Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Must Choose A New Understanding

The Healing Work

** PROVE THE FACT, DEMONSTRATE THE SOLUTION = CHRISTIAN-ITY ** = Acts 4:32-35, of one heart, of one soul, had all things common [COMMUNITY OF GOD] = GREAT POWER OF WITNESS and GREAT GRACE UPON THEM ALL = ADORNING [to put in order; *prepare*] THE DOCTRINE OF GOD !! - PREPARING AND PREPARED FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, worthy [becometh] of the Gospel !! -- the "real" world is NOT the "unreal" existence of this present world, the real world is the reality of Christ in-the-here-and-now, and His Kingdom, soon to be established [physically and spiritually] as was originally intended -- corporate money = destruction, the wasting of all it comes into contact with !! - consumers are agents of "consumption" [a wasting away; a disease].

The concept of the Sabbath, the willingness to observe as "community day" [fellowship], a focus [consciousness of God], a "day of relationship(s)", a "day of healing", it is FAMILY DAY where we experience the UNMIXED Word of God [pure agape love; God-ing] and "re-tool" ourselves, where we re-educate and re-define ourselves, according to God's education and definitions, and Christ is our *only* educator and example [pattern and measure] !! - WE MUST HEAR AND DO THE *HOLY* "CHARACTER OF GOD" [the 10C] !! - WE MUST BE *AS* GOD IN THIS WORLD [G2889 kosmos], in it, yet unspotted, NOT complicit in its instrumentality and its crimes; we must be considered a new creation, a new birth of righteousness [our being and doing], in a systemic of evil: WE SHALL SIT AS *JUDGES* [condemning the evil and overcoming it, purging it with mercy and truth], WE SHALL BE SAVIORS TO HUMANITY, WE SHALL HEAL THEM WITH CHRIST !! - if we are *as* God now, then we shall *be* God-Family when Christ returns with our Salvation, a salvation to be shared; that is the "healing" work that is before Christ and His Bride !!

Freedom From God Is Enslavement To Satan

Most who feel guilt abandon themselves, this is a tragedy; guilt and grief consume us; God has forgiven us, and we must do the same; we must abandon the guilt, not ourselves !! - let go of the guilt, the darkness within, consider God, love yourself [our perception(s) must change] - don't give yourself to another's claim of authority out of "fear" of God and guilt of sin; God wants you to claim yourself [God gives you, you !!] - we connect to and with God only in agape love - we have to give ourselves permission to heal; sorrow, pain is not a connection to a loved one lost, or a loss of oneself [healing is not dishonoring; it is not losing one's connection to the one lost]; love *is* the connection; HEALING is SALVATION, a healing path !! - God's standards, expectations, are NOT unrealistic, man's are !! - living in pain is NOT justified, we have choices; we have the power to be miserable, to carry a heavy burden for the rest of our lives, or not; judgment is liberation, NOT a sentence to confinement [a wounded spirit martyr; a prison of our own minds, of our own making]; the answer to the question posed, do the inner evils of our own mind relinquish our choice, is NO !! - we must do the best we can with what we have; our ** conduct ** is primary, righteousness is our right conduct, in full consciousness with each other, and with God !! - relationship, companionship changes who we are; we cheat ourselves and each other with our selfishness; unrighteousness is resisting God, doing what is right in our own eyes, using our own limited standards, seeking freedom from the will and rule of God [defining God using our own definitions (we fear God because we fear our definition, our application), not realizing freedom from God is enslavement to Satan (the very definition we fear)]; living life fully is the promise *of* God, of His Family - we must *choose* a new relationship, a new understanding [the 10C]; God is waiting for us; living life fully is a reciprocal relationship, our common table !! -- [multiple sources, including therapist Dr. Phil McGraw, on guilt]


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