Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 2

An overview:

One of the first errors I found in Numerology had to do with January being assigned to the number 1. According to traditional Numerology if a person was born in January that month was given the number 1 when figuring out a persons “Life Path”. This is because in our modern society January 1 is considered the first day of the New Year. However long ago the fist day of the year was during the Spring Equinox, on or around March 21st of each year, which corresponded to the sign of Aries. In Numerology Jan is 1, February is 2, March is 3, April is 4, May is 5, June is 6, July is 7, Aug is 8, Sept is 9, Oct is 10, Nov is 11, and Dec is 12. That seemed too easy, too simple. I didn’t know much about Astrology at the time but I knew that Aries was described just like they described the number 1. (Leader, first, pioneer etc.) Numerologist described the number 4 as foundation, structure, order, and conservative. That sounded a lot more like the sign of Capricorn than Aries. I also wondered how Numerologists who were also Astrologers could accept this on blind belief. Surly there were other people who understood this subject better than I did. The books I read never question this. Why? I noticed that every expert said the same thing. The information was only memorized and regurgitated on print without any pondering or thought or reflection. To me, giving January the numerical value of a 1 and April the value of a 4 was backward. It was like saying an apple was an orange and an orange was an apple. Or that day was night or night was day. I did remember from mathematics that equal meant the items had the same value. Numerology is based on the fact that each number has a different vibration. Pythagoras the Father of Mathematics & Numerology said that all life differed according to these vibrations. Now before you think I am totally crazy consider how science has discovered that white light split by a Prism makes a rainbow. These colors are different according to how much they differ in frequency, red light being at one end and Ultra Violet at the other. Frequency and Vibration are equal terms. Einstein’s theory of relativity differed from Newtonian Physics in that Einstein showed how light could act like a particle or a wave.

(Back to Numbers) In Numerology according to traditionalists, the most important number to figure out is your Life Path. This is made up of the Month, day and year of a person’s birth. According to Numerology a person born April 11, 1956 should have a life path of an 18/9. From the books and web sites I have read most Numerologist’s don’t agree with each other. Some say your life path is the lesson you are to learn in this life, others say it shows the level you have obtained through reincarnation. It is your report card or the grade the universe has given you. It represents your strengths. After much reflection and thought I believe it only shows us the direction we are to go in. It can be a strength or a weakness. But we are to travel that path or road. It may be that after a great deal of exposure and experience we will get better at it but still not be as good as someone who has strengths in that area. However for our purposes we will be better for it. Now I’m not suggesting that people have to choose a vocation based on this number. A vocation should always be chosen based on talents and abilities. When we are at work we have to compete and competition should be done according to our strengths. One thing I could not understand is how the Sun sign is ignored in Numerology. In Astrology this is the number one factor to consider, but in Numerology it is not even mentioned. In Numerology Life Path is the most important area to consider. I thought how could this be? These are both ways to understand the occult or the hidden so why are they so different from each other? Most Astrologers and Numerologists say, “That is the beauty of it.” The way I understand beauty is that it represents things that are harmonious and in balance not opposites. They give the same answers all the time. That is the one reason science has gained so much respect in our day and age. Simply because the formulas produce the same results. (A scientist in America gets the same answers as a scientist in China.) This is not the case in the new age studies. I hope this site helps this group of people become more one.

Now back to life path, I discovered a way to incorporate sun sign into Numerology. It is done in this manner. You simply substitute the following sun sign’s with their corresponding numbers. Aries is a 1, Taurus is an 8, Gemini is a 7, Cancer is a 2, Leo is a 3, Virgo is a 7, Libra is a 6, Scorpio is an 11, Sagittarius is a 5, Capricorn is a 4, Aquarius is a 9, and Pisces is a 5. I will explain how I got all this later but for now just use these numbers in the place of the month. If a person was born April 11 then he or she is an Aries, but a person born April 30th would be a Taurus. Consider Sun sign as an indication of a person’s hero or what makes him or her happy. It is what motivates and gives life to a person. To determine a person’s life path the Alden Beaman method, April 11 is considered Aries so April is given a numerical value of a 1. 11 is a master number so it is not reduced. The year 1956 adds up to 21/3 Adding all the numbers up 1+11+3=15/6. I would have a life path of a 6. Now a 6 is much more different than a 9. It is the essential difference between a Libra and an Aquarius. Now since both are air signs there are some similarities but any Astrologer worth his or her salt knows that Libra is different from Aquarius.One of the reasons I wanted to write this site was because I knew that Numerology had a lot to offer people but only if it was used correctly. If a confused person is told to go in the wrong direction, what good are the directions? If a spiritual guide says you’re here to experience a 9 path when in fact you are to experience a 6 what good is the guide or the direction or council given? I felt bad about people being led by blind guide’s. Another reason it is important to get the correct path number is because it is used in determining a persons pinnacles and challenges in life. When I analyzed famous peoples life path’s using traditional numerology the pinnacles and challenge numbers projected by traditional Numerology did not match their bibliographies. However when I used my method the history matched the projection to the year or within a year. I analyzed many different famous people some being Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Henry Ford and Bill Gates. All showed direct correlation. I will show this later in this site [not presented here -MMmeta]. For now I will stick with the numbers 1-11


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