Saturday, October 3, 2009

MM Book 1 Chapter 2-18

Feeding off of each other [flesh; to feel]; our consuming consumption of each other !! - we must regard the deeper social commentary vs. the script(-ing) of ourselves by ourselves, our acquiescence [by our selfishness; our self regard; our complicity] to the evil !! - our use and disposal of each other [of God], our wasting [used; obsolete; invalid], must be realized !! - systemic "fear and discipline", as way of life, is SLAVERY !! - everybody and everything has significance [of God], is significant; fighting for life, living off the avails of war(-systemic), is NOT of God !! - success for most is not climbing up, it is "not falling down" [ie., self-medication; crime] in the struggle for life [money],in the brutality of poverty, held in a limited life !! - we are either Christ or Systemic [Messiah or Mammon] - our national/corporate identities [etc.] are just different versions of the same overriding Systemic: we are all "Systemic", no matter our label(s); our "nature of interaction" is Business [systemic claim] NOT God(-ing) !!

Our suppression of God [of His innate love], of our God-ing, in the "cause" of selfishness [systemic] is defined all around us: WE HAVE TAKEN [to carry; bear] GOD'S NAME IN VAIN !! - we are, we see, what we know [being and doing]; our chosen ignorance of God(-ing) [our rejecting of God's love, of what it produces] results in our ignominy !! - our sense of "reward" is centered around "self" [physically and spiritually], our "claim" [even of God]; OUR REWARD *IS* THE OTHERS BENEFIT, GIFTING GOD [this is true reward]; WE *ARE* EACH OTHER !! - the more we enrich "ourselves", the more impoverished we become !! - our evil rewards itself by "taking", vs. God as reward, by "gifting" mercy and truth [God *is* the reward !!] - ** CHRIST *IS* OUR COLLECTIVE RIGHT OF EXISTENCE ** vs. our money psychosis[as determinant], Christ is negated by our claim, our taking, our selective [prejudiced] application of our god-ing [no corporate value, NO application] !!

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 (complete) or MM 02 (individual chapter)


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