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The Ancient Future 1

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 1

words to speech / Genetics -- Language of Life [Creation Code] (ie., computer [machine] code; software languages c++, cobol, basic, etc., programming; development):

Psalms 19

1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare H5608* [inscribe in stone, to inscribe, enumerate, to tell with praise, celebrate] the glory H3519* [abundance, riches] of God; and the firmament sheweth H5046* [manifest] his handywork H4640* [operative, H6213 to do, or make] H3027* [a hand, the OPEN one, (MANDELBROT SET "Thumbprint of God", Fractal Geometry - proof of Infinity) indicating power, means, direction, etc.].

2 Day unto day H3117* [advance of time, continually] uttereth H5042* [pour out] speech H562* [command], and night unto night sheweth H2331* [interpret, to continue in life, to sustain, to give life] knowledge H1847* [to be instructed, intelligence, skill, perception].

3 [There is] no speech H562* [command] nor language H1697* [declare, converse, command], [where] their voice H6963* [voice, proclamation] is not heard H8085* [to hear intelligently, INTELLIGENT DESIGN].

4 Their line H6957* [a cord (as connecting), to bind together (perhaps by twisting), [DNA Helix] i.e. collect; (figuratively) to expect, (JEZREEL - Seed, SOW; 1 Pet 1:23 "incorruptible", 1 John 3:1-2, Phillips trans., "the Words' HEREDITY", FAMILY OF GOD, GOD KIND)], is gone H3318* [is gone out, with purpose, for result] out through all H3605* [totality, everything, PERVASIVE PRESENCE OF DESIGN] the earth, and their words H4405* [word, speech, utterance] to the end of the world H8398* [inhabited earth]. In them hath he set H7760* [ordain, order, preserve, purpose] a tabernacle H168* [symbolic of wilderness LIFE] for the sun H8121* [brilliance, a ray, Sun of Righteousness, type of Jesus Christ].

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 2

Physical Creation - LIFE - Physical Laws, Scripture of Creation - Genomic Scriptures - Genome: Book of Man (Scriptures: Book of God) -- the continuing Creation (Spiritual Laws), created in Christ Jesus (Creator, "the Word"), His Workmanship (Eph. 2:10, G4160/G4161 to band together).

language - PURE - without flaw (genetics, etc.), refined, tested - the Word - words, sentences, speech (disease/flaws) - He calls them all by name; spoke and it was done -- evolution is a belief system - the more science (scripture of creation) reveals, the laws of nature, the more improbable evolution becomes - the mathematical odds bear witness - biogenesis (life cannot come from non-life) - Heb 1:3 upholding ALL things by the word of his power -- natural selection has avoided detection -- Bible Code - word (image G1504, G5481, G4487(G4483) [Strong's] string/joined - upholding (G5342) ALL THINGS by the word of his power - the "Holy Word" BLUEPRINT of Creation - God's Law was not only etched in stone, but is etched in creation and will be etched in every heart and mind of the Beings of Creation, to become the Creator Beings.

* DNA = interface between living (being) and non-living.
* Singularity = interface between physical and spirit; interface between time and eternity; interface between natural and supernatural; Unified Field Theory - the Theory of Everything; Quantum Theory (** Holy Spirit sustains all, binds all **) (electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force, gravity).

* String vibration (harmony) determines particles.
* Music of the Spheres = Harmonies of Nature (creation).
* 10 Dimensions - 3 LBH, 7 (mathematical), 11 Time.
* 10 Commandments; L - before me; B - graven image; H - name in vain; T - Sabbath (name ABOVE all) (Above on Below) God's Authority on the Earth (COG, KOG).
* String Theory = Garment (threads, 10 dimensions needed): Psm 104:2 Light Garment - Isa 40:22 Heavens Curtain (fabric of space) - spreadeth them out as a tent (a tabernacle) to dwell in - Ex 26:8 Eleven (11) Curtains covering Tabernacle (goats hair); Ten (10) Curtains to make the Tabernacle (fine linen).
* Eternity = 12th Dimension; God Family (= 13th Dimension) = Spirit (pure spirit beings); Eternity surrounds and permeates time - nothing to do with time - outside the realm of time - a different plane of existence - time beyond the horizon - God inhabits eternity.
* Membranes (M-Theory) Space 10/11 Time: G3200 membrana "membrane" parchment; H1799 record, memorandum; H4040 roll, scroll, book (H4039) H1556 rolled:
- Isa 34:4 The heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.
- Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together.
- Heavens Bowed - fabric of space-time folded (folding fabric of space).
- 2 Sam 22:10; Psm 18:9, 144:5 - infinite velocity (speed of thought).
- Isa 51:6 The heavens shall vanish away like smoke (Psm 104:2; Isa 40:22).

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 3

Beyond (the physical) comprehension - a new level of reality - the best of what's being taught and said - climbing the mountain of faith and hope - virtues of obedience and deference to authority -- authority = a firm basis for knowing and acting (mindwalk) - "the function of religious authority is the empowerment of the divine authority in all those who are under authority" (-unknown) -- Father in loving command - strong family structure - set outside the social structure - acceptance (not a forcing) of identity - what we are - pillars holding up the temple of doctrine - supreme standard - family centered not self-centered - outgoing concern.

upright, law-abiding wholesome citizen, respect for others and property, courtesy, truthfulness and reliability - Common Law: do no harm, cause no loss - able to manage own affairs and to share in the responsibility for the affairs of the community - building a strong family relationship - FAMILY to equip and inspire with proper goals, values, knowledge, understanding and self-discipline to strengthen community and nation - character and purpose oriented - dedicated to the community - a preparation to meet realities head-on with strength and ability.

God's view vs. the secular view (secularized in outlook) - triple A (AAA) - Addiction (Satan's Way) to Adaptation (God's Way) to Adoption/Addition (Family of God) - 10C God's guidelines, parameters to live by, abide by - fullest expression of God's love - love God and what He stands for - "Adherents of the Ten" - 2 Sam 22; Psalm 18 - Mount Sinai; Sermon on the Mount; Transfiguration Mount - holding each other in the highest respect - loyalty = a guarantee of trust vs. betrayal; loyalty and service - we are witnessing the end of this world's future and planning and preparing for the next - Our Calling = to restore the Government of God - the journey from death of life to life of death - concept of themselves within - calling forth their own response and sense of responsibility vs. nonconformity - inclusiveness - a community of involvement, a separate place entirely, with its own rules and processes - I am there, inside.

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 4

reject desires for things less than Christ; improper attitude, disrespect toward God; you can lie to yourself, but not to God - my heart, lusts betray me - take control of your beliefs - a reexamination of priorities vs. a stubborn mind - careful, tight management vs. loose management of our private affairs - examine yourself (with God's Spirit) - KNOW that you are in the faith -- Faith = reliance on God's Word = Righteousness -- 2 Tim 1:6-7 "I put you in remembrance that you stir up the gift of God which is in you - for God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (vs. Satan's unsound mind).

the Guiding Tree - the understanding of God's truth is a gift from God - the Immortals - the Primes - Implants (symbionts, symbiosis) - in symbiotic relationship - God is accessible - suffers with us - the good shepherd -- John 15:3 Now are ye clean through (G1223) the word which I have spoken unto you [1(a) of PLACE - with, in; 1(b) of TIME - throughout, during; 1(c) of MEANS, by, by the means of] -- do a deed for those in need - we are making memories everyday - meet with God and yourself everyday - out of the world of pagan error - inward into the truth of God - quest for the new knowledge - revelation -- Human BEING (W5): who, what, when, where and why - Sixth SENSE - sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, Holy Spirit -- each day I grow more grateful for the opportunities you provide - having little, being much - God works through the small, the weak, and the ill prepared to magnify His power - small beginnings - accomplishment, nobility, effort - maintaining God's schedule - shelter, refuge, Holy time.

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 5

healing - physical and spiritual sickness, debts - God caring for His people - includes restoration, restoration to one's family and friends from sickness - healing and eating - release from debts (poverty, sin) and destitution (sickness and hunger) -- without spiritual food we starve to death - we have to deepen ourselves spiritually - real spiritual depth, understanding - spiritual strength to stand up and admit faults, errors - reject any margins of error as compromise - strive, succeed - personal growth vs. recession (debts, living beyond means), depression - deep things of God vs. retreating deeper and deeper into my own territory, into my own Mynd - increasing and better personal organization to ensure growth, strength - a radical re-design of our lives, attitudes needed.

walking out of sin (Egypt) into the promised land (KOG) - out of Satan's kingdom into Christ's Kingdom - Caananites (Satan type) opposed their entrance - become a spiritual warrior - warrior mentality vs. sin - our strength, success is in "knowing" obedience - right with God (righteousness) - our sins are the one thing between us and the Kingdom of God -- individually we have an obligation to come out of sin - responsibility to the whole nation, family - for God or for the adversary - attitude, preparation - circumcision of our hearts - desperate need for Jesus Christ - the Bible is a map to the wilderness and a guide to the promised land - step back in awe at how far we have come, and in how far we have to go.

spiritual laws/physical laws (scripture of creation) - 2 databases = PROOF OF GOD - experience the evidence, the truth - the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual - active, living, immutable laws - the physical cannot understand/explain the spiritual - the natural/carnal is a shadow on the spiritual - enmity vs. God - no shadow of turning - an occlusion (occlude - conceal, hide, or obscure; to close, shut, or block) of the truth -- inclusion vs. occlusion -- the same yesterday, today, tomorrow - James 1:17 no variableness, neither shadow of turning - ONE WAY - present determined by the future vs. present determined by the past - the Vision - we are allowed to spend our days with the future - the opportunity is too rare and important to be wasted.

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 6

THE ANCIENT FUTURE - the FAMILY OF GOD - the God-Father, God-Son, God-Wife (Bride, Helpmate), God-Children - God = first principle - first cause (source) - unified field theory answered - creation (H7218, 7223; 4416,4413, 4412, 746) upheld - Firstfruits (orig. transl. of vulg. "primitiae" Ex 33:16) - FIRST cause, fruits, family; taught first hand (from the original,producer or source, direct); first light (day star) - collective yet individual consciousness - Mind going where no one has gone before - General Assembly, Church of the Firstborn - Ministry of Reconciliation - the beginning, the end, THE ONE who is many - order to chaos - THE TEN - accountable to God and the Family - we don't belong to this world; we belong to God, the Family of God.

God became human in order that every human being may become God - no one can know the divine reality except by means of God's own self-knowledge - we actually share God's self-knowledge in and through the Holy Spirit - we know God from within - we share in God's own self-knowledge - we have received the Spirit of God so that we may know the gifts of God - God is knower, known, and knowing -- Ye are Gods (H430); Micah 4:5; Psalm 138:1, 136:2, 135:5, 97:7, 95:3, 86:8, 82:6 - Saviours Ne 9:27; Ob 1:21.

the Way (H5641 "CATHAR" secret); Deut 29:29 - Alchemist - Philosophers STONE = Christ the Word (base metals into gold) - TouchSTONE = Christ's righteousness - precious corner stone (tried); Eph 2:20; Isa 28:16 - Jewels, precious stones, many colours - reflected (G541) brightness; Heb 1:3; Prov 4:18 - Ezek 1:28 cut to a brilliance by God's two-edged sword, His Word (H3313, 5051, 5050, 3368, 3365, 215, 216, 2987, 2989) - Zech 9:16 stones of a crown - polish (H1508, 1305, 2404, 7044, 7043), facets (personality) - gems, light, reflection - developing your own personal spectrum.

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 7

* the fundamental driving force of Humankind;
* the determinant force in guiding one's life, beliefs and actions;
* the search for the Absolute - Intellectual Intelligence;
* the hunger in Man's Soul for imprintation;
* the Essence of Being - Learning and Serving;
* the expression of one's Heritage and Identity.

SPIRITUALITY as "experience," a direct knowledge of absolute Spirit in the here and now - and as "praxis," a knowledge that transforms the way I live out my life in this world - spirituality lets meaning flow into daily life - spirituality is a way of being -- RELIGION brings out the "intellectual dimension" of spirituality, when it seeks to understand and express the original experience in words and concepts, and then it brings out the "social dimension," when it makes the experience a principle of life and action for a community - translated into everyday living, religion becomes spirituality; institutionalized it becomes "a religion" - our religious instinct as human beings is a thirst for meaning - an encounter with mystery, an insight through which our restless search finds rest, a dynamic kind of rest, a sense of belonging that urges us on with new longing - the core of religion - our very life is a quest, a questioning -- God is the reference point of our belonging - "I belong," "Here I find my place," "This is it," and, at the same time, "Here I am" -- THEOLOGY is the effort to understand what religion implies - penetration into the unnameable mystery [source BTTU].


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