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Reclamation Of Mind 2

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 8

* Heterogeneous: (a kind, race) differing or opposite in structure, quality, etc., dissimilar - composed of unrelated or unlike elements or parts. [reference to MIND patterns, learning, attitudes, emotions, etc.]
* Heterogeneity/Blueprint: 01 sequencing reference points; 02 horizontal comparisons.
* Natural genetic inheritance = free moral agency.
* Mind Key - triggering mechanism = emotions/GROM.
* Mind = light waveform [light-bringer = mind-bringer] - lean into the light of the mind (noetic tropism).
* Mind Shell [physical/spiritual] frequency unique to the individual.
* Mind/sub-conscience - Mind/conscience - Mind/over-conscience.
* Mind - intelligence amplitude - knowledge +/- quality/quantity.
* Physical/Spiritual frequency not in tune - life is fine tuning = SONA.
* New knowledge/influence - retuning the mind/receptability - variable +/- factors.
* Superimposition (overlay) of perceptions alter the mind - [religious code, blue print, grid work].
* Congregation (fellowship) = harmonization +/- emotional fires.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 9

* Human brain = hardware for spiritual mind shells - Nine(9) intelligences.
* Emotions are the glue/binding force, +/- catalysists.
* Human mind ac/dc (alternating/direct current).
* Emotional focus/dc - the key to open/close mind partitions (doors).
* Human mind/parallel - emotions/series.
* Learning - [spiritual] molecules - building a matrix/intelligences - molecular shells - spiritual molecules of thought.
* Mind - simplex | complex.
* Awareness - inward/outward reflection.
* Each human being is a spiritual reflection of creation in progress.
- Motives of behaviour - Religion/GROM enhancer, identity quest;
- Genetic Inheritance [Nature/Nurture] = GINN/ROM = GROM;
- Predestination = Genetic Inheritance GINN/ROM [preordination].
- Development from birth to come into tune (music soul) with GROM;
- the development of the individual/personality traits;
- Product of heredity/education/society (environment) raised in.
- GROM/Nature + GRAM/Nurture;
- Individuals of an indivisible race.
* (immortality)
- physical = GINN/ROM passed to next generation.
- spiritual = Mind [GCOV, Human Spirit]; = SONA [GCOV + Holy Spirit].

* Learning [GRAM] and instinct [GROM] are partners.
* The process of learning is often initiated and controlled by instinct.
* Learning is often innately [innately guided humanism] guided by information inherent in the genetic make-up.
* Most are preprogrammed to learn particular things (to lean to certain subjects, areas) and to learn them in particular ways.
* Multiple personalities = multiple frequencies influenced by GROM, all unique.
* Psychic ability/mind reading = ability to fluctuate freely/harmonize frequencies.
* Astral Projection = wave extension - GROM/GRAM in sympathy.
* Channeling/Mediums = frequency almost identical/rigid harmonization.
* Telekinesis/Projection = amplitude/frequency projection.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 10

genetic resonance:
_MBS [mind/body/soul] [physical, spiritual genetics - Human, Holy Spirit] reSONAnce [L resonantia, an echo], expressed as perSONA (the characteristics; the outer personality or facade presented to others by an individual) - SONAnce n. 1a) a sound b) a tune 2 the quality or state of being sonant; SONAnt adj. [L SONAns, sounding, prp. of SONAre, to sound] 1 of sound 2 having sound; sounding - n Phonet. 1 a syllabic consonant 2 a voiced sound -- active (sounding) thought -- music of the soul, paradigm symphony (a harmony of sounds, harmonious composition, an extended composition for full orchestra [ennead mentation] -- [OE swinsian] to sing, make music.

sonant mentation:
(frequency; 1 the condition of being crowded 2 the fact of occurring often or repeatedly) - to express, signal, indicate, or announce; free from defect, normal and healthy; not weak, diseased or impaired; firm and safe, stable, secure; based on truth or valid reasoning; accurate, reliable, judicious, sensible; deep and undisturbed; morally strong, honest, honorable, loyal | to measure the depth, to investigate, examine, probe, explore || symposiac mentation (convivial, symposium, a conference, a collection of opinions, free exchange of ideas) ||| sonorous adj. producing or capable pf producing sound (SONA), esp. sound of full, deep, or rich quality; reSONAnt 2 full, deep, or rich; said of sound 3 having a powerful, impressive sound; HIGH sounding (HIGH knowledge) - sonority n. quality, state, or instance of being sonorous; reSONAnce -- SONA = a HIGH SOUNDING vs. a song and dance (talk, esp. an explanation, that is pointless, devious, or evasive), sophism.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 11

diapason n. (diapassion = SONA) [Gr symphonia, concord through all the notes] 1 the entire range of a musical instrument or voice 2 the entire range of some activity or emotion, etc. 3 a swelling burst of harmony 4 [Obs.] complete harmony; -- diapause n. a period of delayed development or growth accompanied by reduced (spiritual) metabolism and inactivity -- composition; a putting together, an arraignment of parts to form a unified, harmonious whole - the act of composing, creating by putting together a whole by combination of parts -- compose(d); to put (oneself, one's mind, etc.) in a state of tranquility or repose (to have trust; peace of mind; rest; harmony of form or color); calm; allay -- composer -- compos mentis [L] Law; of soundmind; sane -- resonate; 1 to be reSONAnt; resound 2 to produce resonance; to make resonant, 1 resounding, reechoing 2 producing resonance; increasing intensity of sounds by sympathetic vibration 3 of or in resonance.

DNA may not be a concrete code (definite form, specific) but rather a matrix [a womb, origin; that within which, or within and from which, something originates, takes form, or develops] of codes we might turn on or off through emotion (the mental cry, SONA) -- emotive triggers [love, awareness - actual opening of the mind, aiming the mind, focus (cognition+, healing, etc.); fear, hate, anger | thought chaos, cancer, disease, etc.; trauma, stress] -- generational genetic memory imprint - GROM, GRAM, GCOV - physical, spiritual triggers: subjects, events, persons, etc.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 12

ennead(9) mentation (EM) | 10+ mentation matrix (MM)(formative spiritual molecules, cells | dendri-growth; Geol., the rock or earthy material in which a crystal, pebble, fossil, etc. is enclosed or embedded) -- the outer world mirrors the inner conditions of our consciousness -- individual scale | physical, spiritual environment - developmental coding - EM (EQ-IQ) | MM10+ (DNA Matrix Activation; DNAMA = Healing) - EQ (emotional intelligence, quotient) underpinnings of IQ, technical skills - self-awareness (reflection, the key to EQ), empathy, social skills, motivation, etc. - strength vs. stress, impulse - EQ-IQ orchestration (physical and spiritual link) - intellection persuasion - parallel intelligences(9) - knowing and managing one's emotions, the binding of intelligence - listen, feedback, overlay - brilliance, outstanding performance - catalyst to cooperation, collaboration | communitas -- quantifier of potential = SONA expression, integrity (values manifested) - mentation sensors - relationship(s) - paradigm shift.

sensorium n. pl. -ums, -ria, the whole sensory apparatus of the body - realm of non-locality - information - quantum information fields - the human brain as instrument - whisperings from the quantum realm - information from any point in the universe instantly accessible at any other point - coordination of the larger picture - imagination - "imagine that which you cannot imagine" [-Terrance McKenna] - imagineer.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 13

"hands-on" touch therapy:
genetic resonance (self, family, mate vs. strangers, practitioners) - mate = exchange of genetics (fluids), spiritual link - resonance environment +/- stress, ie., family, workplace, nature, etc. - a belonging place - mate, family, friends, home, church, community, etc. - healing resonances - bonding, sexual healing - hands on love, concern - sympathetic vibration - reinforcement and prolongation of sona - echo n. [ME ecco, OE swogan, to sound, roar] sympathetic response - sonacate [sonicate vt. to subject (a cell, virus, etc.) to the energy produced by sound waves - sonication n. -sonicator n.] -- prayer (internal and external) and SONA = HEALING (DNA matrix activation - aiming the mind (matrix interface), matrix sounding | sonority) -- the Gift of the Holy Spirit = the SONA lock - bdcst link, intertwine (spiritual DNA), the progenitor embrace, safeguard | the expression.

recognize the harmonization of pain and emotion between mates, family and society - empathic (ability to share in another's emotions, thoughts, or feelings) empathy; empathetic -- we have to get beyond pain - pain threshold - pain tolerance can get worn out over time -- suppression only results in further progression of the stress causation over time.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 14

the genetic (individual organism) expression of the genome(-ic matrix) [environment (physical-spiritual)] = the genome_environ -- resonance spectrum - similarity in spectrum bands = likeminded -- individual genetic multi-frequencies, multi-wavelengths | spectrum = +/- intensity, +/- narrow, wide (the intensity, SONA of any radiation or motion displayed as a function of frequency, or wavelength = eccles) -- an afterimage; an underlying or pervasive quality of a particular type, (esp. in a work of art or literature, ie., an apocalyptic resonance) = persona -- sona_genetixpec = a continuous range or entire extent (the sona_genetic_specifications), who and what we are.
-- Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it - eccles frequency - ecclesia [Gr ekklesia, assembly (Heb kahal), ekkalein, to summon, ek, out + kalein, to call];
-- neccles vibration (necklace - neck-top cephalic computer - a string of beads, jewels, etc., or a chain of gold, silver, etc., worn around the neck as an ornament; SONA adornment, luster; radiance; coloratura (display of skill, singing; harmony));
-- SAGE collar (band, chain, harness; to take hold or control of; seize or capture) vs. SONA necklace.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 1-14
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