04 (individual chapter)


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