Thursday, October 22, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-23

Elijah has made objection to, has called into question, and has made a demand on, the COG/Nation - the call of the world-kosmos, or the call of God are our options; we *must* answer !! -- Christ wants us to accompany Him, in equity [in full capacity], with the promise of eternal life; the world's systemic wants us to follow it, in subservient inequity [in a subordinate capacity], with death as its promise; who we are will determine our choice !! -- we are *halted* in our progress along the path of God; we have stumbled; God's hand is outstretched to help us, let us accept His help, let us walk with God once again and accept the challenge to restore all things !!

Elijah is speaking to us *now*, from the scriptures; the Elijah message is both a challenge, and an understanding necessary for the COG/Nation to truly restore all things, to be fully prepared for the return of Christ - the idea of an end-time Elijah in the person of a COG or National "leader" who has restored all things, when the very thrust of the message is against the BAAL systemic which has been employed, is mistaken - the COG in the 20th/21st century has NOT seen a full implementation of God's community [the Social-Gospel has NOT been fully preached; all things have NOT been restored]; what we have seen, and continue to see, is at best a partial preaching and witness, God's message usurped by selfish, deceived men and women standing in the way of Christ, blocking him [the anti-Anointed]; the "Way of Christ" [the very unleavened Community of God] negated, much to our shame - the Church of God is dying, it is near death and the public-Nation is completely enslaved !! - the restoration of God's Family is imperative if we are truly to be the *salt of the earth*, the preservative agency, the means by which we truly are, and will be, saviours to humanity !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 05 (individual chapter)


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