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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 11

The Number Nine:

This correlates to the Planet Uranus, the color of white, the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, the eleventh house, and the letters I, & R. -- SPATIAL - Uranus/Saturn

The Number Nine- Uniqueness and Sudden Changes, Freedom, Light, Spirit and Life.

Think about yourself. You are a unique person. No one else is exactly like you. Twins may come close but even twins have unique fingerprints. Each human being is a unique person. Our world tries to unify us and make us all vanilla but each of us has a purpose, a mission and something to commit to for the good or ill of society. We all have special talents and different abilities. (Birthday number and planets making sextiles and trines with each other, the ruler of the second house or planets in that house or any Stellums in sign or house.) Think about how different the world would be if Columbus hadn’t existed or Einstein, Edison, the Wright brothers or in our time Bill Gates. Now these are all unique people and special to the world but each of us is special to someone else. We all have families or belong to a family. We all impact someone. Even if we didn’t have a friend in the world we still are special and unique to God our Father Elohim . He sent his son Jesus Christ to give us all the gift of a resurrection. We will all live again someday. This is not as reincarnated beings but as us. Mediate on these thoughts whenever you get down or in the dumps. We all have our off days or weeks, or months or even years. We don’t need to have an off lifetime.

In Numerology nine represents the ending or completion of something. It is similar to the number 7 and Virgo. In Astrology the planet Uranus has to do with sudden changes and new beginnings. Often those sudden changes force new beginnings on us. Sometimes we loose our jobs by getting fired or we get a divorce. None of these things are good in and of themselves. We would all rather avoid them. In understanding the planet Uranus we need to understand the nature of its co-ruler Saturn. Remember Saturn is the planet of time. It is logical to note that getting fired or getting a divorce doesn’t happen overnight. To be fired one must be non productive over a period of time. To get a divorce two people had to be irritating each other for some time. Uranus does the work if we don’t do something about it first. In the job situation, the person should have recognized the burn out and done something proactive, like get a new job. In the marriage scenario the couple should have gone to counseling and really have taken the steps to work it out and make their marriage better. If people avoid the proactive steps to improvement then they can expect one day to be greeted by Uranus in an unpleasant manor. The number eleven (Pluto) follows on the heals of nine. It is the cycle and final endings number. Often it brings pain. After emerging from the whole process the person is hopefully smarter. This then prepares the person for a new cycle and the number one again. So how can endings be connected to beginnings? I believe that Uranus or the number 9 is both. Endings are usually connected to new beginnings. When something is complete and finished a new start is about to happen. When a person gets a degree and graduates and finishes college and thereby becomes complete, they are ready for a new challenge such entering the work world and getting a job. I believe endings go with new beginnings. That is why I do not see this as a contradiction of terms. I see both definitions working and adding to a larger view. In Astrology Uranus is about the future. Couldn’t it also have something to do with endings? Also in Numerology the number 9 has to do with endings. Doesn’t it also have something to do with the future and new beginnings too. Again I believe the answer is yes to both questions and both Astrology and Numerology can glean correct information from each other.

As a nine you are like Spock on Star Trek. You live for the future. You are logical and love science. You probably own the latest computer and you love the high tech world. You may even be an engineer. (If not you love all the new gadgets that they make). If you are not the scientist then you are the humanitarian and want to be involved in a cause that makes this world a better place for all to live in. You may relate to the statement “ I love humanity it is people I can’t stand.” Uranus is an air planet and as such you are probably more logical than emotional. You keep a distance between yourself and others. This may even be true of your own spouse and children. In your efforts to save the world you may neglect them. Try to keep this in perspective and realize those in your family are the most important people to you in this world. You know this but sometimes you get so caught up in a cause that you can neglect the one’s you love. You have the ability to influence and direct the masses. You are a visionary and can see way ahead of your time. You imagine a world where everyone gets along and there is no hating and killing. The people do not have to always get along. They just need to act civilized and not kill each other. Each life should be valued. You may not like someone but you respect them and understand there right to live. All are unique in your eyes. At least they should have the right to life, liberty and property. You are a lot like the number 1 in some ways. You both agree on the importance of being self-sufficient. You can be a loner if you have to. You have the tendency to judge yourself harshly so when people praise you it gives you the valuation you need to feel ok about yourself. You are happiest when you can be involved in projects that are for the good of society. Because you value all people you may have accumulated some strange friends. It is important that you learn discernment of people. If you do not, you may find yourself taken advantage of by some less evolved types. To be happy you need to be involved in some kind of a social cause. Yours is a life of service. One of your strengths is that you are not prejudiced. You may also be very creative and have a lot of artistic talents. You may enjoy music, art, and literature or be a movie star.

The positive nine - unique, individuality, humanitarian, futuristic, scientific, freedom, knowledge, light and life , service and completion.

The negative nine - bizarre, strange, rebellious, sexually perverted, stubborn, cruel, accident prone, nervous energy, and unfeeling.

The Planet Uranus- An Air Planet

Uranus is dignified in Aquarius and is detriment in Leo. I believe it is exalted in Sagittarius and has its fall in Gemini.

Let’s analyze this information. Aquarius is the sign of the scientist and the future. The sign of Aquarius is a lot like the number nine. Of all the signs Aquarius is a sign of conviction. A person may be so set on their cause that they disregard what others say. The number 9 can stand on its own if need be. Often this is the case, as people in general do not understand the Aquarius or number 9 personalities. Aquarius is the sign of individuality and uniqueness. It has its detriment in Leo because Leo needs an audience. Nothing kills a Leo faster than having the public hate his or her work. Aquarius could manage just as well without the screaming crowds, hence the detriment. It’s exaltation in Sagittarius and its fall in Gemini is my idea.

It should be known that all the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are relatively new. Astrologers do not all agree on the exaltations and falls of these planets yet. I have my own ideas that I have developed from my own models. I think they are correct but they may not be the exact truth. Let me explain my thoughts. Both the Planet of Uranus and the Planet of Jupiter have freedom in common. Jupiter is the planet of no boundaries and Uranus is like space itself. Both Planets influence large groups. Uranus is exalted in Sagittarius as Sagittarius is the sign of foreign travel and travel over large distances. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and Jupiter is about expansion and growth and success. It makes sense that true Freedom (Uranus) is achieved only after a person has become successful. Uranus has its fall in Gemini. Since Uranus feels comfortable in wide-open spaces (Sagittarius) it is obvious that it would not like a small closed neighborhood. It would need a bigger environment to feel comfortable, hence the fall in Gemini. In addition since Uranus is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius and Aquarius is about inventions, theory etc. It would not feel comfortable trying to learn the truth about details. (Mercury). This is because it has already graduated and knows the truth. It does not want to seek the truth. Mercury rules the number 7, which is the seeking the truth number. Uranus rules the sign Aquarius that has a key phrase “I know”. Mercury may be exalted in Aquarius but Uranus is not exalted in Gemini.

The Color White.

The color of white contains all the colors of the rainbow. White is therefore a color of wholeness or completeness. The color of white is similar to the sign of Aquarius. White is the color of purity. Just like the color white contains all the colors of the rainbow, nine people are highly skilled and have many talents. More often than not, they have a hard time deciding what they want to do, or what they need to focus on. They need to focus and reduce their options to their strongest skills. (By doing so they will become successful). Later they can continue to hone the other talents as well. Of all the numbers nines are best at integration. Combining everything they know into a whole. In Numerology 9 is the endings number. It can act like endings since it contains all the numbers but it is more like the number 1 and new beginnings. In Astrology the number 9 stands for the future and a person’s goals etc. Scorpio is the sign of death and taxes and the hidden. It is connected to things under the earth and all dark places. Aquarius is the color of white or light, and the purpose of light is to help us to see. The territory of death and the hidden is black. In order to make any sense of a dark environment we need a form of light. People who explore caves or work in them always bring a source of light so that they can see their way around while in the dark. The 8th house is a house of darkness. It symbolizes the unseen depths and the area in our lives where we combine our talents with those of others.. A form of light is needed for us to be changed or transformed. The sign of Aquarius has as its archetype the future. To understand the future we need to understand the past. Which of us can predict the events that will occur on any day? We may use Astrology and Numerology to understand these things however no person knows their exact future. We may see bits and pieces of it but we cannot predict every specific event. If we could we could all predict the exact prices of each stock traded on any given day. We could predict all the scores of sports teams. We could write the cover stories of each newspaper in advance for any given day. As mortals we cannot do this. We may get close and be able to predict the big picture, but none of us can predict every minor detail. The color of black is the absence of light. One of the meanings for Aquarius is “I know”. That is why many 9’s have a tendency to know a lot of information like their cousins who have the signs of Gemini and Libra. To know a lot can be good and bad. It is good to have knowledge of things if one remains open-minded.

But that same attribute can hurt us if we think we ”know it all” and do not listen to other viewpoints. As mortals our knowing is never perfect. We should remember that our knowing is darkness to God. He knows a great deal more than any of us do. When we experience a crisis we need to turn to him. When our whole world is shaken up and everything goes black we need to turn to him for the light. If we do this we will find the light. However for any light to shine and to be seen, it has to shine in the dark. Darkness is associated with the unknown and the unknown can be scary. Aquarius can also include the bizarre and the strange. On April 13, 2000 my Mom had a major stroke. It was sudden and took us all by surprise. She had to be operated on immediately. The stroke was so massive that it destroyed half of the right side of her brain. The doctors gave no promises. They proceeded with the operation. They thought it was successful but my mom went into a coma. Everything was bizarre and strange. The numbers 9 and 11 can be confusing as they often act a lot like each other. Since 9 contains all the numbers it can act like darkness and because 11 is a master number it can act like light. In most cases 9 has its truer vibration in light however 11 can go either way. In this way 11 can act just like a 9. A great example in the scriptures is the name of Jesus and Lucifer. The name Jesus added up is an 11. He was the light of the world. Yet to be so he had to die for all of us. Lucifer means light. He was an angel of light that turned evil. Lucifer added up equals 11 as well. After Lucifer fell he became known as Satan. In this way we can see how light can become darkness. In his fallen state Satan has no light. He lost whatever he once had. So if your sun sign is Scorpio you don’t always have to choose darkness. Another equally valid choice is light.

The sign of Aquarius and the water bearer.

In the Mazzaroth the water bearer represents Christ who after completing the atonement and the resurrection (Capricorn) offers living water to all mankind. Prior to Christ’s resurrection the gospel message was declared only to the Jewish people. Christ often mentioned this to his disciples. Latter he opened the way for all people (Aquarius) to be saved. Peter was shown a vision of all types of unclean animals. He was told to kill and eat. This took Peter by surprise but he was obedient. The vision was to show him that God desired all people to have the gospel. Later a man came to him who was a gentile and he was baptized into the church.

The stream of water represents emotional strength. This gift is given to the church members (the fish). Christ spoke of these living waters to a woman at a well in Samaria. In John 4:10 we read Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, `Give me a drink,' you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water." The Holy Ghost (fire) will witness to the truth of all things and lead people to the truth. (Aquarius) That is why the sign of Aquarius is before the sign of Pisces. (The church members) The Holy Ghost is also called the comforter and the spirit of God in the scriptures. In the physical world white light will disperse darkness. In the spiritual world the Holy Ghost disperses evil spirits. Christ explains this to the Jews. It is written in Mat 12:28 But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. Another scripture that shows our premortal lives were a reality is found in Mark 3:11 And whenever the unclean spirits beheld him, they fell down before him and cried out, "You are the Son of God.” How else could these spirits say this if they didn’t already recognize Christ as Jehovah from the Pre-earth life? These evil spirits have an advantage over us. They have not forgotten who they are or who we are. They do not have the veil pulled over their memory like we do. Because of this they know our weak spots. They use this knowledge to take advantage of us. They often use this knowledge in tempting us. Good and bad spirits do exist It is important that we do not invite the bad ones into our lives. If we do so we disperse the truth with lies. Just like darkness can dim light, unrepented evil deeds can disperse our light and our power for good. However a small amount of light, such as a candle, is best seen in total darkness. As the world becomes more evil it is important that good people do not give up. Even a small light from a candle gives off a lot of light. Just like a small candle our good deeds will be seen even more as the world grows darker. Christ did say he would come back to earth. He told the parable of the bridegroom coming at midnight. Midnight is pitch black. It will be a time when goodness will be at it’s weakest. Then the light of Christ will be most needed. Mat 25:5 As the bridegroom was delayed, they all slumbered and slept. But at midnight there was a cry, `Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him. Christ told a parable of letting our light shine. Luke 8:16 "No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, that those who enter may see the light. Brotherhood and peace will come (Aquarius) only after the people become one and consider each other as equals. Once that happens mankind will finally have obtained true light and knowledge and become whole. Also read about the number 11 for further info on the subject of light and darkness.

The Eleventh House

Traditional astrology has the 11th house as the house of goals because Uranus is it’s natural ruler and Aquarist is an air sign and all air signs relate to thinking or ideas. However I also understand the 11th house to stand for love received. The 5th shows love given. I understand the 11th house to represent the type of friends we have or hang around with. Through friendship we receive love as far as non-family is concerned. The type of friends we hang around influxes the type of social organizations we belong to Our different clubs etc .The sign on the 11th house cusp relates to the type of friends we surround our selves with. This is the house that depicts the social power a person receives after he or she has received a position of power in society. This is a fixed house so it often takes a revolution to take people or a group out of power once they obtain power.

The Letters I and R

The letters R or I will have a lot of nine characteristics.

These characteristics are similar to the actual water bearer symbol as well as the sign of Aquarius or the number 9. If you skipped ahead please read the description of A, J & S in the number 1 to understand how to use the letters in the alphabet.


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