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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 9

The Number Seven:

This correlates to the Planet Mercury, the Color of Yellow, the signs of Gemini and Virgo, the Twins and the Virgin, the Third and Sixth House, and the Letters G, P& Y. -- LANGUAGE/LINQUISTIC

The Number 7 - The Analytical mind, learning and Service number:

Look at the number 7. It looks like a key standing up. If you hold the top and use it as a handle it looks like a key. The key to what you may ask? The Key to the mind, perfection and truth. Traditional Numerology teaches that the 7 is the thinking number. I believe this is true. After learning and perfecting a trade a seven person wants to be of service to others. It is not good enough just to learn. Sevens want to put that learning into practical use.

As a seven you have strength in detail and analysis. You enjoy learning about science and mathematics or anything practical. You enjoy research, and facts. You like your privacy and need time for yourself where you can read a good book or research some topic. Though you like serving and helping others you are not the party type who enjoys a crowd. You may have been called introverted but you know that you are more energized by ideas and facts than with small talk and chitchat about the general. Discussing the weather is a bore to you if it is on a superficial level. You sometimes are amazed by the lack of knowledge of others and this can cause you to be critical of them if you are not careful. You may have been called a perfectionist. This is due to your desire for detail and depth of understanding. You approach your problems in an analytical and methodical kind of way and you do not stop until you have found an efficient and complete answer to your questions. The above describes the Virgo 7 more than the Gemini 7. As a Gemini 7 the above is correct however you may be more outgoing and social than the Virgo 7.

The positive seven - methodical, analytical, studious, meditative, reflective, serviceable, objective.

The negative seven - distant and aloof, superficial, perfectionist, critical, gossipy, flighty.

The Planet Mercury - An Air Planet.

The planet Mercury is dignified in Gemini and Virgo. It is detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces. In the sign of Virgo, Mercury represents reality. In Pisces (5) there is more unreality or imagination. The loss of ones mind etc. This doesn’t mean that Pisces people are mindless. Einstein, the smartest man of the twentieth century was a sun sign Pisces. I also believe that with the mutable signs the detriments are minimized. Remember these are the adaptable signs. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius and has its fall in Leo. Uranus has often been the planet that symbolizes the higher vibration of Mercury. Uranus is dignified in Aquarius so it is easy to see how Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. It has its fall in Leo, as Leo by nature likes an audience. As such it can be persuaded to do something to be popular. Leo also represents our ego. It is hard to communicate with others if our ego’s get in the way. In Aquarius the mind is individualistic and more future oriented. The mind feels more comfortable inventing useful things or ideas. It is also more objective in Aquarius.

Every sign has its good and bad qualities. No single sign is bad or good. It is important to live the positive side of all the numbers. That allows us to be intelligent. Intelligence is the proper use of knowledge. Intelligence and wisdom are synonymous. A person can have knowledge but have little intelligence. They may know the proper path but not follow it. Wisdom or Intelligence is better than knowledge. The people of our day are very knowledgeable but often unwise. Wisdom is the ability to learn from the past. The saying history repeats itself is true because people do not always learn from their past. When they do use a good model and learn from the past they are able to accomplish much. Mercury is connected to the concept of communication. The Planet Mercury is never to far from the Sun. This shows that as a man think-ith in his heart so is he. If a person has all the correct facts (Virgo) this aids in communication.

The color of yellow

Have you ever heard the song the primary colors? It goes something like this. The primary colors are 123 red, yellow and blue. Each has a message for me and you each has a meaning too. Red is for courage to do what is right, yellow is for service from morn until night. Yellow is the color of service. However before someone can serve that person needs to learn something. Only after gaining much knowledge and specializing in an area can one serve others. Yellow is the second color of the rainbow. It represents ideas and information. I once heard a statement that made a lot of sense. It showed a cause and effect relationship between certain ideas. I added the Planets later. It went like this Ideas or doctrine or what we learn (Mercury) influences what we believe, (Jupiter). What we believe influences what we need (Moon). What we need influence what we do (Mars) and what we do matters over time (Saturn). Ideas are at the beginning of this chain. Ideas then control our destinies. That is why it is important to fill the mind with positive and moral ideas. This is taught in the Old Testament. In Prov 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. Decisions need to be made using both logic and emotion. The heart often displays our feelings. One way I use colors is to ask people what their favorite color is. This is often a telling sign of their natures. This is done on a very subconscious level. The metal gold has a yellowish color.

The signs of Gemini and Virgo - the Twins and the Virgin.

Gemini is the air thinking side of the number seven. Virgo is the earth sensing reality side of the number seven. The sign of Gemini according to the Mazzaroth is the twins. What do the twins mean? Answer Identical or the same. Think back to the concept of the pre earth life. Before we came to earth God the Father had a council or a conference. All of his children attended. A plan was unfolded that showed how imperfect spirits and people could become perfect. To do so would require a Savior. There is a rule in heaven that nothing imperfect can live there. God knew that none of us could come home unless someone else atoned for our sins. It has to do with the law of Justice the number 4 verses Mercy the number 5, the law of love and peace at the center being the number 6. The sign of the twins represents our becoming exactly like or identical to Christ. He is our eldest brother. He was the first born of all of Elohim’s children. The other twin is each one of us. A plan was devised whereby each of us could become like Christ who was exactly like his father. A lot of Christians balk at the idea of becoming like God. Why? Is it not the wish of every good father and mother to want the best for their children? If we as imperfect beings want the best for our offspring, why would God who is perfect, desire anything less for us? This is what the twins mean.

Another clarification I should make is this. Most Christians, who believe in the Mazzaroth, believe that it starts in the sign of Virgo. Virgo represents the Virgin Mary giving birth to Christ. Virgo is their beginning. I do not go along with that. Aries is the beginning for me. Nature teaches me that lesson. That is why I know the Mazzorath should begin at Aries and not Virgo. April is the time of spring and new beginnings. Aries correlates to Jehovah as the first child of Elohim. All the signs from Aries to Leo depict Jehovah’s and our pre-earth life. Virgo through Pisces represents Jehovah’s and our life until we are resurrected, when all things will be made new in Aries again. It all follows in a chronological order. Some models follow the seasons, some the numbers and others the order of the planets themselves. In all three ways God is trying to teach us the lessons of the universe. God organized the Universe according to at least these three models. For now we will stick with the numbers. According to the Mazzaroth the sign of Virgo represented the Virgin Mary. The sign shows a woman holding a branch in her right hand and an ear of corn in her left. In Isaiah 11:1 the prophet Isaiah sees the Christ in vision. And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: The Rod coming forth out of Jesse signifies power and authority. In Egypt the pharaohs always held a staff or rod to signify their power. It was coming out of Jesse. Jesse was the Father of King David. Christ through Mary was descended through the lineage of King David. Christ would literally have been the King of Israel had the succession of kings continued. The Branch growing out of his roots also depicts Christ. The roots or family history means Jesse again and King David. The ear of corn in the left hand shows Christ as the seed of promise. It also shows how Christ had to die (the seed planted) for the (new life) resurrection to take place.

The 3rd and 6th houses

The third house relates to elementary school, local trips, brothers and sisters and the early community and to communication and early language.

This is also the house of ideas and information. It is the house of communication. Its natural ruler is Mercury and the logical portion of a persons mind. The type of information gathered and used is specific in nature. It is used for the express purpose to move the person forward. Often this is technical or specific procedures a person must follow. This is not the abstract form of information, which is more generalized in nature. That type of information belongs to the ninth house. It has more to do with the meaning of things and the number 5.

The 6th house is the house of everyday work activities and routine. It represents co-workers and the house of servants. In today’s world we are the servants, so it shows how we serve others on a daily basis. The planet Mercury is the natural ruler of this house. It is where we use repetition over and over. This is why it rules the third and sixth houses. The activities of these houses are both routine. Talking and communicating and going to school or work is something we just do. It becomes an area where we develop schedules and are very efficient at. It is an area that we excel in and specialize in. We become quite good at whatever we do because we do it often. This is also a house of personal crisis. After a person has done some work and this time, does not meet with success, the person experiences their own personal failure or crisis. It is a time of refection and analyzing what went wrong. Why the failure? As a person learns to overcome these personal failures he or she refines his or her abilities and capacities and improves. Overtime the person becomes more and more perfected and specialized. Any planet found in the sixth house or which rules the sixth house becomes more confident the more it is subjected to a routine.

The letters G, P & Y

The letters G, P or Y will have a lot of number seven characteristics.

These characteristics are similar to the twin and Virgin sign as well as the Sun sign of Gemini or Virgo, or the number 7. If you skipped ahead please read the description of A, J & S in the number 1 to understand how to use the letters in the alphabet.


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