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Alden Beaman: Astrology and Numerology 8

The Number Six:

This correlates to the Planet Venus, the color of green, the sign of Libra, the scales, the seventh house, and the letters F, O& X. -- MUSICAL

The Number Six - The partner and love number

As the partner and love number six has everything to do with harmony, balance, scales, and oneness. Think of peace and calm and beauty, the arts, the colors, anything that adds value and enjoyment to the senses. The number of the 6 looks like a pregnant woman. In astrology it represents close “one on one “partnerships. Marriage would be included as marriage is a partnership. It also represents a person’s hidden enemy or foe.

As a six you enjoy all that is artistic and beautiful. You are diplomatic and well mannered. You hate conflict and would love a world where everyone gets along with each other. You are romantic and love to receive gifts and to be fussed over. If you are a male this is still true, though toned down a bit. You probably have artistic talents or have a desire to develop them. You have faith in a higher power even if you only understand that power to be the concept of love it’s self. You are very sociable and love to entertain others. You make an excellent partner, as you tend to be balanced and non confrontational. Since you can see both sides to an issue you can be very diplomatic. At worst this ability may make you a little indecisive. You enjoy working with others in team or group efforts. You love worldly goods that are a cut above the average. You can tell value when you see it. You may have a musical talent or some artistic talent or talents. If you don’t you probably wish you had time to develop them. You may be so overwhelmed by all the projects that you are involved in that you do not develop these talents. Learn to take the lead and you will be unstoppable. You will then have both initiative and charm. Try not to feel over responsible for everything and everyone. This may occur because you are very idealistic. You dream a lot, especially of a better world. Remember that you are only responsible for yourself though you can help others. When you do help others remember to keep the proper balance and don’t interfere or get involved in areas that are not your business.

The positive six - balance, love, partner’s ambassador, artistic, diplomatic, charm, strategist, musical and idealist and faith

The negative six- enemy, confused, lost, unknown, stepped on, used, no initiative, weak.

The Planet Venus - An earth planet - the color of green.

Venus is dignified in Libra and has its detriment in Aries. It is exalted in Pisces and has its fall in Virgo.

Lets analyze how Venus is dignified in Libra. Venus is the social planet or the part of each of us that is socially oriented. The sign of Libra is the scales and shows balance. When we are sociable we tend to care about other people and try to find something we have in common with them. This shows our desire to strike a balance with the other person. Venus has its detriment in Aries. Improper anger (Aries) has no place in a social situation. Venus is exalted in Pisces and has its fall in Virgo. The social side of us cares about other people’s feelings (Pisces). Its fall in Virgo needs some explanation. Virgo is the sign of perfection. The negative side of Virgo is being too critical. When one is too nit picky (Virgo) one tends to dampen one’s social relationships. This is why we are to build each other up and not criticize each other and put each other down.

The Color of Green

Examine the season of spring, the air is warm the ground is warm. The new seeds are up and the grass is green. It is probably one of the most pleasant seasons as far as the weather is concerned. It is not too cold or too hot. It is just right. This is just like the color of green. When you see it you relax. It is the middle color of the colors in the rainbow. Green stands for balance. This color is created by combining the two primary colors of blue 8(Venus) and yellow 7(Mercury). Right away you can see the people skills with Venus being the natural ruler of the numbers 6 and 8. You can also see the intellect and logic as indicated by the color yellow. Mercury is the natural ruler of the number 7. A six person is a combination of intellect and social skills. Remember Libra is an air sign. It does not get as emotionally involved as the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. However because Venus is exalted in Pisces it cares about other people’s feelings so this can show up in a detached and intellectual manor or the person may actually be very emotional (Pisces.) Venus is a dual planet. It has two sides to it. It is the star of the morning as well as the evening. The planet Venus rules two signs both Libra (6) and Taurus (8). Six people often display a down to earth and practical side as indicative of the color of yellow and the sign of Virgo. Virgo has yellow, as it’s color as well as Gemini.

The sign of Libra, the scales, the seventh house

This is the first house of others. It shows how we see others and how we become partners with significant others. The sign on the cusp of the sixth house shows the characteristics we seek in the partners we make for ourselves as well as how we go about doing things with those partners. For example a person who has Aries on the cusp of their seventh house may seek leaders as partners or it could mean they persuse the person they date for a partner quickly. They may meet and propose in a relatively short time span. The sixth house corresponds to marriages and one on one partnership. In order to influence the out side world (houses seven through twelve) we need to know how to work with others. The way we work as partners, is shown by the sign on the seventh house and any planets in it.

In the Mazzaroth the sign of Libra is depicted as scales. These scales are not in balance however they tip to one side. The stars were created that way to show that mankind could never really ever repay Christ for the atonement, which he performed on their behalf. Our good works cannot save us. Even though we attempt to do good works we are all still saved by grace. Imagine that you are walking and you fall into a giant pit. The pit is so deep that you cannot get out of it on your own. You scream for help. After a while you see a person walking by. He stops and lowers a ladder into the pit. You are then instructed to climb out while this person holds the ladder. You are the one who has to climb out. You do so by taking one step at a time. You cannot wish yourself out, the person who offers you the ladder cannot magically lift you out. You are the only one who can climb out. That is similar to how the atonement works. We have to do the work (climb out); Christ is the person who hears our cry for help. He offers the ladder and steadies it. (The atonement). By working together you get out of the pit. (Death and hell) When you reach the top this stranger who stopped (Christ) will become your best friend.

Let me explain the atonement in another way. Lets say that you want to purchase a home. It costs more than you can afford. You really shouldn't even try as it is out of your price range. You do so because you do not want to settle for less. You could live in a cheaper home but you would not be as comfortable there. You think that with time the payments will be easier to make so you go to a creditor to get a loan. To your surprise you get it. In the beginning you are able to make the payments. You have to sacrifice but it is possible. You are very pleased with your purchase, life is good to you. As time passes a day comes when things don’t go as planed. You get severely sick. You are unable to work. You fall behind in your payments.

You feel bad and you try to fix things by getting a new loan but no one wants to take a chance on you now. They tell you that you are a bad risk. Then you hear news that makes your blood run cold. The bank wants to repossess your home. You are told to move out. You feel cheated in a way. You have been paying on this loan for eight years. Now that you are sick and down on your luck the bank says they want to repossess it. You go to the bank and speak with the president of the bank. You ask him for a restructuring of the loan. He says he can’t do that. You plead for mercy. With tears in your eyes you tell him your sad plight. He seems stone cold. He says you must give up the house. He needs his money, as this is a business. He has to pay his creditors too. He reminds you of the contract and tells you that when you signed it you agreed by your own choice to take on this obligation. The terms said if you did not make the payments the bank has the right to repossess the home. It did not belong to you, it was loaned to you. You did not own it, the bank did. You read the contract again. It was written with those words. You feel bad. You still feel someone should help. You ask the bank president how he can be so heartless. He says he would like to help but the law of justice will not let him. He says a contract is a contract. He reminds you that justice helped you get the loan in the first place. People who wanted to make a profit loaned the money to you. Now they have to protect their investment. The only way they can do so is resell your home to another creditor. The bank president says the contract stated he has the right to call the loan and to repossess your home and even some of the equity that you have built up. He says because he has a heart he will sell the house and any extra equity can be yours. (Saturn is exalted in Libra.) He tells you that that is the best he can do for you. Mercy cannot rob justice. Because this was a 30-year loan you realize that there will not be that much equity. Most of the payments paid went toward interest and only a small amount paid off the principle. The house appreciated some but not a whole lot. You think to yourself that you beloved in justice when it was on your side but now that it has turned against you it seems heartless. You realize there is nothing you can do and by all rules of justice this bank president is showing as much mercy as justice will allow. At least you will get some money from the sale. It will let you live somewhere. It’s better than being thrown out in the streets. You resign to yourself this is all you can expect. Life can be harsh. (Saturn).

You pray silently to Heaven. Asking and hoping that there will be some profit on the sale of your home. You begin to realize that there can be little profit on foreclosed property. In reality you may not get any profit. You begin to worry; being homeless is a strong reality. You pray for some kind of help. You plead for just enough money not to be homeless. Your big beautiful mansion is out of the question now; you only hope to get enough money to rent a small room somewhere. Then a rich man taps you on the shoulder. He says he has heard of your situation and he would like to help. He says he admired the fact that you had a good track record and paid your bills on time for eight years. He wants to have mercy on you. He will pay off your loan and be your new bank president. At first you can’t believe it. Why would he do that? There is nothing in it for him. As a business move it looks stupid. You cannot pay much of anything for your monthly payments. It will be a while before you get better and are able to be responsible again. However because you want your house so much you agree that he can help. You go back with him and he talks to the bank president on your behalf. He tells the bank president that he will be paying the loan off in full. He reminds the bank president that if he gets his money he can expect no more. Justice will have been served. He says it is a way that he can show mercy to the mortgagee as well as justice to the owner. Both can be happy. He is rich and is in a position to help. He enjoys helping others. Money does not motivate him but service does. After paying off the bank president he looks at you. He says I cannot just give you the house for free. You still have to earn it. However because I’m not just in this for money I can help. As your new bank president, I will work with you. At first you will not be able to pay much but with time you will get stronger and you will be able to pay the mortgage. Latter you will be in even better financial shape. You will need to pay more. I am asking that you pay ten percent of your income. If you make nothing you do not need to pay anything. Surly you can pay me ten percent to keep your home. You are amazed at what little he asks of you. He also gives you some guidelines that will help you become healthier He says they are called commandments. You agree to do your best to keep them. He lets you know you must be sincere. You cannot just take advantage of him. He tells you that if you get sick again he will still help you. He is always there to take up the slack. However you have to sincerely try at all times. Not being sincere and doing what you are capable of will make the contract null and void. He will then have no choice but to put you in prison. After many years of paying off your debt in prison you will be taken out but you will only get an apartment to rent. He tells you not to play games with him even though the terms are easy. Do not be tempted to lie to him or to cheat him. He is not a fool. You agree readily to make payments to him as your new bank president.

Lets interoperate this story. The mansion is your Celestial body and home in the Celestial Kingdom. It is really out of your price range and ability to pay for. Gods rules say you must be perfect to live there, no unclean thing can dwell there. That is a hard rule to have to live by. The first bank president is God the Father Elohim. The first eight years are your childhood, not much is expected but as a child you did try to be humble. Your sickness came when you reached the age of accountability and became proud. You thought you could do it all on your own. You started to rebel and take more chances. Once when you were having fun and participating in mountain climbing you fell and hurt your back. It would take some time before you healed properly. The signing of the loan was your choice of coming to earth and getting a body. The sickness represents sin. The law of the harvest is the natural laws that even God has to obey. If he ceases to live them he ceases to be God. The rich man is Christ your Savior. His paying off the loan was his atonement on your behalf. The ten percent you pay is called tithing. The commandments are the rules that will help you to get better health wise. Being sincere means your character must be pure. You have to have integrity and really try to get better. You have to learn how to live the laws of life and justice overtime. You cannot just be handed your home. You have to earn it but you do so on much easier terms. Christ is willing to work with you. Each of us has different abilities. He only asks that we do our best. Only he knows what that is. We cannot try to mock Christ. If we do so we are delivered to hell or prison. There we have to pay for our own sins. After a long time period, 500 to 1000 years we are taken out of prison and inherit a lesser glory. The apartment is our lesser glory. It is the terrestrial or telestial kingdom. If any of you were given these terms to purchase a mansion of your choice which of you would be so foolish as to think they could fool the rich man? I think all of us would do what we needed to do to keep our mansions. This is what Christ meant in one of his parables of the unjust steward. Often we are wise in material matters but foolish in spiritual. The master commended the dishonest steward for his shrewdness; for the sons of this world are shrewder in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light. Luke 16: 8 Now change this mansion from a physical inheritance to a spiritual one. Your mansion is your physical body. It is the temple of your spirit. Why would you give up on such a reward as an Eternal Life with God the Father and your Heavenly Mother and all your brothers and sisters just because you cannot see the mansion right now? God requires you to live by faith. Over time you can know these things are true. For now he has given us the evidence of his existence through the cosmos. The signs in the heavens, the old myths and legends, these have to mean something. These people weren’t just ignorant people. Sure we have technology today, which surpasses anything of any generation before us. However we cannot get so proud that we forget God. To do so would be a tragedy. We would loose everything that we have hoped for since the beginning of time itself. The seventh house has to do with partnerships. Each of us needs to have a personal partnership with Christ. He is our advocate with our father Elohim. Only Christ led a perfect life. He is the only one who could be our advocate. He is truly wise . In this way he is rich. Remember he obtained the status of a God in the pre-earth life. He created the cosmos under the direction of his father Elohim. Only such a God could be in a position to help each one of us. He offered himself as a sacrifice because he loves each one of us. This we learn through the story of the lost sheep. The Shepard leaves the ninety and nine to save the one. What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray? Mat 18:12. This is how much the creator of the universe loves you. If you ever had a partner who was a real partner Christ would be it. He defiantly has importance and pull being a God. Wouldn’t you want such a person on your side?

The Letters F, O and X

The letters F, O or X will have a lot of number six characteristics.

These characteristics are similar to the actual scales symbol as well as the Libra sun sign or the number 6. If you skipped ahead please read the description of A, J & S in the number 1 to understand how to use the letters in the alphabet.


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