Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-16

Mammon is imposition, conflict and war; God is agape love, gifting and peace; 10C [character of God] vs. the way of Mammon: THOU SHALT NOT MAMMON !! - our SALVATION is the eradication [purpose: to destroy the works of the devil] of Mammon - who is mind-ing us, Mammon or Messiah ?? - our history, our laws [economic, business and legal], our social contracts are the record, the scripture and the covenants of Mammon: WE HAVE *NO* EXCUSE !! - THE PRIESTS AND CAPTAINS OF MAMMON MUST BE REPLACED BY THE PRIESTHOOD OF CHRIST, THE CAPTAIN OF OUR SALVATION [Heb 2:10] !! - we must understand [being] and know [doing] God: we give life to each other, we do *not* fund it, we give and share what God has given and shared with us !!- our identity must be the reality of Christ as Christ-ian *NOT* the false reality, the artificial identity of Mammon as American, Canadian, etc., the imposed corporate identity: GOD IS REAL [reality: truth and love], Mammon IS A FALSE WAY OF LIFE [by its very nature, rewards are few, hurts are many (psychological damage, scarring); adversarial adversity vs. love] !! - Mammon IS THE USURPATIVE [unlawful, violent seizure; without right; usurpation over and upon] AGENCY [active force; power; instrumentality] OF THE DEVIL: IF WE ARE MAMMON, THEN WE ARE THE DEVIL, THE ENEMY OF GOD [enmity with; opposed] !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 01 (individual chapter)http://www.scribd.com/mammonmessiah


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