Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mankind's Thin Veneer Of Humanity

God is an influence in the world and is influenced *by* the world ... the God "agency"; how we construct our identity(-ies) [I approve of myself ??] - *prosecution* by war is an illegal act !! - a "War On Terror" by use of a War *of* Terror is criminal; this is not disarmament of Iraq/Afghanistan, this is the dismemberment by the corporate; one tyrant replaced by another: former "benefactors" claiming the OIL PRIZE and geo-political position !! -- WAR INDUCED HUMAN COSTS HAVE TO BE BORNE BY ALL, INCLUDING THE *GUILT* !! -- the "corporate war" has continued long after the initial military fighting ended: MONEY LOVES WAR !! - engendering continued conflict, the taking from the "peace" to pay/reward those who made/make war possible is INSANITY: "WEAPONIZING BRUTALITY" IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, NOT SOMETHING TO PROFIT FROM !! - many victimized people have-and-will-be abandoned to ensure corporate success, maintenance, and reconstruction - THE RECONSTRUCTION OF HUMANITY MUST BE OUR PRIORITY, *OUR* HUMANITY !! -- WE MUST GRIEVE OUR RESORTING TO VIOLENCE !!

God's SWORD [SacredWORD] is NOT the "knife-edge of extinction" !! - mankind's thin veneer of humanity is easily cut/ripped, and many enter and/or are pushed through !! - appreciation/gratitude is necessary for, and an aspect of, a deeper level of awareness, but requires a form of faith in the giver, and identification with the gift: WAR IS NOT THE GIFT OF PEACE [a "peace" to conduct business is NOT the Peace of God] !! - PEACE IS NOT A BUSINESS TERM; PEACE IS A GOD TERM [can only be defined in terms of God (Agape Love)] !! - a peace imposed and then enforced is NOT "peace" !! - the introduction of war [by those complicit] under the guise [pretext] of humanitarian intervention vs. brutality, in support of benefactor claim, is of itself the "same" brutality [as previously supported] -- Business is sedation of God-consciousness [we are asleep to LIFE, to a "true" Life (God *is* Truth)]; MAMMON CONSIDERED AS SAVIOR !! -- WAR IS A TESTAMENT TO OUR *FAILURE* AS HUMAN-"BEINGS", OF OUR HUMANITY !!


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