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MYND - Spiritual Alchemy 1

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 1

The reckoning - the end or the beginning - do not confuse faith with ambition - yield to the higher power - command authority - absolute becoming vs. conduct unbecoming - formulas of behaviour - everyday conduct - standards - our conduct reflects the value we place on truth - character - moral imprint on one's behaviour - what we have "in mind" determines our actions - what you think about, you bring about (where your treasure is) - our actions - embodying the mind - personality aspects, its emotions - the voices in the mind - sometimes the situation determines the terms - our behaviour determined by our internal dynamics - inhibitor n. inhibit n. [1 restrain, curb, to hold back or keep from some action, feeling, etc. check or repress 2 [rare] to prohibit; forbid] a mental or psychological process that restrains or suppresses an action, emotion, or thought.

Sacrifice of principles in order to survive? (violation of principles as a matter of cause in order to protect them) - people who venture beyond the rim of known space (the event horizon) should not be surprised if they encounter shadows - sometimes the best move is not to - minimum code = minimum character - inspect yourself, your building code. sensitivity and discretion are appreciated by all concerned - truth is not flexible but half-truths can bend until they snap - the truth is always the best, even if it doesn't always make sense - toward the habit of truth - straight talk not word-play; (diplomacy/mad policy; cures/curse; sacred/scared) - truth in <> out - blended data (mixed fibers) or pure data (fine linen).

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 2

Words typify an attitude - the implied - there is nothing so powerful as the unspoken - perception is much more profound than reality - governance of ourselves - tempered by wisdom - anger is danger without the "d" - the physical/spiritual components and aspects of our lives - sometimes when things don't work out we return to the devil we know - remain true to the truth vs. excuses, liability trail - willing to die for the truth or willing to die for the lies? - every choice we make has consequences - we are incredibly resistant to change because it disrupts feelings of comfort and familiarity.

Find the divisions between what you are and what you are not - with every new choice we can change who we are going to be - different choices = alternate paths - me against the world - personal culture of conscience - conscientious objector - EXPATRIATE (to withdraw from one's native land or allegiance to it) - a marginal rebel on the edge of the world - roaming the backroads -- personal narrative (common_place book) - I'm just as confused as everyone else, but I've accepted the confusion and am now looking for the answers, to unravel the confusion - the more questions we answer, the more answers we end up questioning - blind spots (ie. in science) - "by the questions we pose, ourselves we deceive, so limited in thought, by what we choose to perceive" (-Dave Marchant, Boston Univ., NG Magazine, "Antarctic", Oct.98).

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 3

Freedom without choice - buying the dream - America no longer exists -- regain your freedom not by patriotism, being a patriot, but by withdrawal, refusal to participate as weapon - EXPATRIATISM - regain your humanity -- money (the emmonic (emotion/money)) detaches the human from humanity; separates the human from his humanity - people perceiving walls that are not there -- communitarian = human_scale sovereign community(-ies) -- spiritual loss = guilt; spiritual gain = courage; empty the cauldron of guilt, fill the cauldron with courage -- freedom based on money is freedom based on debt and is therefore not freedom at all - someone has to pay (to whom? is the question we all should be asking) - freedom based on the enslavement of others is sin of the highest magnitude - personal gain at the expense of others = evil -- "question established cultural values - most political agenda's deny consequences - the -ism's - the assumption of the absence of spirit - the systemic momentum fatal - we have to deflect the momentum" [-Terence McKenna] -- collective states of mind serving the SAGE agenda - misdirection of life energy.

Seeing patterns where others see only confusion - walking the line between hope and caution - operating outside the standard protocol - inner reality / outer reality - the things around you determine how you feel - enrichment of life - going through change - displaced - emotional turmoil - inner doubts - rationalizations - surrendering to our own fears, terror, before surrendering to the enemy - fear should be respected - only we ourselves can give us another chance - God does not abandon us, we abandon ourselves - free yourself from fears of unfamiliar feelings that block growth toward creativity and intimacy - deepen and enrich your connection with others.

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 4

Create the life you deserve - a new approach - maximize - reflect reality - the reality in terms of the capacity, ability and willingness to assume added or new responsibilities - we all have more than one identity (home, church, work, play, etc.), relationships/identity (emotional fulfillment), family, business, etc. - the "art" of recognition - when we look at "art" and see ourselves - escape the ordinary - to be awake is to be alive - days are not something to get through, days are something to live - a day that shapes everyday that follows - everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home - if I find my own way - how much will I find? - experience the continuity of the journey - truly celebrate the eternal within each moment - discover your personal strength - it lies in your coping style that has gotten you this far - shift depression to hope.

Transcending limits - resisting limits - faith, belief in action - what we are learning doesn't seem to have an ending - when am I? - same questions, no certain answers - nothing new here - just expanding the old -- learn / past, live / present, dream / future -- sometimes we have to look back to move forward - there are many things hidden in time that we have yet to learn - the past embraces the present and the future is wide open - linear time / existence - where are we existing? - stuck in a moment of time? (frame of mind, motives, actions, etc., past, present, future) - separate now from later - "time senses" - how we speak (talk) of time - the past makes sense of the present, the present structure shapes the future - the change that sparks the future is rooted in discovering what sparked the past and present - for the future to be bright, it must be lit by the lamp of learning - time(only) records a body of truth.

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 5

Rediscover, adjust your sense of time - live (dreams, faith, hope) - never go back to what you were - the results will change your life - present determined by the future vs. present determined by the past - you are the dreamer and the dream - thoughts, perceptions, relationships - you cannot go back to your normal (former) life, you are no longer the same person, and thecourse of your life will change as a result - where that new course leads is up to you - meditation - positive (light) thinking - the continual [present] of our own experiences - time doesn't stand still - we take ourselves out of time when we become lost in our present experience - time sinks - I will not deny myself this experience, not curiosity, desire - more out of life - to experience and be experienced.

Integrative medicine - synthesis (natural/science) not alternative or complimentary - healthy habits last a lifetime = prevention - start today to protect yourself tomorrow - the interplay between thoughts, emotions - hormones and the immune system - a foundation of education, diet, exercise and meditation - CONVIVIUM, convivencia [education, discipline of mynd, exercise, nutrition] - a time of learning - Garden (Isa 58:11) of Eden - to embrace the future fully, one must give to it the very best of oneself - you have to do it, no one else can - react to people vs. just letting people react to you (conceit) - recycling time = genes, habit, memory - culture, customs etc. = habits (anti-habits), high culture (bad habits) - Eccl 1:9"that which has been is what will be" - an actor, reenact(or) on the human, world stage - examine the human species - the core of our humanity - we are so disconnected from our core humanity.

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 6

Be open to allow - finding your purpose in life - Human Beings not Human Doings (do less - be more); define yourself - people everywhere are going to have to know much more about, and demand much more from, themselves - reach beyond the carnal mentality and extend into the realm of the God Family - shape a relationship that is one of depth, openness and mutual need - design your life - invent who you want to be - redefine your potential - which rulebook, guidelines, directives, overriding protocols? - there is a big difference between our "wants" and our "needs" - before we allow ourselves to be consumed by our regrets, we should remember the mistakes we make in life are not so important as the lessons we draw from them.

Fragments of knowledge - adrift without answers - bits and pieces which don't stick together and have no common purpose - these fragments are meaningless because they are not organized around any central purpose or vision of the world - scrapbook of the mind: branches without roots; (branch of learning - subject MATTER), (character, morality, religion - SPIRIT values) - failure of Creative Power - UNDERMINED (weariness, indifference, divisiveness, violence - a diseased humanity) - infinite parts consisting as one (mind) - personality (complex interactions) - incorporation of research (life) into an overall framework designed to make the information useful - we empower (empowered) our own imaginations, thoughts - Mind Power (give power,authority to, authorize, give ability to, enable, permit) - the most powerful tool we have is our ingenuity.

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 7

Escape the prisons of our disbelieving minds - love is what lies in wait under everything and is the only thing that's fact, the only thing that's real - everything else is in our imagination - when hearts are in sympathy, time collapses - when humans learn to love themselves, then they will not harm any person or thing on this planet - LOVE HEALS - keep opinions, conceits, vain imaginings vs. forcing it upon others - listening not talking - learning to listen vs. mind control - we speak loudest when we listen the most - most people just need a good listening to.

Strip away the layers of denial - clothed with sackcloth (humility); filthy rags vs. robes of righteousness (fine linen); lies vs. truth - we must choose between human intellect, man's own reasoning, or the Tree of Life, representing REVEALED KNOWLEDGE from God - don't let the hits (of life, etc.), one-by-one, chop down the tree - satan's battle-axe, two-sided axe vs. two-edged sword (SacredWORD) - positive affirmation (everyday in everyway I am getting better), visualizations, acknowledging, self-esteem - positive image of self - fully expressing our "authentic self" vs. masking - being and doing:

feeding the hunger:
physical -- spiritual;
mental imprints -- new definitions;
impulses, urges (secular) -- spiritual manna, bread of life, new framework ;
world view -- universe view;
tainted waters -- pure water of life;
shallow well -- deep well;
human spirituality -- holy, righteous, spiritual character.

spiritual vacuum - a gulf between our "being" and our "doing" - the world's "tabloid theology" - spiritually empty -- stress, underlying depression | religion (self-medication, answers) -- "science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind". [-Albert Einstein]

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 8

Finding a sense of place - searching for a belonging place - a sanctuary from criticism - HOME vs. the jesters (professional fools) paradise - unlimited personal potential - consciousness raising personal development - re-framing your context - shifting your perception - engaging your courage and compassion - choosing love and acceptance - learn to value your power and your vulnerability - change learned patterns - allow wishes, hopes, and desires to surface - positive thoughts bring positive results - be compassionate with your failings - each of us has a story - some pages open, some private - our narrative - our narration (a story, account, tale) - identify, create and act on new choices - learn more about yourself and what you value - build more satisfying relationships - discover more joy and passion in your life! HEAL THE PAST - EMPOWER THE PRESENT

When one stands amid the rubble of a relationship, then one has not only lost the relationship, but also the whole world view - losing my religion - just a dream - next stage in your life? - it is important that our goals do not remain just a dream or vision - we have to release the inner frustrations that are holding us back - address the deepest levels of being - restoring meaning, creativity and authenticity - become curious, aware and accepting of yourself - gently transform old patterns of hurt - find adventure, grace and balance in your relationships and life.


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