Sunday, October 18, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 2-13

There is nothing "free" about free-enterprise; enormous costs are borne by society [private profits, socialized costs] !! - the rich are rich because everyone else paid/pays for them, are *in* "their debt" [money is debt] !! -- the world is an illusion, we must acquire, gain knowledge of the world to escape it [gnosticism: the world and its god(s) a lesser creation]; CHRIST IS THE BRINGER OF "THE KNOWLEDGE" - IGNORANCE vs. ENLIGHTENMENT [God *is* the LIGHT] - is violence part of the path to Peace(making) [our "violent" peace(maker) of compliance], does God's Peace(maker) engender violence and war [systemic] ?? - the answer is *NO* !! - WE *OVERCOME* EVIL WITH GOOD !! -- MONEY [corporate] IS THEFT, the lives of billions have been, and are, being stolen !! - the management/preservation of vested interest(s) denominated *in* currency [politics(-ians) nominated *by* currency; democratic-fascism], ungodly sums,extracting usury [human usury, slavery], rotting the fabric of society [our filthy rags] !! - WE MUST GIVE UP *ALL* AND ANY CLAIM, EVEN OF SELF, WE MUST *GIFT* ALL, ESPECIALLY OUR SELF [our God-ing; AS GOD IS] !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 02 (individual chapter)


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