Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Society Is Fracturing

For Your Consideration:

The Final Hour [41y8m 1990-2031] [10plagues(mirrored)=ea4y(avg. 49/50m)]:

The first, the Waters turned into Blood: [1990-91] (Iraq-Gulf War I)
The second, the plague of Frogs: [1995] (Internecine Conflict/Internecion)
--- Balkans; Rwanda (Genocide)
--- aug.1998 attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania ... more than 220 people were killed and 5,000 injured in the first major attack by al-Qaeda on US targets. [BBC News]
The third, the plague of (Pol-)Lice: [1999] (Terrorism; security resultant)
--- sep.11.2001 SAGE Implementation "War On Terrorism"; 6000y(secular) complete
The fourth, grievous Swarms of Flies: [2003] ((Afghanistan-)Iraq War II)
The fifth, the grievous Murrain (wasting): [2007] (impetus: sub-prime crisis)
--- oil price rise; cost/shortage of food (2007/2008); poverty riots, cost strikes, etc., food aid/funding packages
--- apr.2008 (1945+63y(7x9)) SAGE re-structuring control(+) of Financial-Banking Systemic (problem-reaction-solution)
--- sep.2008 13mo Financial Crisis deepens - the worst financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression
--- sep.19.2008 One Trillion Dollar (1T$) Bailout by US Government of Corporate "Toxic" Debts; Socialization of Costs
--- sep.26.2008 UK-PM Brown UN Address calls for "Global Supervision"
--- oct.2008 UK/EU 1T$ Bailout-Nationalization of Banks - total worldwide tax-payer actual cost 8T$ (BBC figure)
--- nov.04.2008 Barrak Obama elected 44th US-President, Joe Biden US-VP - Grey Establishment appointments
--- nov.15.2008 Bretton Woods II - G20 Global Restructuring
--- apr.01.2009 G20 London Meeting - 1T$ Stimulus, IMF Enforcement
--- oct.21.2009 80y Anniv., 21 October 1929, the Great Depression
--- 2008-2010 Ten's of Trillions of Dollars injected into SAGE-Corporate systemic
The sixth, the plague of Boils and Blains: [2011] (social eruptions)
--- conflict zones deepen (intensity and impact) and spread; social fabric(/skin); SAGE State-Fascist interdictions
The seventh, the grievous Hail: [2015] (multi-layered social and environment crises)
--- enforced sanctuary/exclusion zones (social and natural environment); Monroe Doctrine II
--- economic collapse US/UK, EU partial collapse; Communist China collapse ((owners of the western debt), rise Emperor)
The eighth, the plague of Locusts: [2019] (asian war; famine)
--- 2021 "2nd US Civil War"
The ninth, the Thick Darkness: [2023]
--- Rise of the Beast "Peace-Maker" Power (7y Tribulation; 2024-2031)
--- Possible EU-Beast intervention North America
The tenth, the Slaying of the First-Born: [2027] (spiritual darkness) (sacrifice to world war; beast-false prophet/profit).

The Midnight Hour is the PIVOT POINT, the fall season of 2010 Oct/Nov.
THERE IS A STORM COMING (APOCALYPSE, the Revealing), the winds of change are blowing:
-- SITUATIONAL AWARENESS (may happen in defined stages or steep-slope; stage 1 event horizon)
stage/category 1. systemic break: currency crisis, bank holiday(s); rationing food and services
stage/category 2. systemic break: firearm ban/confiscation; unrest/riots - martial law local/region/nation
stage/category 3. systemic partial-collapse: urban protection zones/exodus
stage/category 4. systemic partial-collapse: sectarian/group violence, armed criminal gangs
stage/category 5. systemic collapse: societal breakdown - regional/national civil war
-- US break/collapse indicant to Canada of imminent clampdown/restrictions ...

Systemic collapse worldwide; unification of Americanada (at the minimum Economic Union); Monroe Doctrine II declared; Asian unrest (possible collapse of the Chinese Communist Party with the establishment of an Emperor); military-economic alliance of India with a democratic(?) Imperial China; EU unified military/fascist state, forced removal of non-citizen immigrants, many non-european citizens expelled, citizenship revoked ...


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