Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Rightful Inheritance

God and His Church is not [imposed] containment; God is openness to others [freedom, communion, relationship], strength, *equitable roles*, a *full sharing* of what God has shared with us, a sharing of God's presence and His [blessings] gifts, including healing -- a fear of intrusion does not, and should not, intrude upon God's welcome [the fear should not exist, overriding the Spirit; the result is actualization of intrusion in the guise of protection (by those who assume power) for/against those called (the Elect), and God's guests (those being led); it leads to self-fulfillment; a barrier even against God; reined in, curbed] -- the WAY, the 10C, the signs of God are *life-signs* [indications of true life; liberty]; if God is withheld, the body will wither and die -- we are warned in the Bible to beware, to give heed, to keep watch against vain deceit, and even to mark and avoid the teachings of certain people who insist on creating division, but there is nowhere a command for total exclusion of any within God's community -- total exclusion applies to the world's systemic; God's warriors seek that from which others flee, there is NO fear of anything [God is with us]; we confront society -- the politics of exclusion within the Christian community is of man NOT God !! - it is CONTENTION against God's community; the truth of God must overwhelm the falsehoods !!

"... by His stripes are ye healed," God has promised to heal us of our iniquities, our spiritual sins, as well as, our physical sins - illness of spirit and body were healed by Christ's sacrifice, the penalty has been borne and paid - Christ was beaten, whipped, His flesh torn away [fig. His pound of flesh] by the system - a right way of life will restore us, *heal* us, a way of righteousness, equity - we must claim our rightful inheritance with *all* its benefits !! -- suffering is pain coupled with despair, hopelessness - pain [physical; psychological] takes on an alter-ego, a separate personality that determines what we do, that impacts our lives; chronic pain is almost a third person, a possession, a being possessed - we must allow God to change the circumstances through faith and the application of knowledge [wisdom; the power of God] in the physical and spiritual - God will get to the cause(s), the root of the problem and will exorcise it !! - the incapacity caused by the pain, the suffering, gives way to a new capacity [the ability to contain, absorb, or receive and hold; ability; power; qualification] from God; the *quality of being*, the capability, the potentiality of God's Family opens to us, as God's *gift* !!

It is God's *presence* that brings the healing, our relationship with Him; the absence of God, by our choice, allows the deterioration [our daily lives, the application of God's word, the social Gospel] !! -- the world, the pride of life, is worshipping Satan [he has the world and its glory to give]; living within the false, the world's ways, is NOT worshipping God in truth !! -- SIN involves man's *relationship* to his Maker -- worship is the acknowledging of God in *all* His ways IN *all* our ways, we become one with God [*one presence*], His will, His way of life, becomes ours [the application of intelligent design] -- God provides the *healing* that is necessary, by OUR presence !!

The Church of God community: a *relationship* with God among men, an example, a *working* witness [a living witness] -- the corporate [by a recognition of their form, influence and effect] has to be rejected, including their products, their money and means - there is no such thing as ethical funds; shareholders [claiming the *divine right* of capital] are opposed to equity, they claim profit for perpetuity as right, they are slave-holders in effect, with a claim on the rights and labor of workers, with no real input whatever; it is ** wealth discrimination ** and opposed to the Kingdom of God -- the choice is either for the hard right or the easy wrong -- the price for freedom was Christ's sacrifice - we must be *stewards* NOT consumers [including the COG, hearers only; the Gospel as product is NOT doing the Gospel (doers of the word); a hierarchical form-structure is NOT a *ministry of the brethren*, good stewards of the Spirit of God] -- the want, the need of belief [most are just trying to heal the hurt; the emotion] must be paired with knowledge, intelligence, and active faith, joined as *wisdom*, the application of God's Word, the *power* of God !!


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