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MIND - Paradigm Rhyme 2

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 9

Understanding consciousness, awareness - expand (open to infinity) your mind - the capacity for thinking - mentation n. [L mens (gen. mentis), mind + -ation) mental functioning; activity of the mind] - frame (pattern) of reference - windows of the mind (shutters) - renewal = rewrite authored programming - erase, change images - shaped/moulded by society/environment - we must become pliable for the Master Potter - we must adapt, build the Information Environment to be prepared for life - Master Potter moulding - one's psychology = the sum of the actions, traits, attitudes, thoughts, mental states, etc., of a person or group.

Thoughts are the pathways into the mind (neural net, ie. information environment, IE) - mind rooted in the Holy Spirit singularity (begotten) - knowledge of God from within - path of clarity, purification (pure waters) of mind, spirit - pure light - crystal clear vision vs. glass, darkly - the Word, eternal life - LIGHTED PATH - Gates of Heaven vs. the gates of hell - deeply etched pathways, many ruts in the road - emotional compass - trade in the "used" memories - some memories are meant to fade, they are designed to - an unsettled mind - sediment stirred up; Jude 1:13 "Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever" - MIND STORMS - mattoid [rare] = [a person of unbalanced mind who is almost psychotic] - holding profile - a prepared mind vs. breaking profile.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 10

A penetrating mind and a carefully guarded intellectual balance - cognitive consistency = the tendency of a person's beliefs and actions to be logically consistent with one another - when cognitive dissonance, or the lack of such consistency, arises, the person unconsciously seeks to restore consistency by changing his or her behavior, beliefs, or perceptions - the manner in which a particular individual classifies cognition's in order to impose order has been termed cognitive style - cognition = act or process of knowing - cognition includes attention, perception, memory, reasoning, judgment, imagining, thinking, speech, problem solving, and creativity - how people receive, interpret, encode, store, and retrieve information - (from the standpoint of information handling, parallels are stressed between the functions of the human brain and the computer concepts such as the coding, storing, retrieving, and buffering of information) - inner (mental, cerebral) fitness - outer (physical) fitness -- encounter spiritual experience.

Nine intelligences: mathematical-logical; spatial; musical; language; bodily kinetic; interpersonal; extrapersonal; naturalist, empathy with the biosphere; existence, the spiritual (religious impulse) [Howard Gardner, Multiple Intelligence] - ennead n. [Gr enneas | ennea, nine] a group or set of nine (books, gods, etc) -- ennead mentation -- the mind must be regarded as a holistic concept - a pattern of activity - collective unconscious (CG Jung) = genetic memory - web of consciousness - compounded of primordial, universal images we all share (mandala) - substructure, background of awareness - group mind - matrix (Mandelbrot Set) - infinite resolution and complexity - dynamical system, formula - collage theorem - copies of itself, covering of smaller copies of itself - self-referencing statement.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 11

Genius - not something a person does or a person has, but the outcome of an effort to try to make a real difference in the world - when that happens and when we recognized it, honour it, celebrate it, cherish it, preserve it, change our lives because of it, we have recognized the reality of genius.

A vision beyond - the ability to see ten things where another sees only one - individual agency - seeing the world in new ways, changing reality - inspired creations - hard to communicate to people seeing the world in the old way - cognitive skills over and above the ordinary - don't look at what is missing, look at what is there, love and acceptance - eccentrics, out of step and out of reach - shutting out the world to solve the world's problems - lifelong permanent non-conformist - driven by a great curiosity - inside the problem, empathy with the problems, new insights, unusual perspectives - seeing the world in a different way - not obsessed with the world's approval - reclusive - value of individuality, idealistic, humanitarian, creative in unusual ways, unique viewpoints, off-center - use of visual imagery in creative thinking.

At the time of breakthrough, crucial moments of discovery, true genius needs support, love, understanding, at the time when they are most alone, to keep from going crazy - using knowledge of other people to effect change in the world - every intelligence is amoral, can be used for both good and bad.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 12

Memory - mind mapping - 1 imagery; 2 organize and locate; 3 associate, to link things together - map out your thought - smart drugs - neotropics - to enhance oxygen, to improve the metabolism of the brain - B-Complex Vitamins, the foundation of brain function - Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba - the brain is already optimized through millions of years of development - smart drugs to achieve a higher effective use of what talents and abilities you already have - nature-nurture, genes-environment - a blend of both determine intelligence.

New standards of achievement, new worlds of opportunity and attention, prodigies - extraordinary focus, high ideals - able to touch people and lead people in very powerful causes and directions, ie., Jesus, Gandhi, etc. - artistic genius pushing culture forward - focus, dedication - special ability, recognition of brilliance - a greater instinct, genius - give yourself permission to do it - focus carries genius to those great moments of insight, something remarkable - exceptional talent to master but genius so dominates that it transforms the field - talent and dedication, nature and nurture - genius-level performance - focus on the task-at-hand, the entire brain - genius for the most part is genetic - rarely does genius cross it's own boundaries.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 13

Be constantly open to new ideas and inspiration - mental involvement - mentation, build steps, essence of one step to the next step - think long and hard - strategy and deception, charisma, faith in their judgement - slow deliberation, quick-thinkingness - intellect capable of understanding, temperament to make it work - able to pull-the-trigger, let's go! - capitalize on the arrogance of your opponents, ie., military operations, waging peace (wear down) - use your own creativity to do something new and constructive.

Spy-master (cynicism, paranoia, able to outwit, devious, deceptive) - interpersonal intelligence - people are not always what they seem - a good actor - master of imagination and illusion - code-breaker, intellectual mass - genius driven by ideology, sense of destiny, mission - durable imprint on a field - the fulcrum of monumental change in human history, is often genius - comes from a certain madness, something in their mind has taken them - focus the dividing line between talent and genius -- through the clarity of vision we call genius, the human race has raised it gaze from the bog of our beginnings to a limitless universe of possibility - before and after genius the world is not the same, it's sweep touches all lives - standing on the shoulders of genius we are offered a unique vantage point to see further, enabling us to see far into our future or look back and learn from our past - crave the inspiration, the fuel to drive forward. -- [Notes 11,12,13] [based on A&E, "Mystery of Genius", Dec.98]

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 14

Mind icons, dream icons - metaphors (an implied comparison) - experimentation with metaphor - inner dialogue, subconscious level - representative substitutions - GRAVEN IMAGE - the "hunger" of the mind - substitution danger - role-playing, mimicry - fantasy replication - replicant regression (what may have been) - replicant progression (what may yet be) - deeply etched overriding needs, wants - physical release - selfish (emotional) gratification - everyone has a small corner of their mind willing to be exploited - they want to be someone else - emotional roles, deep pleasure lock - feeding a hunger that has been repressed - just below the surface, running deep - a willing participant - obtrude n. obtrusive adj. - [1 to thrust forward; push out; eject 2 to offer or force (oneself, one's opinion, etc.) upon others unasked or unwanted] - intrusion.

Addiction (Satan's Way) vs. adoption (addition to the Family of God) - our OS (individual Operating System) rules of behaviour - a combination of addiction and pattern - authored within, influenced from without - the insanity when held in the grip of obtrusive mental states; ie., lack of worth, inadequacy, alone in the world, addiction (craving, desire demands [academic, recreational sex, etc.], loss of control, ability to stop), etc. - loss of power over faculties (including response pathways, will to do) - battle for control of the mind - molten rock searing reason - filling the gaps, voids, emptiness within - letting loose the daemons (reasoning's, justifications, obsessions, etc.) - stirring the pot (mindbrew) - spinning the emotional compass.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 15

Depressed mental state; momentary pot holes, pin holes in the psyche - reinforcement boost ie. alcohol, drug intake; masturbation - OPENING CLOSED DOORS - trigger craving - embedded vulnerability to recapture and relive - pulled back (relapse) - associative learning, emotional memory (content, significance, emotional lock, ie. sexual) - roots into the deep recesses of the brain - below reason - the survival part of the brain - the nature of the beast - sacrifice of self (addiction) vs. self-sacrifice (adoption).

Release the weight - pull the psychological linchpins - pull the wheel off the axle - break the circle - recovery is about change, freedom, honesty - daily process of change - the power of unmasking - over, not under the influence - we are tempted by the lusts (authored, developed) within - keep the doors closed, locked - erase the scripts, documents of the mind - get back on your feet (mindwalk), even footing vs. slipping, falling - I am worth life - road to recovery - journey away from addiction - a journey of many small steps - a daily reprieve (Grace) - addiction is a long, long journey away from ourselves - recovery is the long, long journey back to ourselves.

MIND - Paradigm Rhyme: Open_Notes 16

Reconstruction of identity and meaning - synergy - (to work together, a SACRED place) - fragile behaviour alongside healthy behaviour - healing, conversion vs. relapse, slipping (vs. total relapse, despair, a SCARED place) - voice of my truth (ie., sexual abuse, x pain) - progressive disease - escape addictions' grip - become committed to change - not an impossible dream - breaking the addiction - overcoming stressors, cues - requires family, friends, fellowship - he who heals himself has a fool for a doctor and an idiot for a patient - overcoming the "old man" - are we repaving the old path (results in uplifts, cracks) or are we digging deep, replacing the foundation also?

Spiritual/physical "drugs" = the reactions, diversions, results engendered by the emmonic virus [emotion/money], the SOCIAL ADDICTION -- the symptoms, ie., hate = anger, hostility coming forth - crystallized into action, shifting the blame - expressions of hostility - you cannot regulate hate - "hate laws" do not address the core of the problem -- healing properties (Holy Spirit, medicine) or debilitating (poison, weakened, diseased) - psychological influences - pharmacon [Gr pharmakon; a poison, medicine, drug] substance, influence.

[Lexicon G5331 pharmakeia from G5332; AV - sorcery (2) - witchcraft (1) [3] 1a) the use or the administering of drugs 1b) poisoning 1c) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it; the deceptions and seductions of idolatry -- G5332 pharmakeus from pharmakon (a drug, ie. spell-giving potion); AV - sorcerer (1) 1) one who prepares oruses magical remedies, sorceries -- G5333 pharmakos the same as G5332; AV - sorcerer (1) 1) pertaining to magical arts.]

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