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The Primaevus Lineage: The Desposyni

Mammon or Messiah Addendum 2 excerpts:

Lineage: [000]

The Fallen, the former Agents of Creation (DEVOLUTION PROGENITOR / First Estate) (the Shining Ones (hued shimmering appearance)); The Anunnaki Custodians (An-unna-ki "Heaven came to Earth") (Psm 82 "Court of the Elohim"); The Angelic Host, Martian "Cydonian" civilization (pre-rebellion Terran/Terrene Atlantian Ancients); Jer 4:23-26 (Mosaic insert) Gen 1 "… the fruitful place was a wilderness, all the cities thereof were broken down …"

—(Twyman) Anu (first God-King of Earth according to Sumerian legend)/ (Anu/Adamu(Adam))
000 Enli/Ilu-kur-gal ("Lofty One of the Mountain")/the Storm God/Jehovah/Osiris/ ((Twyman) Enlil(Abel); Enki(Cain))
000 Enki/Samael/Lord of the Earth/Set/Adon the Lord/Quinotaur … 000 Nin-khursag (sis), "Lady of Life" (surrogate mother to Atabba and Eve, created from Human/Eljo (NV) ova fertilized by Enki (INTERVENTION PROGENITOR))

(GENESIS PROGENITOR (pre-Genesis Re-Creation/Earth "became" without form and void, erased in Adversarial Rebellion))
001 Adam/Atabba (THE GOD FAMILY SPIRITUAL COVENANT offered to Adam-Eve "beni Elohim" (Blood: OO/Rh–))
001 Chavvah/Kava/Eve (deceived by the Adversary to disobey God; Adam not deceived, but disobeyed) (I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman, and between thy seed (H2233) and her seed (H2233 zera: posterity); it shall bruise thy head (SAGE intent), and thou shalt bruise his heel (track; path) (Gen 3:15 physically/spiritually)) (Edenic Sanctuary closed; Adam-Eve depart into the World (Way of the Fallen) to mix with existent re-created Human Kind; all of Humankind threaded to Adam-Eve beni Elohim at the time of the Messiah (2nd Adam), who died for "all" of Mankind)


006 Jared (200 Holy Watchers/rebel Angels descend in the days of Jared to choose wives (1 Enoch 6:6 RHC ed.)) (a dynasty of "mighty men/giants" born (spirit-flesh), evil-spirits/** ADVERSARIAL SYSTEMIC ** ("secret things" taught)) (the rebel Watchers now sublunary (their transcendental qualities lost), mated with the daughters of Cain (Ginzberg)) (The Nephilim (not "those who were cast down" "the fallen" (-Z Sitchin, in error)), the GIANTS, the progeny of, but NOT the (un-)Holy Watchers themselves (-Michael S. Heiser/M. Jastrow) were on Earth in those days (Gen 6))


007 Enoch/Henok/Hanokh ("Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." (Gen 5:22,24 NKJV)) (Enoch taught all sons of men the ways of God and reigned as King 243 yrs; peace was thoughout the earth (Jasher 3:1-12)) (Enoch chosen by God as a counter to the rebel Watchers/progeny - taught the "secret things" in a proper context) (Enoch/Anak ben Kain(-03) (Anakim "descendants of Anak", Nephilim/Watcher(??) descent: "the elect" progeny (-Boyd Rice))


010 Menachem / Noah ("a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God." (Gen 6:9 NKJV)) (the sons of men given 120 years to (re)turn to God); Uta-Napishtim(Twyman) (Sumerian legend) (pish "fish") ("his posterity shall beget on the earth "giants", not spiritual, but carnal" (1 Enoch addendum; spiritual countenance)) ("as in the days of Noah" - the end-time "Giants", "Corporate begettal" (legal entities/beings/Beasts; 1907-2027AD)


Abram, a Chaldean of Ur, a teacher of Astrology and the Chaldean Craft in Phoenicia and Egypt (Heliopolis), the teachings of “the Watchers”/”Ir” (Hebrew), the Sumerian-Chaldean sciences (in Enochian/Essene applicaton). Ur quite possibly the primordial city-state of the Watchers. Abram (descendant of the Giants -Eusebius), excelled all in nobility and wisdom (-pseudo Eupolemus). This man who excelled all in Chaldea was chosen and called by God to overcome and replace this very systemic with God’s Way of Righteousness. This man of genetic/intellectual Enochian/Essene/(Watcher-Chaldean(??)) descent would be the progenitor of the Family-Nation Israel who would be instructed and taught to conduct themselves “As God Is”, their teachers being led by the Spirit of God (their Spiritual descent), overcoming the usurpative adversarial systemic of the Agents of Creation – the “Fallen”, who ultimately had rejected through pride and selfishness their very Creator.

Claiming to be like the Most High in their accomplishments (the pinnacle being the development of the Human Being), and forgetting the Author of “their very being”, they ascribed to themselves a God-level existence and sought the very Throne of the Universe itself. Being defeated and cast back down to their “First-Estate”, these “Fallen” now claimed the Human Family for itself, seeking to thwart Human Kind’s destiny of becoming the Family of God(-Kind) for which it was designed – even to the point of the procreation of themselves instead through the Watchers lust (though not of the original Fallen Angels) (the Holy Watchers possibly coerced or deceived by the Fallen, Humankind being now physically restricted to them)), as related in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch, a resultant physical usurpation of the very “spiritual procreation” of God’s Family – THE GENOME AND FAITH OF THE FALLEN.


-26-2 Moses m. ---(Zagwe) m2. Tarbis, Nubian (Maternal g-Aunt of Rameses II)

(19th Dynasty 03. SETI I [SETHOS] [MENMAATRE SETI] (father of Rameses II) = Thuya [A], dau of Reyja [son of Payai, a Lybian prince] & wife Thuya, dau of Bekra, # 12 [18th Dynasty] & wife Baktaten, dau of Amenhotep III, # 9 [18th-Dynasty] [note: Payai was the son of Payuti, King of Libya. The sister of Payai, namely, Iteye [Eti] “The Corpulent”, was the wife and queen of Piori II, King of Kush, the parents of Tarbis, who was Moses’ Nubian / Ethiopian wife] (Numbers Ch. 12)) (12th Dynasty 05. SENWOSRET III [SESOSTRIS] [KHAKAURE SENWOSRE] [note: his grand-vizier was JOSEPH of Bible fame; and, in a relief of Senwosret III it shows the arrival of a group of Semitic looking people presented to the Pharaoh; apparently, they were important enough to have their images portrayed by the Egyptians; this, is cited by some scholars as representing Israel's entry into Egypt, when Joseph brought his whole family from Canaan-Palestine to Egypt, numbering about 70 people.]) reference file: Hyksos-Ephraimite 15th, Hyksos-Judahite 16th Egyptian Dynasties (post-Joseph) (source: DH)


(Judah-Zerah (Z); Trojan Origins)

--- 061 Julius Caesar, Roman Imperator (49-44BC, d. 44BC) m. 061 Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt (m3.) (d. 30BC) (Hosea 11:1b "... out of Egypt have I [God] called my son.") (Jesus' paternal-maternal g-grandparents (pmGF/GM2-1))

(issue of CLEOPATRA by 3rd husband, JULIUS CAESAR: 1. CAESARION [PTOLEMY XV], mur 30BC; 2. Cleopatra “of Jerusalem” [Julius Caesar's posthumous dau], given in marriage 30BC (14/15yrs) by OCTAVIUS CAESAR to “an obscure eastern prince”, identified with =1(30BC) Yakov “Nasi”, the Patriarch of Jerusalem; =2(23BC) Simon III, High-Priest, also his 2nd; =3(19BC) Herod, King of Judea, his 5th wife) [note: she was JESUS' grandmother via her 1st husband, the Jewish "Nasi"; (ref: Moses, above, Hyksos (post-Joseph descendants), 33rd Egyptian Dynasty; and below, The Holy Family (sources: DH))

(NOTE: Jesus the Christ - not only Davidic-Messianic Heir but also Pharaonic and Caesaric: KING, PHARAOH, CAESAR; Christ was not only crucified as a Messianic claimant by Jewish establishment demand but also as a rival Caesaric claimant by the Roman establishment, and his Desposynic relations were in turn later targeted for extermination by various incumbent Emperors; the Christians were considered and targeted as a political-faction for supporting the rival Caesar-Christ (and His Divine claim) during numerous oppressions; 300 years later Constantine would claim his Caesaric and Desposynic (JA-Jo) Heritage as Roman Emperor and as Founder-Apostle of the Roman Catholic Church, enforcing the claimed pre-eminent authority of both as MESSIANIC CHURCH and STATE)


083d Chrotechilde of Burgundy (HG-1) m.(-C) --- Chlodovech I (Clovis), rex Francorum [SENIOR LINE] (Clotide known as "the girl of the French Vineyards") (MEROVINGIAN meaning "Vine of Mary" (various sources)) (Clovis I "the Great" of France, King (RCC recognition) m. St. Clotide de Bourgogne) (NOTE: "Merovingian" Meroving(-2) descent from JC=MM originates from Clovis I)


082 Zambor Nasciensson (Archdruid) m. (-C) 079d Ceredwin del Acqs, d'Avalon h'Eireann c415 (*) (la Dompna del Aquae: the Mistress of the Waters (LIVING WATERS))(Maison de(del) Acqs)(HG-JM "Magdalene" Lines joined) (Grail kept under the care/tutelage of -U John the Apostle (tarry-ing, alive until Christ returns; John left Patmos to establish Corbenic Castle with 077-2[002] Joshua, the first Grail King; 2 Witnesses: John/Lazarus witnessing in the spirit of Moses (withdrawal)/Elijah (return))


075-2[000]* (JM) Yakob Zebedee (=Mary Magdalene (m2.)) (-C-Apostle, martyred AD44 whereupon MM/entourage fled to Provence)

076-2 Josephes (father of Alain "Li Gros") (JM(JZ=MM)) (-C2-1-3rd to J1/sAnna; Y/J Zebedee's mother was Mariam's -C-1st)

077-2 Joshua (Jesus) dsp, first "Grail"-King, c. AD 100, built Corbenic Castle to house The Holy Grail and as the religious order’s home/community ("Corbenic", is derived from "cors benoit" = "blessed body", whence the town of "Corbeni" in Picardy, France, got its name. The religious order removed to Britain in the early 500s, circa AD 519 (post-Roman occupation, under the protection of Artur I "Grail" Pendragon), and left Corbenic Castle empty (post-Clovis I (d AD 511)). The castle was razed by Charlemagne circa AD 800, IN USURPATIVE GUILT)


Trojan Origins (Judah-Zerah) (John 19:11 "power given" to Pilate (Rome) from above (Gen 49 Judah Sceptre inclusion))

“Cassibelaun, king of the Britains, to Caius Julius Caesar. we cannot but wonder, Caesar, at the avarice of the Roman people, since their insatiable thirst after money cannot let us alone whom the dangers of the ocean have placed in a manner out of the world; but they must have the presumption to covet our substance, which we have hitherto enjoy’d in quiet. Neither is this indeed sufficient: we must also prefer subjection and slavery to them, before the enjoyment of our native liberty.

Your demand therefore, Caesar, is scandalous, since the SAME VEIN OF NOBILITY, FLOWS FROM AENEAS, IN BRITONS AND ROMANS, and ONE AND THE SAME CHAIN OF CONSANGUINITY SHINES IN BOTH: which ought to be a band of firm union and friendship. That was what you should have demanded of us, and not slavery: we have learned to admit of the one, but never to bear the other. And so much have we been accustomed to liberty, that we are perfectly ignorant what it is to submit to slavery. And if even the gods themselves should attempt to deprive us of our liberty, we would to the utmost of our power resist them in defense of it. Know then, Caesar, that we are ready to fight for that and our kingdom if, as you threaten, you shall attempt to invade Britain.” (source: The Trojan Origins of European Royalty (just above))


Prince William of Hesse-Hanau was the son of Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Cassel, of the royal family of Hesse. Prince William was a Freemason, and his younger brother Karl, was according to JEWS AND FREEMASONS IN EUROPE, 1723-1939, “accepted as the head of all German Freemasons.” Members of the Hesse dynasty have been described as the leaders of the Strict Observance (in 1782 a Masonic Congress in Wilhelmsbad, a city in the Hesse province, dropped the name “Strict Observance” and changed it to “Beneficent Knights of the Holy City”). The Hesse dynasty is connected to the “Jesuit” Illuminati (Bavarian Illuminati founded 01 May 1776). Prince William was the grandson of King George II of England. The Hesse-Cassel’s were one of the richest royal houses in Europe. Their income came mainly from the loaning-out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries (incl., the American Revolution fighting for the British; the SAGE ensured victory over the British by manipulated use of their mercenary forces ostensibly employed (at huge profit) as their comrades-in-arms).

In 1769 Meyer Amschel Rothschild became “Crown Agent to the Prince of Hesse-Hanau”; c.1785 Carl Buderus, Chief Financial Advisor to the Prince also became an Agent for Rothschild to funnel the Prince’s business through him (not “on the sly” as the majority of histories claim; Rothschild’s appointed Primary SAGE Monetary Operons: Red (“Blood”) Shield masking the SAGE who owned and controlled the wealth; the money now the “Scarlet Thread” (soaked in blood) – the Princes’ usurp and draw blood (1776-1789 War of Independence; American colonies taken – the United Merchant-States of America). The development (and wealth-extracton) of the United Merchant-States continues with intermittant conflicts between vested-interest(s) and between those same interests and the perceived “America” of the “common” masses – their expectations. The “financial” era of 1907-14 established complete SAGE control over America – the “common” and “independent” wealth. In 1929-34 they enforced their control over the remaining hold-out “independents” (“State franchise” consolidation was completed in 1934 when the SAGE-Government decreed that private citizens could no longer hold or store Gold bullion or coin – forced FRN exchange (manipulated markets and enforced financial erasure)).

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