Friday, July 2, 2010

The Cracked Idol, The Crumbling Pedestal

The US/UK Media/Gov claim all the results of war [combatant death, injury, "collateral damage", humanitarian crisis, etc., the use of force] was the result of the [evil] Iraqi and Taliban Regimes and now the result of fundamentalist/radical Islamic dogma/terrorism, its resistance to the "liberation", its continued misuse of its own people - US/UK "managing expectations" [media] of their populations; a long, brutal war made possible with denied responsibility for the chain-of-events set in motion; US/UK PEACE-HUMANITARIAN MASK covering mass murder for corporate claim !! - THE "GOD OF FORCES" HONORED: the corporate "phallick": kneeling down to power/pleasure, the instrumentation, mouthing it/worshipping it, RECEIVING FROM IT, IN LUST, THE SEED OF LIFE ITSELF [COG "woman" sexual adultery, harlotry; spiritual sodomy (the Corporate physically; spiritually, the COG Inc., Ministry)] !! - the media "myth-making" propaganda, the "shallow" politics(-ians), the brutality of corporate war, should be OUR AWAKENING [an entering into consciousness] !! - (re)turning to self [a defiance of God and/or in defiance of God] is a lessening [gratification substitution; self-masturbation; ego; right of claim; empty(-ing) self-lust] - sexual connotation(s) permeate our consumer society(-ies) [recognized and used in the Bible]; systemic psychological imprint/lock, definition(s) [the phallicy (fallibility: leading to error; "deceived" in judgement by *self*)] - GOD *IS* "A REACHING BEYOND THE SELF" *IN* AGAPE LOVE !! [vs. our self-fulfillment; a God-level mate-ing: seeking fulfillment in/with another, a *becoming* with someone else (ONE-FLESH: I AM WHAT I WILL BECOME)]; God will transform our mind [transforming: metamorphosic (changing the form, our form of being)] !!

CLAIM WITHOUT COMPLICITY is a contradiction; the very "claim" makes one complicit !! -- a running, flowing, dialogue with self and God [a reasoning together] is so very important, and must be shared !! - the SAVING GRACE of God, our God-ing, must be kept and shared [God's environment]; AGAPE COMMUNITY: OUR COMPLICITY IN EVIL RECOGNIZED AND REPENTED OF, *ALL* CLAIM REJECTED !! -- our metaphoric comprehension of God, or lack thereof, by our everyday existence/symbolism is so very important to realize: ** GOD IS FAMILY, PURE AGAPE LOVE ** !! - similitude and metaphor (similitude reduced to a single word) is understood by all; the Bible is literal *and* metaphoric, one does NOT negate the other: literal expresses the physical, metaphor expresses the spiritual, though not exclusively - Biblical "literal metaphor" use/misuse [ie., OT conflicts, the Divine Sanction taken/used].

The "appointment" of privilege and its attitudes; the lack of credibility, brain-dead perception; corporate puppeteers clearly seen; shallow, scripted politics(-ians): the CRACKED IDOL, the CRUMBLING PEDESTAL !! - 9-11 horror/tragedy *used* as excuse, yet underlying complicity denied, "innocence" claimed !! - "BLIND" TRUST is no longer prevalent: people are better informed, yet, the emotive identity [nationalism] remains - MOST ARE STILL HALF-SIGHTED AND DEPENDENT !! -- wealth built by greed is actually debt owed by others: WAR INCURES MASSIVE DEBT, GENERATING MASSIVE MONETARY WEALTH [human debt/cost negated] !! - the corporate victimization of the Iraqi/Afghan people *and* the US/UK population and military will continue: ALL OF HUMANITY IS BEING VICTIMIZED !! - the continued use of religious symbolism [as words of war], "we pray that God receives and blesses those killed [US/Mil]" ... White House/Media "spinning" God into a web of deception, a covering of lies !! - GOD RELEASES US FROM ALL CLAIM WHEN WE *REJECT* ALL CLAIM [of-and-by ourselves and others], especially/specifically "monetary" claim: FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS ... !!


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