Monday, July 5, 2010

We Must Come To Know Whom We Represent

We are a "product" of the environment we surround ourselves with; corporate media environment = perception deception !! -- we are here to change the world, not to be changed *again* by it, or did we really attempt to change [conscientious objection; withdrawal] ?? -- Jesus the Christ is King, MAJESTIC in *all* things !! - most Christ-ians [those who hold, carry (take) Christ's Name, the Anointed] are tarnishing the Majesty of Christ; we are spotted, polluted by this world [we have taken God's name in vain; we are worshipping in vain]; we are grieving the Spirit of God, and weakening and destroying the spirit of nature [anima mundi; the planetary soul] - we must strive for, attain and maintain a ** GOD-LEVEL RELATIONSHIP ** [being and doing] in-and-with *all* things !! - we must reject "the claim" of-and-by ourselves and others !! - the "pomp" of society, the "private ownership of the means of production" must become "common-wealth" of the community(-ies) !! - a genuine, organic/natural existence [AT-ONE-MENT] vs. the artificially contrived, corporate existence; GOD IS LIFE !! -- our "denominated" selfishness [monetary and sect] must cease, or we will; OUR SYSTEMIC-MURDER WILL MURDER US [the wicked taken in their own evil; THOU SHALT NOT MURDER] !!

"Reason" has become repressive vs. Isa 1:18 "Come now, let us reason together, saith the LORD" ... domination and vested-interest induce error and sin [ignorance of God] -- vested value-judgements [philosophical system; value/ethic systemic; creed] or value-free(-dom); what is our definition of "value" ?? [WE LIVE OUR VALUES]; TRUE VALUE IS OF GOD, pure "agape" value: selfless activity, experience, knowing and sharing [our God-ing]: ** REACHING BEYOND SELF-VALUE ** - the Arm of God, applying God, His presence !! - the Mind of God enables us to see through and beyond the [SAGE] systemic !! - systemic security is dependent on belief, trust, dependence and/or threat; remove these and undermine/collapse the systemic; the firewall of selfishness, the imposed identity, must be breached - information-war, knowledge conflict: multiple launch points vs. God's Word; corporate media, the template of consciousness; security control: selfishness as right, reward ["to cash in"].

Our Systemic Is Self-Defining

Fundamentalism is God "politicized" - the path is not prepared for the traveller, the traveller is prepared for the path ... -self-satisfaction, casual brutality, senseless violence: our systemic is self-defining -- a Christ "philosophy" [the love of wisdom] of life vs. a business dogma [to think; settled opinion]/creed [systemic belief], advocating the unholy trinity of "me, myself and I", taking for yourself first -- systemic ordination is NOT the ordination of God; God is NOT dogma and/or creed; the Body of Christ is living and fluid: ECCLESIAN LIVING WATERS in the service of God vs. interpretations in service of the systemic -- all men and women represent God, whether they know it or not [made in the image and likeness "of" God]; WE MUST COME TO *KNOW* WHOM WE REPRESENT !! - when we represent ourself(-selves) we sin, we take; representing God is our gifting of agape love !! - sin is a lack of knowledge, an ignorance of God !! - REPRESENTATION OF GOD, no other corporate agency or person.


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