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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 4

The Number Two:

This correlates to the Luminary or Planet Moon, the sign of Cancer, The color of silver, the fourth house, the Crab and The letters B, K, &T. -- INTRA-PERSONAL

The Number 2 - The Number of Nurturing and Motherhood and defense.

Look at the number 2. It appears to be pushed down. The number 2 is humble. It is not as arrogant as the one. It has learned to support others and it has strengths in nurturing and helping people bounce back. Because it has been humbled it knows how to help others. It has great empathy for other people’s feelings. As a two you are domestic, nurturing, and emotional. You have great insight into people and personalities.

You prefer to work with others in a supportive role rather than being alone. Your sensitivity can make you vulnerable to your emotions. You have a natural ability to protect those that you love. You have a natural gift with gardens, flowers and animals. You feel secure getting back to nature, and you love your personal home life. You are the ideal father or mother and you understand how to nurture all that you come in contact with. You must guard against having to have your way and ruling your home too strictly. You make an excellent teacher of children. You sometimes don’t always get the credit for the work you do. It is important that you do not become a doormat and let people who relate to stronger numbers run all over you. You enjoy being a support and helping others. You may have musical or artistic talents but they may be left undeveloped due to your desire to nurture the world. You often find yourself tending to the wants of others especially family and not tend to your own needs and wants. Remember that you too are a person and deserve some free time and growth time as well.

The positive 2 - humble, protection, nurturing, community, sympathy. adaptability, domestic, supportive, defense

The negative 2 - clingy, over emotional, unstable, hurtful, evil, fluctuating

The Moon - A Water Planet and the Sign of Cancer

One thing that is always constant is that the moon is always changing. The moon changes its sign every two and a half days. Our emotions change just about as often. One day we can be optimistic and the next we are moody and depressed. This is especially true whenever we loose our sense of security.

The Moon is dignified in the sign of Cancer & the number 2. It is in detriment in Capricorn. It is exalted in Taurus and it is in its fall in Scorpio. It is a very domestic number. Traditional numerology gets this number confused and mixed in with the number 6. If you remember the difference between the moon & the planet Venus some of the confusion should go away. (...) In the introduction of my site I mentioned that Sun sign is often over-emphasized in traditional Astrology. Now I am not going to say it is not important. I believe it shows a great deal about the inner person and how a person goes about expressing his or her self. But just as Numerology could be greatly improved if it’s students considered Sun sign, Astrology could be improved if it’s students knew something about a person’s birthday. A person’s birthday often shows a person's talents. The moon rules such things as emotions, infancy, instant responses, security and habits. One way to differentiate the moon sign from the Ascendant is to remember that Ascendant is more like Mars and the number 1 and deals with offense and new beginnings. The moon is more like the number 2 and deals with defense and old habits. They are not like each other. A lot of times you will find people who act more like their moon sign than their sun or rising sign. I think this happens when people are not fully developed. They are acting more out of a need for security and safety than a need for joy. Remember the sun sign shows us how we obtain joy in life.

In Astrology the first house is square or 90 degrees form the fourth house. Mars rules the first house and the moon the fourth. Cancer is a water sign, which translates into feelings and emotions. Both Aries and Cancer are cardinal and start things. The moon is also related to our needs and the way we express them .The moon has a lot to do with what drives us subconsciously. Hyrum Smith the inventor of the Franklin Day Planner and the author of the book (The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management) describes the 4 basic human needs as the need to live, the need to love and be loved, the need to feel important, and the need to experience variety. These needs according to his model are at the core of what motivates or drives people to behave in certain ways. I have learned that in addition to these four basic needs of all people, each individual’s basic needs can be analyzed, by substituting the moon sign. Noel Tyle in his many books show the needs of a given person at the center being driven by the “fuel ‘of the Sun sign. Since the moon reflects our habits. Many times we do not get beyond our comfort level. When doing compatibility Astrology, it is often a persons moon sign that is more indicative of a marriage relationship working. This is even more important than the Sun sign. The sun shows how a person grows and what they do for joy. The moon indicates actual basic needs. It is the difference between sugar and basic nutrition or protein. Sugar is the fuel in basic carbohydrates, which are burned for energy, but protein is used to make muscle. Both are needed, however people can go without carbohydrates for a while but protein is essential. In fact when people are starving, the body burns the protein and or the muscles just to survive if all the fats are gone. In this way people can go without fulfilling their sun sign and not enjoy life as much, but they cannot go without their moon sign over long periods of time. However just like the body, people function best using both. The moon is dignified in Cancer, which is another way of saying that the moon is the natural ruler of Cancer. The moon is in its detriment or lowest point in Capricorn. On our own earth cancer is the beginning of summer. It is warm and pleasant. This is the optimum time for new life to be born. In January or Capricorn it is the start of winter. Many animals hibernate. This is the worst time for new life to be born if it wants to survive. That is what is called detriment. The moon is exalted in Taurus so this means that energy that is like Taurus or nature or the number 8 go well with things of the moon or the number 2. If a person has a lot of new money then he or she will feel secure and nurtured. People with low self esteem, opposite of Taurus or the number 8, tend to be more jealous, envious, emotional, and have hatred. Essentially all the bad side of Scorpio or the number 11. This is called a planet in its fall. The moon is in its fall in Scorpio. Scorpio or the number 11 has a co-ruler of Mars. Mars or aggression and anger do not help a person feel secure or nurtured. Domestic people like to plant gardens and to cook, all areas ruled by the moon or the number two.

The Mazzaroth and the Crab - A crab is a creature that outgrows its shell each year, due to it’s own growth. When it grows it has to discard the old shell & look for a new one. In the same way we need to discard our old beliefs and the things that give us our security, as we grow older and mature. The crab stays consistent in looking for a shell each time. We do not need to change everything we believe we only need to add to the knowledge we already have and look for a model that will encompass all of our new knowledge. Then we need to ask God if it is right and when we learn from him it is or when we find the truth we feel secure and safe. In the Greek version the crab is replaced with the constellation Argo the ship. The story is about Jason and the Argonauts. Here Jason must go on a journey and secure the Golden Fleece. A dragon guards the fleece. Jason gets the fleece and returns home with it on the ship Argo. I believe the story has similarities to our pre earth life. Jason and his crewmembers leave home. We leave our Heavenly home. We all go on a journey to earth. Then we have to find the Golden Fleece. The fleece was a ram’s fleece. We have learned the ram represents the atonement or sacrifice of Christ. We each need to take upon ourself the atonement of Christ. In doing so we need to overcome the dragon or Satan if we are to obtain the fleece. Once we have it the dragon is re-awakened. Satan will always work on us. We have to constantly be on our guard. In getting back on the ship and going home we return back to our heavenly home. If we don’t return back we will regret it. In the story of Jason and the Argonauts, Jason is an Aries type personality. We all go on a journey to earth. It is often scary. None of us has ever been on earth before.

It is all-new to us. However just like Jason who has a lot of skills, each of us has learned skills in our pre-earth life. These skills we take with us. In the story Jason does not go alone but he goes as the captain of the ship and has shipmates. We are all each others ship mates. Each of us has different skills and abilities. The captain of the ship (Jason) represents Christ and he leads the way. Christ had to obtain the fleece as well. He had to lead a perfect life and follow his father’s rules.

The Color of Silver

Look up at the moon at night. What do you see? Something white with silver mixed in. The craters give the moon a silverish color. Silver represents a precious metal. In the olden days it was used for currency as silver coins. These were used on a day-to-day basis. The other metal used for currency was gold. Gold was used less often as it was worth more. Silver was chosen as the currency of choice for most daily transactions. Think of the metal mercury, which is used in our thermometers. It has a silver color. It is used to measure the fluctuation in temperature. The moon in a persons chart shows where a person experiences fluctuations in their life. The moon sign shows the persons emotional response to any given situation.

The fourth house and the Crab

The sign on the cusp of the fourth house rules the type of home life or early childhood experiences that a person has lived through. It shows what characteristics make a person feel most comfortable and secure at home. Any planets in this house will have reference to security and home life. This little bit of information would help all parents in nurturing their children better. This sign is even an indication of the type of home that the person may have in their adult life. It represents early and any home life situation. If for instance a person has Aquarius on the cusp of the fourth house he or she would like new computers and high tech gadgetry in the home. He or she may also like the old as well as the new. As the number 9 is similar to the sign of Aquarius and has to do with endings. I believe it is an ending that starts a new beginning. As we grow the fourth house shows the concept of personal power. The pattern, which shows how a person deals with all new beginnings, is found in the rising sign and any planets in the first house. Also the planet that is the ruler of the first house and the aspects it makes to any other planets. To be successful in life a person needs to be able to do three things. First they must learn people skills, second they need to learn about things and third they need to understand information. The first three houses in a persons chart show how we individually do this. The first house shows how we deal with people. (Aries) The second shows our relationship to things and assets. (Taurus) The third indicates information (Gemini). After combining these abilities a person develops a sense of self or personal power. The sign on the cusp of the fourth house shows how a person see’s himself or herself. The Ascendant shows how others see the individual. Opposite the Ascendant is the Descendant. It indicates how we see others or our relationships with others.. The tenth house indicates our social power, hence the career. It is how others see us in a position of power, if we receive it. Remember all the houses bellow the horizon. 1-6 represents areas of us as individuals. They have to do with the self or ego. Houses 7-12 all have to do with others. Libra is the start of this group. These houses are all above the horizon.

The crab is a sea creature, which protects its self with its shell. Outside is a hard shell but inside is soft flesh. People with a lot of cancer or the number two in their personality tend to be this way also. The following description is of the actual hermit crab reptile. The crab is a creature that is born in the ocean near the shore. It moves near the shore where it finds protection by finding a discarded shell. It then lives in this shell. Crabs like a shell with a tight fit. They hold onto it with their tails. They will fight to keep it and are known to even be torn apart in the attempt of holding on. Crabs by nature like other crabs. They are very social creatures. They like to climb and jump and will bury themselves in the sand if they feel scared. They can regenerate broken or lost claws, limbs and even eyes. Like snakes they shed their skins. Crabs like pleasant temperatures between 75-85 degrees not hotter or colder. They are nocturnal animals and prefer the nighttime to the day. They need to stay moist and keep a supply of water inside their shells. They do this so that they can breathe. Crabs shed their shells as they grow and need to find new homes. During this time they are vulnerable until they find a new shell. Crabs do not like confrontation but will fight for shells in order to live. Crabs will pinch if they are scared. It is unwise to try to shake them off, as they will only hold on tighter. If a crab pinches it can be eased off if pacified. Running warm water over the claws does this. Crabs are scavengers and will eat anything. They even eat sand and their own skins in order to recycle minerals and calcium. If hurt, crabs will bury themselves in sand become less active and begin the healing or regenerative process.

The letters B, K and T.

The letters B, K or T will have a lot of number two characteristics. These characteristics are similar to the actual crab creature as well as the cancer sun sign or the number 2. The letter K acts like the number eleven in addition to the number 2. This is similar to the sun sign Scorpio. The letter T is similar to the B. If you skipped ahead please read the description of A, J & S in the number 1 to understand how to use the letters in the alphabet.


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