Thursday, October 15, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-16

If you are a part of it, then you support it - repentance recognizes our rights; repentance is a return to God, an act of recognition, us of God, and God of us; it is an indication, an expression of violation(s) of conscience; we become conscientious objectors, a reclamation of our *common rights* with their responsibilities (not a seeking after, a self-serving acceptance of privilege); we enter the Family of God, an inherent right, not a privilege granted - God is not only a Family, God is Community; we denied our own rights by our actions, our selfish existence, we were opposing ourselves; our improper community hid God from us, denied God - our contrition [our remorse for having done wrong, our sorrow for having offended God; an understanding God will give us, if only we seek and ask] brings us to the attention of God, and upon true repentance, and our acceptance of Christ's death as payment for our past sins, the penalty incurred, pictured and accepted in Baptism, God imparts as promise, as right, His Holy Spirit [the Holy *Mind* of God, His Life, His very agency], enabling us to truly turn from, actively repent of this world's way to the acknowledging of the truth [as legal, binding authority; the warrant of scripture], to a lifetime of conversion, to grow in the *grace and knowledge* of our Lord Jesus Christ; to enter into the proper community of God - proper community discloses, reveals, demonstrates, manifests and expresses God; God becomes self-evident - community is apocalyptical, a revealing, a discovery, an unwrapping, an exposure, an acknowledgement, an avowal, a confessional, admissive not submissive; God's community is an incarnation [serving as the type or embodiment of a quality or concept], the manifestation of scripture; community is of Christ -- SAGE authority "over" or "upon" is the "suppression of" - no man, nor group of men, no artificial structure, institution or instrumentality can negate God's Rights; community is a re-definition of our needs and wants, a re-defining to overcome our instilled subjugation.

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 04 (individual chapter)


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