Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who is the Author of You?

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-10

Most “personal scripture” is prewritten by others and incorporated without question; who is the author of you ?? – God is the author of our salvation, He will rewrite us, renew us, if only we will invite Him in – our “scripture” has become flawed and only the original author can restore it !! — a community of renewed mind, an altered state of consciousness; the Kingdom of God begins with God’s consciousness — the Holy Spirit of God is God’s own Mind, His very consciousness, His knowledge and understanding from *within* – human spirit overlaid and permeated by God’s Spirit [sub-conscience (subconscious), conscience, *over-conscience*] !! – God’s Mind, His very consciousness, His intelligence(s) residing in us, His abilities, His very “being” a part of our own – He is expressed as our own mind becomes tuned into His mind [our mind truly becomes *our* mind] – the actualization becomes possible as we grow in grace and knowledge, as wisdom expands to fill our being, as we open the doors of our minds [doors, partitions, veils; light enters vs. shadow] to Christ and allow Him entrance to sup with us [to gather together for the common meal of bread, milk and meat; the spiritual manna], our capacity increases, we become nourished – Amos 3:3, can two walk together, except they be agreed? – God’s mind will merge with our mind as we become aware of, recognize, and conform with God’s will, as His will becomes our will, when His objectives become ours – we will exist in a perfect and holy symbiotic, dependent and reciprocal relationship – we will assume the rights and responsibilities of the God Family — we are the active agents in the design and creation of our own intelligence(s), in the service of the Family – the community *is* the congregation [not just the human community but the whole community of life]; we must be the elders at this time, those mature in the spirit, the servant example.

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-11

God’s consciousness awakening in our minds, with the fruits of the Spirit [ nine fruits, nine intelligences ] drawing out and defining our natural abilities, sharpening our intellect [ennead mentation (multiple intelligence)], creating each of us as distinct, unique individuals in the God Family, each uniquely prepared for the responsibilities that await us; God’s nature becomes our nature !! – the Spirit conveys to God an understanding of our thoughts and very being and in return gives us the attributes and nature of God Himself in harmony with our own and/or paired to correct – the Spirit gives to each person the attributes God desires in order to benefit the Body as outlined in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11; God gives us all different aspects of Himself, and puts us together for the benefit of all – every person in the Family has a particular strength that the others do not necessarily possess; we are all doing a job that we were given by God to do – the Body of Christ has been given people of varied gifts and talents and God does it for the greater glory of us all – the Body benefits by the operation of each one of us, but we can quench the operation of the Spirit; if we don’t pull our weight individually, we can quench the Holy Spirit; we affect each other because we are all one Body, we affect God – the Spirit can be quenched (1 Thess 5:19) by being neglected or grieved (Eph 4:30); our capacity for growth and service is diminished – our understanding becomes darkened as the light fades, as God’s consciousness withdraws from our unrepented sins, our unrepentant attitude; the withdrawal of God’s consciousness, the vacuum of understanding, the absence of light and God’s strength, draws in the adversary’s consciousness which overwhelms our weakened carnal mind, grips our minds tightly in its grasp of error.

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