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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 1

Welcome to Astrology and Numerology
Learn the true meaning of numbers, planets, signs and colors.
Find your life path and determine the timing of events in your life.
Updated May 26 2005
by Alden Beaman
[with some comments and NUMERIC INTELLIGENCE added]

Why another web site on Numbers and Planets?

This site (no longer online) takes the best information from Astrology and marries it to Numerology. Knowledge is power. This site is full of wisdom. With it you will improve your relationships with others, which will have a direct correlation with how much money you will make over your lifetime. You will learn how to size people up quickly and accurately and improve your social skills. I gained this knowledge through the school of hard knocks. I wanted to share my knowledge with others so that they do not make as many mistakes in theses areas as I have. I also wanted to correct the errors found in traditional Numerology and Astrology. First I would like to say that much of the things taught in Astrology are true. I am grateful for the countless number of people who have helped preserve this knowledge in the world. I am also grateful for the Numerologists and for their knowledge as well. Over the years I have fine-tuned these two subjects and have found some areas in need of improvement. I hope that the readers of this site will allow me to explain where the errors are, as well as to suggest some ways for improvement.

I have found that Numerology calculates the Life Path number wrong, and Astrology puts too much of an emphasis on the Sun sign when interpreting peoples personalities. I have found that signs are accurate for events but not always people. To understand personalities I look for trends. I also use the rule of three. Simply put I look for situations that give the same interpretation at least three different times or ways. I have found that the house that holds the persons sun is a stronger indicator of personality than the sign. If a person has their sun in the fourth house they will act more like a cancer. If they have their sun in the 9th house they will act more like a Sagittarius. These have been my observations. I also look for what house the planet Mars is in. I also look for the aspects that the planets make to each other. However I emphasize the Sun, Moon and Ascendant or Rising Sign. Now before you label me a radical rebel I ask that you have an open mind and don’t leave the site in anger just yet. The fact that you are reading a New Age site should help you to have an open mind. You know that you’re closed minded traditional friends would never be caught dead reading such a site. Maybe you are that traditionalist and just looked up this site due to curiosity. I ask that you have an open mind too. If you do I promise you will learn much. Now I want you to listen to a little story about my life and how I as a Christian have learned to accept and incorporate some of those “radical New Age beliefs” into my own life. Maybe you are not a Christian and believe in another Philosophy or God; I ask that you have an open mind as well.

I have always been fascinated with numbers. When I was a kid I always wondered why the earth was flooded for 40 days & 40 nights. Why 40? Why not 39 or 20 or some other number? Like most people I dropped the subject when the answers didn’t come quickly. I went to school and got a respectable degree in business. Around the age of 38 I started questioning if I wanted to work in business for the rest of my life. I started to read about different types of jobs. As I was investigating some subjects on history religion and philosophy, my brother sent me a strange book. It’s message was that early language and letters doubled as numbers. These numbers all had meanings. I then got some books on Numerology. At first I was skeptical and thought it was all hogwash. Then I started to test it out. I decided to test it out on the name of the first man on earth. I analyzed the name Adam. It came out 10/1. According to the Bible. Adam was the fist person on earth, bear with me on this and don’t leave because you believe we evolved from algae. Eve came out 14/5 the number of life or living. I started to take it a bit more serious and studied the subject in greater detail. After doing so I started to share my new found knowledge with some friends. To make a long story short I found out that not everything was correct. My friends found some holes in the way some critical numbers were calculated. Shaken but not defeated I looked for where the errors were. I by nature like to be conservative and traditional but if information is wrong I am the kind of person who wants to make it right.

That in a nutshell is what this web site is all about. It is the result of a study that took over seven years and encompasses hundreds of books. If you have always felt that there was some truth behind Numerology or Astrology but couldn’t agree with it all, this site is for you. Maybe you’re a pure rational logical type and don’t believe in the psychic. Albert Einstein studied Astrology and gained from it. Many other modern and older scientists studied these subjects. In its pages I will explain in detail the true meaning behind the numbers and the planets. I will also explain such topics as pre-earth life (Mormon Doctrine (-BCM)), which has been labeled by New Ager’s as reincarnation and give the true meaning behind such subjects. What started out as a curious look at a subject has blossomed into a site that encompasses History, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, and Meta-Physics. My journey encompasses information from the beginning of time till the present. It embraces the philosophies of modern day personality and career studies such as Myers Briggs, and Holland Codes as well. I promise you one thing; you will look at life much differently after reading its pages. This site has taken several years to publish. I wanted to make sure it was accurate before I had it published. I knew it would have the potential to change lives and I wanted it to be accurate, as I knew people would be making decisions that would affect their lives. This site is written as an intermittent or advanced level on the subjects of Astrology & Numerology. If you are a beginner, you should read it but you will also need some beginner’s sites or books as well to understand the basic terminology. I will gear it toward a new reader but I will not explain in detail all the terminology. I will be pointing out where the errors are and where the traditionalists are correct. I wish you the best on your journey as you read this site and as you apply the principles contained in it.

Life Path

The main reason I wanted to write this web site is because of this issue. I believe that Numerologists in not considering a persons sun sign number comes up with a wrong life path number. After inventing my method of processing the life path I wanted to see if it worked. I simply substituted the energy of the sun sign for the month. I took very important peoples dates of birth and determined the dates and years when important times were to happen in their lives. I then researched their lives through bibliographies to see if history recorded any major events occurring at the pivotal years. I found to my delight that the history of the events did in fact correspond to the projected dates. It is one thing to have a theory but I wanted that theory to match reality. If it did then more weight could be given to the projected dates that are to occur in our own lives. It is important to calculate the correct life path as that not only points the person in the right direction but it also has a direct impact on the timing and the type of pinnacles and challenges a person can expect to have. I believe that one reason people do not use present day numerology is because it calculates the wrong info. People loose faith in it because it does not match reality. I have calculated the correct data with many important people but to save space I will report on the lives of just nine people. [not presented here -MMmeta] These span the years from 1706 to 1955. Lets look at the birthdates of these people and see if we could have foretold some important dates and explain the high points and challenges these people faced. Then lets see if history backs this up. The first thing to do is to know how to calculate a person’s sun sign month. I will list the sun signs and the proper numbers that correspond to each one. To be the most accurate a person should run a chart and see what degree and sign he or she was born under. Sun signs can change from year to year but in general they follow the following pattern. (If your birthrate is near a cut off date then you should check to see what your actual sun sign is.) In general the dates are as follows: If you were born from -

March 21st to April 19th = Aries ..... = 1 = Mars
April 20th to May 20th . = Taurus .... = 8 = Venus
May 21st to June 21st .. = Gemini .... = 7 = Mercury
June 22nd to July 23rd . = Cancer .... = 2 = Moon
July 23rd to Aug 22nd .. = Leo ....... = 3 = Sun
Aug 23rd to Sept 22nd .. = Virgo ..... = 7 = Mercury
Sept 23rd to Oct 22nd .. = Libra ..... = 6 = Venus
Oct 23rd to Nov 21st ... = Scorpio ... = 11 = Pluto
Nov 22nd to Dec 21st ... = Sagittarius = 5 = Jupiter
Dec 22nd to Jan 19th ... = Capricorn . = 4 = Saturn
Jan 20th to Feb 18th ... = Aquarius .. = 9 = Uranus
Feb 19th to March 20th . = Pisces .... = 5,0 = Neptune

The following information is explanations or delineations of what any given pinnacle or challenge number would mean for you.


The 1 Pinnacle

The influence of the number 1 pinnacle is a drive for independence; the desire to express one's individuality using original ideals; leading and directing others, attaining achievements and being recognized for them.

First Pinnacle...1

With a number 1 first pinnacle, most of your youth was probably spent learning how to use original ideas, how to lead, how to rely on yourself without being egotistical, stubborn, self-centered or dominating. This is a period to learn leadership and it may not product the opportunities you would like. It is primarily a learning time.

Second/Third Pinnacle...1

With the second pinnacle and the third pinnacle providing number 1 energies a degree of aggressiveness becomes apparent in your demeanor. Your ability to get ahead and develop your talents is limited only by your own initiative. Your achievements are likely to very apparent to the public and a sense of independence allows you to assume a leadership role

Fourth Pinnacle...1

With the number 1 energies imposing itself on the latter stages of your life, any desire to retire or slow down will be unfulfilled. Challenges and changes will mark this part of your life. Responsibilities and accomplishments will be based on the ability to lead, direct, and express your own individuality and original ideas.

The 2 Pinnacle

You are apt to be a very sensitive person during this pinnacle, even if sensitivity is not indicated in your basic makeup. The 2 shows patience and attention to detail. The general influence of the number 2 pinnacle is that of responsibilities, which may cause feeling of restrictions. There is a close accord with home, family, children, and those in your environment for whom you feel responsible.

First Pinnacle...2

Since this pinnacle is experienced early in your life, it may tend to make you an over-sensitive child, and you may be easily hurt or offended. You may experience early difficulties with expression, both verbal and emotional. Your mother is apt to be the stronger influence in your life throughout this period. As a young person you are likely to find much duty and responsibility related to home and family. There may be strong feelings of limitations because of these pressures. It is a period for you to attend to the demands made on you for family and close friends rather than self. Often, the two pinnacle suggests a person who is under the close dictates of a parent or of some authority figure.

Second/Third Pinnacle...2

The work you do may be very detailed and demanding during this period.

Fourth Pinnacle...2

As a last pinnacle, the 2 brings home the rewards and pleasures of family, security, and a close circle of friends. You are likely to find yourself giving back some of the nurturing and attention that you received in the early part of your life and you will find it necessary to control a tendency toward sensitivity.

The 3 Pinnacle

The general effect of the number 3 pinnacle is one of light, enjoyable activities. Travel, social activities, friends, and entertainment are much a part of your life during this pinnacle. You nature is more affectionate and outgoing. Personal expression is developed, particularly verbal expression. Any latent artistic or creative talents are apt to exposed now. Life seems to flow toward you during a 3 pinnacle, thoughts are of the present, not so much the future nor the past. Being with people and having fun is essential. Attitudes are youthful; easy come, easy go. Variety in work and play is likely. Money is not a concern so long as you can get by. Thinking, using your imagination, dreaming, these are all a large part of this period.

First Pinnacle...3

This is a difficult number to handle on the first pinnacle, for while there may be many opportunities to develop artistic or creative potential, you may not recognize them or be willing to work as hard as may be required for the development of these opportunities. There is a tendency to scatter energies and work on the wrong ideas. You may be too busy having fun to worry about the future.

2nd and 3rd Pinnacle...3

With the number 3 directing activities of the second or third pinnacle, responsibilities and accomplishments will be greatly dependent on social demeanor and general influence. This pinnacle may bring about opportunity for writing, speaking, interior designing, or some form of participation in the entertainment arts. Imagination and feelings are stimulated.

4th Pinnacle...3

There is a good possibility of much travel, social activity and entertainment. This transit usually promises freedom from financial worry in the later years. While there is a tendency to drift in relative comfort, this is a time when you can be at your creative best.

The 4 Pinnacle

The general influence of the number 4 pinnacle is that of a practical, realistic approach to life. This pinnacle demands a higher degree of order, system and organization. You tend to adopt a very conscientious and dependable response. Hard work and determined effort mark your attitude now. It seems as though you have an emotional need for work and truly thrive on it.

First Pinnacle...4

With the 4 influence in your first pinnacle, this can be a demanding period in with you are required to work due to economic circumstances, or in which you are a highly motivated person in your pursuit of education. In either event, you may not be so active in normal youthful activities because of your work schedule.

2nd or 3rd Pinnacle...4

With the number 4 second or third pinnacle, your ability to get ahead and achieve will no doubt be directly associated with your ability to out work the competition. Sometimes, this pinnacle brings a sense of economic limitation. This is likely to be a period of building and steady growth.

4th Pinnacle...4

With the number 4 fourth pinnacle, any desire to retire or slow down is not likely to be fulfilled. You are not the type to relax and enjoy leisure activities. It is important to work and feel the sense of accomplishment. In some unfortunate cases, economic conditions retard the ability to retire and enjoy life.

The 5 Pinnacle

The general influence of the number 5 pinnacle is that of freedom and a lessening of responsibility. The tendency toward change, sudden and unexpected, may enter you life during these years. You may tend to develop more variety in your friends, you work duties, and in your outside interests. You will probably be adventurous and inclined to travel. Your financial circumstances, like everything else in this cycle, can change rapidly, both up and down.

First Pinnacle...5

This can be a difficult first pinnacle because it is hard to find the stability to establish yourself and build a suitable foundation for latter life. You are likely to experience moves that require you change schools and friends. As a first pinnacle, the 5 has you living by your own set of rules, even if you are raised in a tradition family. You are more resourceful that others your age, but you may also tend to get into more trouble. Impulsiveness and a craving for independence are both strong in your nature during this period.

2nd or 3rd Pinnacle...5

With the number 5 pinnacle coming in mid-life, your ability to progress and achieve in may be linked to your ability to function comfortably in a fluctuating environment. Your ability to adapt is very critical. The sense of freedom that you have now is very significant. The caution here is not to burn too many bridges because of your urge for freedom, travel, and adventure. You may need that job (or family) later on.

Fourth Pinnacle...5

With the fourth pinnacle showing 5, any desire to retire or slow down is not likely to be fulfilled. Change and variety will continue to keep your occupied and busy. If you are adaptable, this can be a very interesting time in your life. In most cases, a final pinnacle of 5 means freedom from financial or domestic worries.

The 6 Pinnacle

You are tactful and cooperative, and willing to work with relatively little recognition. The general emphasis of the number 6 pinnacle is that of friendliness, cooperation and harmony. You are apt to be involved in service work. The 6 vibrations have a very balancing effect on circumstances during this period. You are apt to receive many opportunities to serve and help others; teaching, counseling, and promoting harmony and diplomacy.

The first Pinnacle...6

Ill-advised marriages at an early age sometimes occur.

2nd/3rd Pinnacle...6

Your accomplishments during this productive period of your life will greatly depend on your abilities to work with other people, promote harmony, and show patience and a willingness to wait for credit due based on your contributions.

Forth Pinnacle...6

This latter part of your life should be harmonious whether you are retired or continue to work. The key to fulfillment will be patience, tact, and cooperation.

The 7 Pinnacle

The general influence of the number 7 pinnacle is that of learning, investigating, and gaining skills. The number 7 is a somewhat introverted number and you will tend to be more of a loner while the pinnacle is in effect than you will be in other times of your life. You will be more comfortable working alone, and while marriage is not out of the question during this time, it will take a good bit of effort. You are apt to need periods of isolation to develop inner resources. This time will be especially marked by your lack of interest in material matters and little concern with practical affairs. This lack of concern can result in some financial shortages, limited material benefits, or possibly physical handicaps.

The First Pinnacle...7

With the number 7 first pinnacle, your circle of friends will not be large. You are a serious student, motivated to learn by inner yearnings. Your youth may be a difficult and confusing time.

2nd/3rd Pinnacle...7

Unless you are involved in some sort of research or possibly religious or philosophical endeavors, your progress during this pinnacle will be painfully slow. Your accomplishments are simply not the type that bring financial benefits as desired or expected. The benefits of this pinnacle are much deeper and internal.

Fourth Pinnacle...7

With a number 7 fourth pinnacle, your later years will be a quiet time when you will be chiefly involved with the development and refinement of your inner being. This is a time for study, development, and thinking about life in philosophical ways. During this period it may not be easy for you to find individuals with whom you truly feel comfortable unless your spouse has similar attitudes. Be patient for people will come to you for what you know.

The 8 Pinnacle

The general influence of the number 8 pinnacle is that of business and commercial activity. There is a good deal of status orientation, success, and recognition associated with this number, and your financial circumstances and personal status are apt to changing during this period, with improvements likely to occur. The tone of the period is more on the pragmatic side, stressing organizational and management abilities. Emotions tend not to be a motivating factor.

First Pinnacle...8

With the first pinnacle featuring the influence of the number 8, you may become involved in business or commercial activity at an early age and face some restriction on this account.

2nd/3rd Pinnacle...8

During this period of your life you are apt to become very deeply involved with being a executive (or perhaps being married to one). You will begin to rely more on rational feelings and less on emotional impulses. You are more ambitious and success oriented.

Fourth Pinnacle...8

With the number 8 fourth pinnacle, business and position will make retirement at the normal age unlikely. Circumstances in the later years may be an atmosphere of status and power.

The 9 Pinnacle

The general influence of the number 9 is that of humanitarianism. Irrespective of which pinnacle of the life is colored by this influence, the trend will be to feel and express greater concern for those who are weaker, poorer, and less fortunate than yourself. The 9 denotes a degree of selflessness not show in any other number. The attitude is more humanistic, philanthropic and emotional.

First Pinnacle...9

Selflessness is often difficult for a young person, so the tone of this influence may be but barely detectable. You may be the type of person who is a friend to those who have few friends, a protector to those who might be the favorites of bullies, and generally a helping person in whatever way you talent permits. As you mature in our modern society, you are apt to embrace humanitarian political views and ideals.

2nd or 3rd Pinnacle...9

With the number 9 energy apparent on the second or third pinnacle, you may at times express very emotional and dramatic humanitarian views and ideals and become a champion of the need for tolerance and compassion in the world. You may possess a universal view of the world, working in ways that will benefit mankind.

Fourth Pinnacle...9

With the fourth pinnacle showing the number 9, your work in the latter part of life will tend to be more philanthropic, allowing you to give much more of yourself, and if your financial circumstances permit, your assets, to causes that benefit mankind. Certainly, you have a more caring attitude now than in earlier times of your life.

The 11 Pinnacle

The number 11 is the first of the master numbers. The influence of this number is somewhat philosophic and illuminating. The 11 vibration has associations with spiritual and metaphysical studies and understanding. It has associations with the reformer, the philosopher, the welfare worker. With the number 11 energies influencing behavior in any stage of the life, there is a significant lessening of material goals and desires. In fact, thoughts may tend to stray a bit from the practical and the mundane, irrespective of the life path you may be following. A certain disassociation with mundane reality can cause problems with associates in the environment. Frequently, there is a heightened sense of nervous tension associated with this energy.

First Pinnacle...11

With the number 11 first pinnacle, you may identify with some of the foregoing, however, it is difficult for a young person to use the general influence productively. Thus, the background tone of this period is perhaps better communicated through use of the number 2 energies. Since this pinnacle is experienced early in your life, it may tend to make you an over-sensitive child, and you may be easily hurt or offended. You may experience early difficulties with expression, both verbal and emotional. Your mother is apt to be the stronger influence in your life throughout this period. As a young person you are likely to find much duty and responsibility related to home and family. There may be strong feelings of limitations because of these pressures. It is a period for you to attend to the demands made on you for family and close friends rather than self. Often, the two pinnacle suggests a person who is under the close dictates of a parent or of some authority figure.

2nd/3rd Pinnacle...11

With the 11 pinnacle occurring in the second or third stage of your life, you may take on much the same implications as the 2 pinnacles, however, responsibilities and accomplishments of significance will contain the tone of the inspirational nature of this number.

Fourth Pinnacle...11

With the 11 pinnacle occurring in the fourth stage of your life, your responsibilities and accomplishments of significance will contain the tone of the inspirational nature of this number, and it is probable that your work later in life or your retirement years will carry this influence.

The 22 Pinnacle

The general influence of the 22 pinnacle is one that many people cannot readily attain. This is the larger of the master numbers and the connotation of 22 is that of master builder. It inclines toward large-scale endeavors in business or government. It denotes vast influence and power. Both of the master numbers are highly idealistic, but the 22's expression of idealism is in obtaining practical goals and useful projects. At any stage of the life, the number 22 tends to create a significant degree of nervous tension in the individual.

First Pinnacle...22

Young persons, except in very rare instances, are unable to use the general influence of the 22 productively. Therefore, the background tone of this pinnacle is more in tune with the number 4. With the 4 influence in your first pinnacle, this can be a demanding period in with you are required to work due to economic circumstances, or in which you are a highly motivated person in your pursuit of education. In either event, you may not be so active in normal youthful activities because of your work schedule.

2nd/3rd Pinnacle...22

With the mid-life 22 pinnacle, many great things are possible. Much depends on the life's development and preparation up to now, and whether you possess the capacity to bring about such endeavors. If you have not received the opportunity for education and developed sufficiently to anticipate the responsibilities of the master number, it's likely that the reduced number 4 will better describe the tone of this period. With the number 4 second or third pinnacle, your ability to get ahead and achieve will no doubt be directly associated with your ability to out work the competition. Sometimes, this pinnacle brings a sense of economic limitation. This is likely to be a period of building and steady growth.

Fourth Pinnacle...22

If you have the capacity to achieve the statue of master builder forecast by this pinnacle, business endeavors with idealistic ends will likely preclude retirement.


Challenge 0

The obstacles of life during this period may not be many, or they may be coming from all directions. The challenge of the number 0 is called the challenge of choice. You are likely to have difficulty acting on your preferences. You are perfectly capable of analyzing a situation and realistically comparing possible solutions. The challenge of 0 may make this decision to requisite action very difficult for you. To overcome the challenge, it should be understood that you must have the faith in your own abilities to the extent that you can analyze, make a choice, then act with ease and comfort. This challenge is one that is normally found on in a highly evolved individual and an individual who can be expected to make your own decisions about life and know where the pitfalls lie. To meet the challenge of 0 you must have control of all of the numbers; the independence of 1, the responsibility of 2, the optimism of 3, the application of 4, the understanding of 5, the adjustment of 6, the wisdom of the 7, the constructive power of 8, the universal service of 9. In other words, to meet the challenge of 0 in your life, you must be a very gifted person.

Challenge 1

The challenge of the number 1 suggests that in these years, you are likely to feel dominated by others with strong influence, probably parents or others with whom you compete. The challenge of the number 1 is avoidance of being dominated, but doing so in a fashion that does not impose upon or dominate others. With the challenge of the number 1 it's extremely important to control the ego, and avoid the negative aspect of individuality. False pride, pomposity, egotism are issues to be guarded against now. You are now in a period of learning about self-reliance and how to solve your own problems independently. Learn to rely on your wit and your intelligence, avoiding argumentation and resentfulness.

Challenge 2

The challenge of the number 2 suggests you are likely to be extremely sensitive and more or less brimming with feeling. You find it hard to work with people because your are afraid of being criticized or, worse yet, ignored. You have a good deal of self-doubt and a definite lack of self confidence. There is a tendency to constantly worry about the opinion that others have of you. There is likewise a tendency to use this sensitivity in a negative way. Used more positively, your keen sensitivities can be a significant strength, allowing you to be acutely aware of so much of with others rarely perceive. But during this period it will be hard for you to assert yourself and make decisions. You will shy away from positions of authority and responsibility. This can be a time for accumulation of wisdom, as you show patience and pay close attention to detail. Try not to take things too personally. Friendships are a source of deep satisfaction to you during this time. Do not let details overwhelm you and keep you from seeing the big picture. Plan for slow growth rather than immediate gain.

Challenge 3

The challenge of the number 3 suggests a tendency to scatter talents and try to do too many things at once during this period of your life. You may have a fine imagination and a gift for words, but you find it hard to express yourself effectively. Though you know you should cultivate friends and be sociable, you tend to be somewhat reclusive and defensive. You may have a talent for writing, acting, or speaking, but you are reluctant to involve yourself with these sorts of activities because you do not like to face the prospects of criticism. You are expressing yourself with a negative emphasis, hiding your creative talents behind a wall of shyness. You must strive to develop yourself in a social and in a creative sense.

Challenge 4

The challenge of the number 4 suggests a difficulty with work. Either you simply don't like to work, don't like the work your are forced to do, or you have difficulty completing tasks and working efficiently. You may be careless and lack a sense of practicality. Often this challenge makes it hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to work and obligations. It is important for you to learn patience, understanding and the practical, common sense way of dealing with mundane responsibilities. You may also need to learn the importance of working within the parameters of a time schedule.

Challenge 5

The challenge of the number 5 suggests that your challenge is to overcome the desire and the demand for freedom at any price. This challenge number is very difficult to handle because, with it, you are apt to be extremely impulsive; you want to try everything at least once, and you are rather unstable in many ways. Change may be necessary for you, but it must be handled in an intelligent and controlled manner. Make certain that the desire for change is not associated with a desire to escape responsibility. In any event, this challenge requires that you learn as early as possible in life to control your impulses.

Challenge 6

The challenge of the number 6 suggests that you may have difficulties because of your insistence on extremely high standards. You are apt to appear authoritarian, intolerant, and a little self-righteous. It is hard for others to live up to your standards of expectation. Many of your considerable talents for balancing situations are used with a negative emphasis. Avoid creating friction in relationships and strive for harmony. You must learn that your diplomatic approach will only be appreciated if others feel that their needs are met, their desires understood, their point of view respected. You must learn to allow others to set their own pace, make their own rules. This challenge requires learning unconditional love and acceptance. Respect your ability to compromise and grow in a quiet way.

Challenge 7

The challenge of the number 7 suggests difficulties brought on by your discomfort with your own inner feelings; feelings of a reserved attitude and unexpressed emotions. You may feel unable to better your situation, or to change and improve circumstances. There is a tendency with this challenge to be a chronic critic and complainer, while offering little or nothing as a suggest to correct the faults that are found. The sense of discrimination is strong, but it is expressed in a very negative way. A sense of false pride tends to keep your real feelings buried beneath the surface. Avoid a tendency to approach people in a very reserved and aloof way, and develop faith in your own abilities rather than dwelling on your limitations. Marriage is apt to be delayed until this challenge is overcome, or if married, this can be a difficult time.

Challenge 8

The challenge of the number 8 suggests an early life assumption that satisfaction can only be gained and safeguarded by adequate material accumulation. There's likely to be considerable effort exerted to attain money, status, and power, sometimes to the exclusion of almost all else. The number 8 challenge indicates that you are/were using your concern with material matters with negative emphasis. You must learn to use your ability to gain money, status and power with a sense of proportion and an awareness of the relation of material affairs to other matters, and deal with the material world in a comfortable manner.

I have demonstrated a new and different method to calculate your life path and pinnacle and challenges. I believe this method is much more accurate than the old traditional way which is taught today. I hope you enjoy it and receive the same info whether you do a Numerology reading or an Astrology reading. With this method I believe you will. Good luck with your life from Alden Beaman.


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