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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 13

The Number Zero or Eternity:

This correlates to the Planet Neptune, the color of pink, the sign of Pisces, the double fish and the twelfth house. -- SPIRITUALITY - Neptune/Jupiter

The Number Zero or Eternity- The combined whole of Spirit, Light, Truth and Intuition

Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces means the universe as one. Neptune is like the flavor vanilla. It tries to make everything the same and equal. Venus rules Libra and Libra is the sign of equality. Remember its archetype is the scales and balance. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Therefore Pisces has a need for equality as well. People who have a lot of this energy tend to be very intuitive. It is as if they have a sixth sense. People who know a lot are close to being intuitive but intuition is a feminine trait. (We often hear of women’s intuition not men’s intuition.) Men can have it but they need to have the feminine energy. Uranus is an air planet and the element of air is masculine. It corresponds to the number 9. The 11th house is close to the end but it is not the final end. That is why 9 is the number of knowledge and endings but Pisces is the energy of Eternity or all things being one. Neptune can also represent nothing as in zero. Neptune is a water planet and water is a feminine element. In fact both fire and air are masculine elements or energy and earth and water are feminine. People who are intuitive feel almost everything around them. They do not want to harm any animal or creation because they feel as if it were connected to them some how. This constant bombardment of feeling so deeply often makes these people more tired than normal. Other people who do not have as much of this energy misinterpret this as laziness. The gift of intuition can sometimes feel like a curse in this world. Our modern world prizes logic and reason and scientific proof. These are qualities of Mercury and Uranus. The gift of intuition comes from Neptune and Jupiter. People cannot logically explain why they feel a certain way. They simply know it is truth and they then try to live it through their faith. It is important to separate the concept of Faith and belief. Faith is the concept of believing a true principle. Belief is just having a particular opinion. That opinion may be wrong. Since faith is built on a foundation of truth it is much stronger.

The first step in becoming successful is to learn if a concept or idea or a decision is correct and true. To do this a person needs to learn how to pray. Neptune rules the archetype of prayer. Through prayer a person can learn if something is true or not. The first step is to study the concept out in your mind. Then after doing this make your best decision. This you do after a lot of research and study. The third step is to ask God in prayer if it is true. Simply say I have studied this subject and I believe this and give your reasons why. Then simply ask is this right? If it is right or true, God will give you a calm and a peaceful feeling. You will feel warm inside (near your heart area) and it may be so strong as to feel as if you have goose bumps and you feel a shot of electricity run from the top of your head to your feet and down and up your whole spine. Similar to when you taste something sour like straight lemon juice concentrate. This is a confirmation from God that what you have prayed about is true. After you have experienced a confirmation of the truth you can exercise faith in it. It hasn’t materialized yet or come into being, so it is still faith not knowledge. If it is a false idea you will feel nothing and have a stupor of thought and you will forget what you were asking over time. The question will move to the back burner so to speak. I have learned that that is when you should ask God just the opposite of whatever your original question was. Often you will then feel the spirit. A question is either right or wrong. You have a 50-50 chance. Once you know the answer you then try to live by the knowledge and light that you have. Then you make a promise and a commitment to God that you will do what you were praying about. Then you must endure until you accomplish your goal. It will always be hard to move out of your comfort zone and accomplish your goal.

In this process the energies of the planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter Neptune and Saturn are at work. Mercury is when you study and learn the subject. Jupiter is coming to an opinion; Neptune is praying to know if it is correct. The Sun is living by what you know and Saturn is committing and working and enduring and never giving up on your commitment or goal despite any obstacles you may encounter. This is the mountain that you climb. You can do this because you have faith and not just belief. You know that God will back you up and this helps you to have courage (Mars) in the mists of adversity. If you skip the Neptune (prayer part) you will never have a confirmation of the truth through the spirit and then your opinion can be swayed as soon as the first major obstacle comes up. If you think success is only dependant on hard work only. you are wrong. An example of this is mining for gold. You can dig and work all you want but if you are digging in a mountain, which has no gold ore, you will find no gold despite all your hard work. Prayer helps you to find the mountain with gold ore inside. If you just use prayer you may find the mountain but without hard work and commitment you will never get to the ore because you do not dig and work hard enough. Both are needed. This formula works because it is based on truth. Truth is knowledge of the present the past and the future. Only God knows the future so it is vital that we involve him. Topics like Astrology can get you in the ballpark but often the nature of man is to forget God once a skill is acquired. This is why Christ often admonished his followers to remain as little children. Little children always rely on their parents. In this same way we should always rely on God. That is why I believe that any form of telling the future can be bad and lead a person into the darkness and away from the light if it is used improperly. Going to a person who does Tarot cards or Astrology or Numerology to find out a question can be very harmful if these steps are not followed. Satan knows this and therefore uses these mediums, to hurt rather than to help people. God does not require us to understand complex subjects such as Astrology to learn the truth. He only requires a willing heart and mind and obedience. Try this formula out and you will experience it working in your life.

The positive Neptune - 0 or eternity. spiritual, whole, intuitive, kind, balanced, charitable

The negative Neptune - depressed, suicidal, death, addiction, drugs, alcohol

The Planet Neptune- A Water Planet and the color of pink.

Neptune is dignified in Pisces and has its detriment in Virgo. I believe it is exalted in Leo and has its fall in Aquarius. Pisces is the sign of no boundaries. Neptune is the planet of the spirit. The spirit has no boundaries. So this seems to fit. Virgo is the sign of reality. Pisces can be non-reality. The bad side of this sign can be craziness or loss of reality. Neptune is exalted in Leo. Another word to describe the planet Neptune is glamour and beauty. Neptune is the higher vibration of the planet Venus. Leo is the sign of the ego or self. It makes sense that Glamour or looking nice feels comfortable with an audience (Leo). Neptune (music) is exalted in performing (Leo).

Neptune (alcohol) exalted in feeling happy and childlike romance etc. (Leo). Neptune has its fall in Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius shows our uniqueness and individuality. Neptune is about sameness or oneness; therefore it does not feel comfortable in trying to be unique, hence the fall.

The color of pink is similar to the sign of Pisces. Pink is often considered a feminine color. It is the color for little girl’s toys and fantasy. Of all the numbers Zero or Eternity (Neptune) is the best at integration. Combining everything they know into a whole. In Astrology the sign Aquarius and the number 9 stands for the future. Scorpio is the sign of death and taxes and the hidden. It is connected to things under the earth and all dark places. Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces is associated with the invisible and dreams and all that is mystical. One of the purposes of light (the number 9) is to help us to see. The territory of death and the hidden is black. In order to make any sense of a dark environment we need a form of light. People who explore caves or work in them always bring a source of light so that they can see their way around while in the dark. The 8th house is a house of darkness. It symbolizes the unseen depths and the area in our lives when we combine our resources with those of others. A form of light is needed for us to be changed or transformed.

The sign of Aquarius has as its archetype the future. To understand the future we need to understand the past. Which of us can predict the events that will occur on any day? We may use Astrology and Numerology to understand these things however no person knows their exact future. We may see bits and pieces of it but we cannot predict every specific event. If we could we could all predict the exact prices of each stock traded on any given day? We could predict all the scores of sports teams. We could write the cover stories of each newspaper in advance for any given day. As mortals we cannot do this. We may get close and be able to predict the big picture, but none of us can predict every minor detail. That is why we need to pray. Only God knows the future and we need to be connected to him. Prayer helps us to stay connected. It is how we become one with the universe. A person I admired a lot once said that spirituality is mastery over self and the ability to commune with the infinite. The color of black is the absence of light. (Scorpio) One of the traditional meanings for Aquarius is “I know”. Many 9’s have a tendency to know a lot of information like their cousins who have the signs of Gemini and Libra. To know a lot can be good and bad. It is good to have knowledge of things if one remains open-minded. But that same attribute can hurt us if we think we ”know it all” and do not listen to other viewpoints. As mortals our knowing is never perfect. We should remember that our knowing is darkness to God. He knows a great deal more than any of us do. When we experience a crisis we need to turn to him. When our whole world is shaken up and everything goes black we need to turn to him for the light. If we do this we will find the light. However for any light to shine and to be seen, it has to shine in the dark. Darkness is associated with the unknown and the unknown can be scary. But we need to be brave as we demonstrate the light that we posses by choosing the right and making the correct choices in our lives. Uranus the planet of white combined with our self or our choice or our agency (Mars) or the color of red equals pink.

As a zero or eternity, you want to explore the spiritual side of your life. You are a leader of all that is spiritual. In addition to this you are very intuitive and you feel how others feel. Empathy is a strong trait of yours. No creature is insignificant. You have a strong desire to take care of the word. Subjects like conservation appeal to you. You may even be involved in groups and causes that protect the environment and various forms of animal life etc. As a zero or eternity you are a very balanced person. Venus is exalted in Pisces. The down side is that it may confuse you and you will need to choose some areas to focus on. Hopefully this web site will be or was of some help to you. You are very emotional and aware of your spiritual surroundings. You sense, feel and see things that others do not sense see or feel. You have a direct line to heaven and are often psychic or clairvoyant. You posses a sixth sense as it were. You have the ability to see the end from the beginning. All things have meaning and connectivity to you. You understand the philosophy of the American Indian and how all things and life are related or connected. You have a direct channel to the infinite. Ideas come to your mind that may not be fulfilled until future years go by. You may even have forgotten the inspiration but then something occurs and you remember that you knew it would happen. Now it has.

As a child I knew my father would die at the age of 65. I knew this at age 12. It did not happen until I was 33 years old. During the interval I forgot about it. But when my father was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 64. I knew his end was near. My memory had been re awoken. Everyone else was positive and said he would beat it but I knew otherwise. I didn’t want to dampen everyone’s spirits so I kept it to myself. On Nov 2 1989 he passed away at the age of 65. I have the Planet Neptune conjunct my Ascendant. You are a channel for higher vibrations and as such you need to ground yourself in the reality of life. Otherwise it may be hard for you to distinguish the dream world (pink make believe world) from the real world. You are different from most people and even at a young age you felt this way. You were shyer than the other kids your age. You tended to project people and events years into the future. You have an ability to see the future, bits and pieces of it at times. You have to live with this by yourself. It would be hard for you to explain a future event to someone. They wouldn’t believe you anyway. Besides you know ignorance is bliss. Why burden that person with that information now. When the time gets closer you can tell them what you have always known. You are hesitant and are vulnerable even now as an adult and this makes you careful about the type of friends you choose. You like your privacy and some people think you are too much of a loaner. At times you are disorderly and can be in a fantasy future land. (A time that has not taken place yet, but you see it. Then you are transported back in time to the present.) You know something yet you can’t talk about it. People would think that you were crazy if you did. Your reasoning is both logical and practical and intuitive. Your inspiration comes in waves one after another. You make a lot of your decisions based on your gut reaction and feelings also. You want to tell people to trust you but you know you can’t. As a human being you are also logical and so you use this side of you, as well as your feelings, when you deal with others or talk about making decisions or solving problems.

The sign of the double fish.

The sign of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish are drinking out of the stream of water that the water bearer has poured out. The two fish, shows the need to make a choice. It can also show how finding the truth (Jupiter) can be confusing and hard. The vapors of darkness and temptations of Satan are like mists of darkness and smoke. (Pisces). In order to get through this a person needs to hold on strongly to a rod of some sort. (A power of strength.) This is symbolized as the word of God. (Mercury) which has a lot to do with writing etc. The sign of Pisces has an affinity to sacrifice. A person will gain their greatest growth if they sacrifice and commit to a given cause. The bad side of the sign of Pisces is when a person is two- faced or a hypocrite. Christ was not tolerant of the hypocrites of his day. Christian’s in Christ’s time were often martyred for the truth. If you read ahead please read the number 5 ,9 and 11 for more info on these numbers and colors.

The Twelfth house

This house is named the house of self-undoing. It is interesting to me that the house, which is naturally ruled by Neptune, receives such bad descriptions. The sign on the cusp of the 12th house and its corresponding ruler shows information about person’s weaknesses. If this is not paid attention to it can lead to a person’s undoing. Of course Saturn shows where we get slowed down. See the section on the number 4. I have found that Neptune and the sign of Pisces can show negative characteristics as well. It depends on other parts of the chart. The twelfth house also shows what we take with us from the life before this one. So it can represent strengths too. Often our strengths can turn to weaknesses if we don’t watch ourselves or if we get too proud. To find the area of life that is painful to a person at any given time look for which house transiting Pluto falls into. This will always show up as an area of intensity and almost force a person to have to deal with it.

I do not believe that aspects (degrees of planets from each other) shows any form of strengths or weaknesses other than the stellum or conjunction. All the other main aspects, sextiles and trines and squares and oppositions do not show strengths or weaknesses but rather the ease in the flow of energy. Sextiles and trines show ease of flow and squares and oppositions show difficulty in the flow of the energies. This doesn’t mean a person has a talent or no talent, just that the energy flows easily on the trines. For example it has been found that more people who are in prison have more trine aspects than squares. That makes sense as it shows the energy to be bad, flows easily. The choice to be good or bad is up to each individual, as all numbers have their good and bad sides. A person cannot look at a chart and decide or forecast or predict how a person will use that energy. This I believe is a big error, which is being made in much Astrology today. It may be true for events but it is simply not true for people. The flow of energy or how it is integrated can be seen in a chart. A person with squares or oppositions will have trouble integrating the energies. Squares are like grinding gears; Oppositions often are issues involving other people. Sextiles show opportunities and trines show ease of flow. Conjunctions show energies that are connected or glued or fused or welded together.

I suppose that light or truth is a hard concept to categorize. Unless something is 100 percent true then it is false or darkness in Gods eyes. You or I, may be happy with 85-90 percent accuracy but God is not. The 12th house is also the house of large institutions etc. I suppose government fits this description as well. I don’t get into Karma that much, I believe that the concept of past or former lives where we lived as other people is false. I only believe in a pre-earth life existence where we once lived as spirits. This I cover in other parts of this web site. See the introduction and the number 1 if you have skipped ahead to this page. As far as karma is concerned I do believe that what you give out you also get back sooner or later. So this house contains a lot of that type of Karma as well. Clinton has Libra on his 12th house cusp. Libra rules Venus and relationships. His undoing as a president was his affairs at the White House. Our Present President has his sun in the 12th house so he may like to stay behind the scenes. He has a private side to himself. This works with his sun in cancer. Sun in cancer likes security. He also has an assertive side to his personality with Mars in his first house. I hope this site has helped you in some way with your spiritual quest.


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