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MYND - Spiritual Alchemy 2

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 9

Searching for meaning in other human beings - the best mirror you can look into is an old friend - we all have a longing for home (family) - life partner - family - choosing and mixing your DNA - reproducing self - the woman returns to the man from whence she came - one flesh - genetically and spiritually - I want to be the type of man that you will marry - it's not only how much you love someone, it's who you are when you're with that person - role - needed, loved, etc. - a couple - a sense of "us" - when something's your own, your roots are sunk deep, and shoots spring up around them - that's what holds things together - poor as dirt, and as rich as the earth - if you are safe and secure then a part of me is also - love isn't something we have, it is something that we do - love isn't something we change, it is something that changes us - in a climate of encouragement, human beings can do amazing things.

The value of creating, exercising our imagination - quiet, confident pride - the inner landscape - share with a "creative circle" - be a self-starter rather than a painter-by-numbers - harmony (perSONA) - composed as a picture - happiness is not about getting more - it is about enjoying what we have - purpose of life is happiness and our happiness is founded in self-awareness and self-acceptance - body/mind integrated - we cannot understand ourselves apart from our environment - therefore focus on what you are experiencing and on how you are choosing to act in the present - a person is measured by the quality of his friends (by the company he keeps) - family: interacting with my genealogical lineage.

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 10

Consequence Code Method: decoding life by studying consequences makes options clearer, decisions easier, and minimizes conflict - free yourself from beliefs and actions that cause unnecessary pain and prevent living fully -- focus: 1 the benefits and costs to you and others by your actions; 2 the search for harmony between desires and responsibilities - no jargon - no excuses - goal: clarity of vision.

Deep personal unfoldment - learn to listen to your body, learn from your emotions - anger, shame, hurt, depression, sadness - and empower yourself with "integrated bodywork" - what becomes of feelings that have no voice, no place to go? - understand the meaning behind the suffering and thus help release it - explore the conscious and unconscious aspects of a problem - freedom from the beliefs, feelings and behaviours that result in emotional pain and repetitive, reactive patterns that keep you stuck - life's options open up as you learn to respond rather than react, resulting in 1 healthy, intimate, satisfying relationships 2 more success in work and career 3 joy, ease, and pleasure in life itself 4 aliveness and authenticity. [based on Shared Vision Magazine]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 11

Issues to deal with: emotional, physical and sexual abuse - addictive and obsessional behaviour - relationship issues and co-dependency - anxiety and depression - self-expression; Creativity and energy vs. pressure and stress; sense of freedom vs. feeling trapped; self-worth vs. low self-esteem; ease in relating vs. poor relationships; acceptance vs. resentment; clarity vs. guilt; confidence vs. fear.

Imagine life to be an ongoing peak experience - recover the real self - reconnect with your energy and creativity - refine skills to realize your goals and reinstate your personal power - lighten up - dissolve fears and blocks at the fundamental level - relief from struggle, pain and suffering - all activity can become activity which enlightens, rather than hard work and serious business - put fun, joy and ease into self-improvement - more satisfying work and love relationships - a deeper capacity for excitement and happiness - a vibrant connection to dreaming and intuition - healthy self-confidence -- a healthier connection to community - the power of love - community immunity - you live as long as people remember you - generate happiness and peace-of-life out of ourselves -- if I give you me - HEALING !! [based on Shared Vision Magazine]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 12

Beliefs make our lives - first we make the beliefs, then the beliefs make us - we can imprison ourselves in our beliefs - we create our lives around our beliefs, values - (self)hypnosis = reprogramming our subconscious with new beliefs, values - deep absorption - we slip into mini-trances all day long - different types of hypnosis - stage, forensic, performance, clinical - power of the mind to overcome disease - rewrite the past - self-esteem, (self-estimate, self-worth, self-image), the hub of the wheel - critical to the people you attract in your life, experiences, etc. - forgiveness necessary to heal yourself - resentment, anger, grievances - release the past, bring all of your energy into the present - stop punishing yourself - a proper healing modality vs. conceptual crisis -- mental imagery to help the immune response vs. disease - aim the mind - pharmacognition (physical, spiritual) - emotions - (self)hypnosis, affirmations, (self)talk, bring thoughts under control - stress-control issues most important.

We have to invent a 2nd life for the 2nd half - 40-45 yrs (1st half) - 1st half a bouncing (place, person, event, interest, etc.), bounced - 2nd half a long continuous roll (how long is self-determined) - some drop into life with a thud, others bounce to stability, to varying degrees (+/- composition, density, velocity). [based on PBS, "Talk of the Nation"]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 13

At the end, if we are brave enough to love, strong enough to forgive, generous enough to rejoice in another's happiness, and wise enough to know there is enough love to go around for us all - then we can achieve a fulfillment that no other living creature will ever know - we can re-enter paradise. -- [Reader's Digest, "You Don't Have to be Perfect", May.97]

Limiting beliefs: they get conditioned in, often at an early age - there are hundreds of these beliefs that are subconscious and set limits around what we can achieve - its the job of the subconscious to maintain the belief system - we have to de-program the limiting belief -- visualization: an active, focused re-education of the subconscious, moving into another "octave" of consciousness - the opposite of wishful thinking - it is taking on the responsibility to change your life by changing your INTERNAL STORY - ie., is there some part of you that doesn't want to get well? - the limiting belief is that one deserves to be sick, or that one will lose something by getting well - it can be very subtle.

The prison of our minds vs. creativity - break the bars of the cage - the bars are represented by some of the following habits, tendencies or beliefs: 1 stereotyping what is around us rather than paying close attention to what actually is - look and listen; 2 failure to fully use our senses; 3 not being in the habit of synthesizing disparate elements in our lives; 4 not running the risk of being creative for fear of ridicule; 5 living in a highly critical society (personal environment); 6 over-dependence on reason and logic; 7 believing that paying attention to our intuitive and imaginative side is a waste of time; 8 lack of education on how to more fully use one's (mind). -- [Shared Vision, "Uncaging the Eagle of Creativity", Aug.97]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 14

Stopping: how to be still when we have to keep going: 1 still points - turn in, moments, prayer, etc. (a connoisseur of the moment); 2 stop overs - longer periods of time, hours, weekends, etc.; 3 grinding halts - so distracted by the unresolved - waiting for something to happen so that your life begins = needs, decisions based on reality; requires months.

Wanting change is not the same as changing - take responsibility: 1 know what you want - you cannot claim it if you cannot name it; (name it to claim it); 2 barriers to what we want - choices, decisions vs. obstacles; 3 what must I do to get it? - commitment, program yourself to do it vs. willpower - winners do things that losers don't want to do; 4 don't look outside yourself to find the answer - giving your power away to someone else - your level of value and worth - give ourselves what we wish someone else would give us - look in the mirror - treat yourself with dignity and respect and do not accept anything less from others -- set goals - live the life of your dreams - the difference between a goal and a dream: 1 a goal is specific; 2 a goal has a timeline; 3 a goal has accountability -- you cannot change without acknowledgement - we always have choices - horrible things happen, they either take you out or move you up - my time, my turn - do it. [Oprah Winfrey, Apr.10.98]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 15

I had to completely exhaust my whole system of beliefs and undergo a very serious depression - loss of everything, all sense of purpose - by being forced to let go of all these attachments, and the belief that they would make me happy, I ended up losing myself - paradoxically, I needed to do that to find myself, because that was the only thing left at the end of it all - when you enter that "dark night of the soul," and face the terror of losing that umbilical attachment to the world where you thought your salvation lay, you discover that that was the last thing you would find there - and that's when you finally welcome God in - He has been waiting all the time, in every second, and in every relationship for us to find him. -- [Shared Vision Magazine, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles, Mar.98]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 16

Concept of Separation: When Adam bit of the apple in the Garden of Eden, he was symbolically choosing something other than his relationship with God - not satisfied (with his being, his potential within the God Family) he wanted to be his own creator - we, like Adam, have all held that apple - representing the antithesis of God - and made choices for which, deep down, we feel tremendous guilt and shame.

In making those choices which led us away from God, we believed that we would be punished, and so we created the "ego mind" (the most important me; the all important self; infallible; self-righteous) to protect ourselves - projecting our shame and guilt onto the world, we get rid of it by blaming others and finding them guilty - in doing so, we find ourselves innocent -this is our way of reclaiming the innocence that we believe we lost. [based on Shared Vision Magazine, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles, Mar.98]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 17

The problem is that it is a false sense of innocence based on victimhood - the projection of blame onto others is one of SEVERAL LAYERS OF DENIAL which we construct to obscure our memory of love and the truth about God's love for us - it is also THE LIE that keeps us separate and distant from others, distorting our personal relationships and disconnecting us from universal truths and ultimate happiness - we are functioning BEHIND A MASK, living a functional but passionless existence in order to safeguard ourselves against the levels of consciousness which lie beneath it.

If we can move through our mask, have the courage and willingness to examine our system of denial and defense, transcend our thoughts of attack and blame, and uncover what's underneath, then we come to the purpose of all relationships (fellowship, marriage, FAMILY) - when any two come together at any time, it is to correct this misperception of self - and it is in this connection that we have the opportunity to make the correction - without it, the ego thrives in isolation, sustaining its (selfish, deceived, vain imaginings) belief system -- if we don't heal together in the "holy encounter" of relationship, we will eventually be forced to do so, through some form of crisis in our lives. -- [based on Shared Vision Magazine, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles, Mar.98]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy Open-Notes 1-17
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