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Reclamation Of Mind 1

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 1

reclaim vt. [ME reclaimen; OFr reclamer; L reclamare, to cry out against] 1. to rescue or bring back (a person or people) from error, vice, etc., to ways of living or thinking regarded as right; reform. 2. to make (wasteland, desert, etc.) capable of being cultivated or lived on, as by filling, ditching, or irrigating. 3. to recover (useful materials) from waste products. 4. [Obs.] to tame or subdue.] - reclaim vt. [to claim back; demand the return or restoration of; try to get back] -- the [Reclamation] of Mind n. [Fr reclamation; L reclamatio] 1. a reclaiming or being reclaimed; esp., the recovery of wasteland, desert, etc. by ditching, filling, or irrigating. 2. the process or industry of obtaining useful materials from waste products.

Mind - Mental (biosphere, garden) Composition, Landscape, Climate:

Mental Composition: metamorphic (pressure), sedimentary (deposit), igneous (fire)(spiritual) rock:

* Metamorphic - change of character, form, nature; transformation; the deeper the awareness, the more pressure (wisdom and responsibility) is felt and the harder (ark; to hold depth of being; tempered) you become; deep seated, pressing needs and wants.
* Sedimentary - formed by deposit of sediment, layered; some types of learning are prerequisites to other kinds of learning - the sequence of instruction; layered (historical, personal) experience.
* Igneous - modified by intense heat, volcanic action; personal (emotional) crisis, trauma.
* Sand - eroded or crushed rock - shifting sands, winds of change; at the behest of outside elements, agencies.
* Minerals - veins of thought; cognition wiring; needed for proper growth and functioning; vessel (ark) composition (usually crystalline) to hold "depth of being" - Psalms 31:12 I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel - 2 Timothy 2:20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood (mazer) and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.
* Gems - character development, traits (precious, semi-precious); crystallized learning, to give a definite form to (the world's broken symmetry); crystal = developed forms bounded by definitely oriented plane surfaces that are harmonious with their internal structures; crystalline structure variations; crystal system = any of the seven groups classified on the basis of the relationship of their crystallographic axis (imaginary lines of reference used to describe the crystal planes).
- facet - [fr. facette, face; sides, aspects of personality, character; the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem] cut by the two-edged sword to reflect God's light.
- gem [L gemma, a swelling, bud, precious stone 1 a cut and polished gemstone or pearl 2 anything prized for its beauty and value, esp. if small and perfect of its kind 3 a highly valued person].
- gemara[Heb-Aram gemara; Aram gemara, lit. study, learning; verb root gmr, to finish].

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 2

Mind (Spiritual Garden of Eden) watered (nourished) becomes fertile for life - mind (unnourished) = drought (mind baked/consumed from the wild fires within) - every human being must ignite the spark (gift at conception - the human spirit, mind) - but you must control the fire (tongue of fire -instinct/passions) or the fires in the mind of man will consume you - mind must be refined (freed from impurities/polished) and tempered (to bring to the right degree of hardness by heating and cooling) - heating and cooling achieved by the "physical/spiritual fires" and the "water of life" - knowledge and responsibility (God's living active Laws) feeds, nourishes the mind to achieve the proper temperature for refinement - anneal vt. annealer n. [ME anelen; OE anaelan, to burn; an-, on + aelan, to burn; al, ael, fire; 1 Obs. to fire or glaze, as in a kiln 2 to heat (glass, metals, etc.) and then cool them slowly to prevent brittleness 3 to strengthen and temper (the mind, will, etc.)].

Refined/Tempered Mind = Fiery Stones (Mynd) = Spiritual Alchemy -- Alchemist - Philosopher's STONE (Christ the Word); TouchSTONE = Christ's righteousness (our example - any test or criterion for determining genuineness or value) -- Alchemy - its chief aims were to turn base metals into gold and silver (character) - 1 to discover the elixir of perpetual youth (water of life) 2 a method or power of transmutation; esp. the seemingly miraculous change of a thing into something better (beget, to acquire; begotten)].

Mind must open and become a vessel (Ark) for "depth of being" - the more depth achieved, the more refined/tempered the vessel must become to hold the depth (God mind/wisdom) and the weight (dominion/responsibility) - man making himself god (becoming a law unto himself) ignites the wild fires (instinct/passions) which out of control consume the mind - man's passions released (becoming law themselves) burns hot in the mind of man and consumes (the vessel becomes brittle) - the less the refinement, the more shallow the depth of being, and the less from the Fountain of Life he/she can drink to quench the fires of the mind and therefore the mind is less tempered and nourished.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 3

Mental Landscape:
* Terrafirma - firm earth, good earth, solid foundation (composition).
* Terracotta - baked earth (pottery, earthen vessels).
* Terraincognita - 1. an unknown land; unexplored territory; 2. an unknown or unexplored field of knowledge.
* Tectonics = the art of making things that have both beauty and usefulness - construction, building, architecture (terraforming); plates and layers of (spiritual) rock.
* Plate Tectonics - forces of (crustal structure) deformation - molten rock (emotional fires within).

* Deep-seated eruptions (urges, emotions) - volcano's.
* Intrusion n. intrusive adj. - [forced (invasion) into or between other (solid) rocks while in a molten state; 2 formed of such rock; the body of rock resulting from such invasion].
* Earthquakes (shaken in mind) vs. mental terrain, landscape.
* Chasm - a deep surface crack, abyss, any break or gap (a wide divergence of feelings, sentiments, interests, etc.; rift) - split along my fault lines.
* Caverns - gaps, voids, emptiness within.
* Tsunami (waves of thought, ie. assumption, doubt, anxiety, grief, etc.)
* Oceans of the mind - mental capacity, flowing undercurrents of mind - life support system.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 4

Mental Climate:
* Sun = light of the mind, spirit in man, (+ Holy Spirit | intensity^).
* Atmosphere of the mind - water (thought, cognition).
* Watering the mind - nutrient release; roots deep | knowledge, understanding, wisdom - good earth GRAM (Genetic Random Access Memory) - to develop (grow) character.
* Firm earth - instincts, emotions - GROM (Genetic Read Only Memory).
* Air masses (attitudes, frame of mind, outside influences, etc.)
* Cold frontal systems (heavier air, unreceptive, hard).
* Warm frontal systems (lighter air, inviting, open, kind).
* Pressure gradients - wind speed (influences, events, worries, etc.), currents, trade winds, high altitude jet streams (nervousness, pulling the top of the mind, spinning).
* Low pressure system (low tolerance, mental pressure) - cloud, storms - pressure falling - shallow/deep depression - anticlockwise rotation.
* High pressure system (high tolerance, mental pressure) - clear, sunny - clockwise rotation - running in tandem.
* Increasingly agitated, heightened mental state - global warming (emotions; ie., frustration, anger) - adiabatic lapse rate - change of temperature with height - determines convection (emotional) intensity.
* Moisture content (humidity, thought ingredients, density of mind).
* Dew point (condensation of thought, emotional awareness, attention).
* Condensation nuclei (stimuli, bits and pieces, fragments of knowledge) - particulate pollution.
* Cold air, less moisture capacity (closed mind).
* Warm air, high moisture capacity (open mind).
* Condensation (heat engine).
* MIND STORMS (differing intensities).
* Clouds - 13 types, 3 altitude levels.
* Clouds - partly (thin) scattered, scattered; partly cloudy (thin broken), cloudy (broken); thin overcast, overcast.(ME cloude, clude, orig., mass of rock, hense mass of cloud, OE clud, mass of rock).

- cumulus, cu - everyday thought, fair-weather
- stratocumulus, sc - multiple thought, flowing together
- cumulus fractus, cf - thought fractured by the winds
- stratus, st - low pressure, overcast
- nimbostratus, ns - low pressure, heavy overcast
- towering cumulus, tc - thought convection, emotions
- cumulonimbus, cb - mind storm | reaching through all levels
- altocumulus, ac - everyday thought
- altocumulus castillanus, acc - thought convection, castles of the mind, on the defensive
- altostratus, as - low pressure, thickening, overcast
- cirrus, ci - everyday thought, high winds
- cirrocumulus, cc - high-level instability
- cirrostratus, cs - advance of weather system, halo

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 5

Mental Climate (con't):
* CB, lightening (flashes of anger) - wind shear (force, violence).
* CB, thunderstorms - anvil of the mind - overflowing, outreaching.
* Tornado (devil's finger) - wind vortex, narrow focus destruction; (rolling anger forced down into action).
* Hurricane/T (massive depression, anger) - wide focus destruction.
* Storm surge - force of depression, push, flooding the boundaries.
* Gentle rain - (drops of thought, nourishment).
* Rain storms - (overwhelming, cleansing or destructive results).
* Floods - (without reason, washout, uncontrolled, swept away).
* Snow - (rigid thought, unyielding, cold, insulating the mind).
* Ice storm, freezing rain - (bending, hvy weight, criticism, accusation).
* Hail - (layers of denial produced by emotional turmoil, destructive).
* Sand storm - (eroded, crushed rock) atmosphere choked.
* Dust storm - (firm, good earth eroded) atmosphere choked.
* Fog - a large mass of water vapour condensed to fine particles at or just above the surface; thick, obscuring mist; a similar mass of smoke, dust, etc. obscuring the atmosphere - (a state of mental dimness and confusion; blurred, bewildered state; to surround or cover with fog; perplexed, clouded).
* Clear-air turbulence - violent, unseen, irregular commotion, disorder, turmoil, unruly or boisterous behaviour - random fluctuations in wind velocity.
* Tidal forces - ebb and flow of the mind - undercurrents of thought.
* Sunburst - the sudden appearance of sunlight, as through a break in the clouds - (sudden illumination, flash of light).
* Rainbow - an arc or ring containing the colours of the spectrum in consecutive bands; formed in the sky by the refraction, reflection, and dispersion of light in rain or fog (fogbow).

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 6

Mental Climate (con't):
* Compacted snow (solid ice, time) glaciers etching the surface.
* Chilly disposition - hot tempered - reason clouded - winds of change - to wet, moisten the appetite - bright eyes - genial climate.
* Boiling up inside (emotional intensity, instability, convection).
* Invective firestorm consuming all opposition.
* Warming up to someone, to a subject, etc. (snow melting).
* Weathering the storm | clarity (clear wx).
* Weathering the mind - wearing down, erosion.
* Weather map, forecasts (daily, long range, projection models); (batten down the hatches, window shutters, preparation, etc.).

* Huge volcanic eruptions - ash, smoke - cooling - ice ages.
* Sea level reduced by water locked into huge ice sheets.
* Deep valleys created by glaciers - mountains ground down.
* Polar ice caps - key role in driving deep ocean currents - water chilled - the cold water sinks to form a deep water current | equator - crucial role in moving heat around and regulating our climate - threatened by global warming.
* Global warming - when surface currents change they affect the whole biosphere - trade winds, rainfall, drought, increased intensities of storms, etc.

Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 7

mematrix (memory matrix), mematrices - memoro-[genetics] - mem[gene] - cubisian six-sided code, 12 i/o gates - memory building blocks - 5-sense, 7-basic-intelligence (12) + 6th sense (singularity) physical/spirit - patterns of [inheritance] memory - memorosomes [chromosomes] - memgenes - memgenes occur in linear fashion along the memorosome - they themselves are linear structures - STRINGS OF THOUGHT.

- [meem] anything copied, ie., culture, ads (infections), songs, education, religion (virus of the mind), etc.;
- idea's, behaviours, habits, etc., like passed on gene's;
- thought savers;
- the movement of knowledge;
- meme's active, all of science meme's;
- units of culture, self-replicating, human agency, human utility;
- symbolic meanings; beauty, style, slang;
- memetic evolution, development;
- meme's in charge; masking of influence, power, control;
- [rote n. a fixed, mechanical way of doing something; routine; (thinking, meme) - by rote, by memory alone, without understanding or thought; to answer by rote];
- replicators - genes, memes | novel design;
- individual immune response (filters);
- meme's and meme copying apparatus - meme's copying themselves, ie., computers writing software, the Internet, etc.;
- [blinded by the stream (learning by books, etc., perspective, sense of history being lost by instant access to info) - no need to retain knowledge - there to retrieve again, anytime];
- meme's forcing the gene's (brain) to do their bidding, forcing the hand - yet a symbiotic relationship;
- memeticist;
- thoughts (creating form, projection of oneself in that direction, creating our own reality, design process);
- responsibility lies with the meme's.
-- ["Meme" based on NPR, author, professor Susan Blackmore, "The Meme Machine"]


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