Sunday, July 18, 2010

Systemic Manipulation

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-18

The “Devil” kills no man, men do; we actuate the Devil or we can actuate God — the corporate “structure” of society, roles/professions; the “State” is all about “corporate wealth” and “national debt”, the enforced “privatization of wealth/profit” and the “socialization of debt/cost”; the “public-Nation” pays for and supports the “private-State”; since the “debt” can never be repaid (as Money is Debt), “income tax” is a necessity to repay the Debt as it is essentially “already issued debt” and it is regarded and collected by the corporate-State as a “franchise fee” for “public” State-Citizenship and Benefit; the Public must pay a “fee” to access some of their God-given “rights” usurped and taken by the State — the State is “private-ownership” overriding and/or dismissing the Nation’s “public stewardship” — “religion” is the re-binding to the systemic; Mammon “is” the possession; the State is all about the controlled “structure” and “psychology” of the Nation (our “group think” and “conformity”); our physical “world view” and our spiritual “God-view”; the monetary “de-meaning” of a Human Being (in “violation of God”); defined in Mammon’s terms: “worth” for life; how can one be “Lord and Master” if everyone actually had “equal rights” in all things.

The link between our “real” world and the “artificial” systemic is our consent whether known-or-unknown; every citizen has been “capitalized” monetarily and nominally as Nation-State debt-surety (the State-issued “Strawman”, the “artificial you”); the SAGE Nation-State “owns” you and everything connected to you (your possessions, even children) — the systemic manipulation of the Nation is pure evil: the very “forces” that assassinated ML King in 1968 selected/placed Barack Obama into the Presidency 40 years later – Mammon or Messiah: “sell your soul to the devil” (lust) or “give it unto God(-ing)” (love); no Human “Being” has “right” to wealth when so many are in poverty (anything above need is greed); the present “spiritual war” is about consciousness, against the “faces” and “masks” of death and corruption, the very “imagery”; negate the claim, take back your sovereignty vs. an artificial systemic evoking real and deadly repercussions; violence (in any form) is a betrayal of our God(-ing) and a failure of our humanity.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-19

God has NOT abandoned you and you most likely have NOT abandoned God – God has never been very far from you, he considers you a member of His church, not a church controlled by a few select men, but a church of equal brethren, guided by Him; and now, He would like to know if you are willing to reconsider Him ?? – He is extending an open invitation to you and your family to take your rightful place within His community; *God desires and needs you* in His Family !! – God is not self-interest, yet, you are in His interest, and in turn, He is in your interest, we *are* God together – God’s Family is a sharing, a relationship of reciprocal interest [a belonging place; an open experience], not a self-interested taking, but an unselfish giving !! — the high ground of truth is now to be made level, as originally; in diversity is truth, not confusion – reason and worship as way of life; pure religion and undefiled, without spot — open dialogue is NOT confusion – we must come together and converse, amongst ourselves, and with God; we must reason and counsel together [a multitude, not just a select few] – dialogue and cointelligence — we have been sermonized near to death [by men of good intentions, but caught in the grasp of the hierarchal error] !! – God’s brethren, the ekklesia, are NOT passive spectators but active participants – let us start with our own households, then the common household of God, and then the fragmented household of man; a reciprocal sharing, a community of the *gift*, the FAMILY !! — the work of God is active, living faith, the preaching and the witness — the love of God in action speaks volumes, and touches hearts and minds in the full power of God; we are to share freely and openly what God has freely shared with us; this is God’s storehouse !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-20

We understand, each of us, *together* with Christ all things taught [God provides the understanding; we are not just to accept another's teaching, another's understanding, even if presented in the Spirit; we must *share in*, with Christ, the understanding and application; we must prove all things, search the scriptures daily]; it is our *relationship* with God that enables us to understand and apply His truth – fellow-laborers with us provide insight, teaching, guidance and example, but it is *with* Christ that we understand, all of us, together !! — free Christianity [free and open community] means we are free to accept the responsibility that comes with being a member of God’s Family; it is spiritual liberty, the unencumbered, self-sufficient environment that is necessary for the Kingdom of God.

The application of God’s Word is the *power* of God; the COG is NOT applying God’s Word [worshipping in SPIRIT and TRUTH] – how we stand in *relation* to our fellow man [and his society] as his future judge [1 Cor 6:2, the saints shall judge the world, the angels] is paramount [we cannot partake of another's sin, or be the cause or occasion of the same] or our role as judge [the judgment to LIFE] is negated !! – the COG systemic must be *of God* NOT of man; we are under judgement NOW [under the same terms as those in the future]; how can we mete out judgement when we are *complicit* in the very sins being judged ?? – THIS AWARENESS MUST TRANSCEND ALL ELSE, AT THIS TIME, IN THE COG !! — Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, *my* people, that *ye be not partakers* of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have *reached unto heaven* [the hierarchal Tower of Babel; the State/COG Inc.], and God hath remembered her iniquities — the “nature of the beast” is directing the COG, NOT the nature of God !! – the *image of the beast*, the hierarchal systemic [business; the corporate as means/instrumentality] has to be ** REJECTED IN TOTAL **, the absolute disestablishment [of the SAGE/Beast construct] *begins* at the House of God !!

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